Kyliebitkin decides to step down from command.

  1. depends oin the point of view. I would rather have a good cop than one who doesn't give a shit anymore because of toxicity and just does stupid shit for fun

  2. Vader brought something up on stream yesterday I think it was and I hope it's something that Nopixel discusses as a whole.

  3. Not only does this channel exist but it has been offered to all the channels we know of. It is a choice to join and some of the streamers either don't have that level of modding or prefer a certain level of salt. I have seen many of the banned people in that discord get praised for shitting on other people in some of these streams that are not in there too.

  4. you really thinking someone would surpass or even be like Angel? noone is even close to a cop with a KDA command in chat like here . LUL yeah twitch chat will just choose whoever to hate for no reason even the streamer itself gets pushed to the edge by someone like her for no reason.

  5. No way to know that. When adults are involved you always give a person a way out, ask them to step down before you demote them , that's the way the world works just saying. Everyone gets too save face and authorities don't get hate for the next two years on reddit and RL ;P

  6. Well, maybe people can move on and I won't get another death threat for agreeing with the judge in the court case...

  7. Bieng as the only in game difference doesn't apply to LSPD, nothing really changes other than part of the weight of the world being lifted off her shoulders. Hope she continues having a blast doing cop RP as it means a lot to her and all her fans love watching her do it. :) It'd be funny as heck though if she decides to keep the same sub alert.

  8. I dont get it, why making a ooc announcement, instead of role play it!? It doesnt make any sense, if u are making a change to your character based in in game things why not making it in game not out of character!? It feeld like u are protect "Angel", over protecting "Kylie", and thats totally wrong, I know u read and comment this sub, so if u think it has value for response, please explain.

  9. Phew, she’s still sticking around in some form so I’ll still get a nice supply of drama from her inept roleplay and her army of little no-lifers. Was a bit worried there for a minute.

  10. She literally shoots a guy in the back while he's handcuffed and judge says I'll make sure your demoted! Wasnt her choice.

  11. The judge never said that. The judge RECOMMENDED it. Learn the difference. Also, on a different note, multiple streamers have voiced that what the Judge said at the end and especially the tone he used was way out of line. But the Angel hatetrain is too hard to realize that the entire case wasn't even Angels fault since she followed the SOPs, but I guess people that dont watch cops wouldnt know about that.

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