White hats(?) killed a FEMA employee...according to fake news

  1. Get your guys out of there! I have eyes on the eye of the storm 08-24 I have 152 splash in 3 minutes and firing for effect.

  2. Little while ago brave leader said if he wasn't allowed to annex Donetsk then he'd nuke the hurricane, not bluffing, no? My history might be a little rusty, anyways glad they went with boots on the puddles this time around.

  3. You know how simple it would be to create a fake website that looks like a valid news site. These people would eat that shit up. Oh wait there are websites like that… and they are.. We’re doomed.

  4. Thousands of people still share Onion articles, many of whom have alrdy been informed it’s a parody site but simply can’t focus on where their info is coming from bc they’re too excited about it aligning with their accepted narrative. Hell, millions still tune into Tucker’s show even though the network argued/settled in court that the show is meant to be “purely entertainment” and essentially implies that anyone who takes it as ‘serious news’ is either crazy or stupid.

  5. This person definitely just read a headline and made up their mind without any further a-do. Hell, even if they had actually dug into it they would believe it because it fits their entire belief structure and spirals them further downward. There is absolutely no saving these people.

  6. Good point! And also the important thing about Trump, as a president, is saying all big news companies are fake news. Very dangerous!

  7. I honestly thought about doing it way back in 2015 when these sites first started popping up in my Facebook feed and flooding the Groups I was in, but ultimately I thought it would be too much work for too little payout. Boy was I wrong, but looking where we are now I'm glad I didn't put my evil superpowers to work because it could be so much worse than our current reality.

  8. I just went down the rabbit hole with that story, the website, and Medeea Greere. Medeea has a whole series of posts from our "real" Vice President, JFK Jr. There is no way Medeea Greere is a real person or believes the stupid shit that they are sharing as news.

  9. Fake or not, I worry this is gonna get someone killed. "Well, the special forces are killing FEMA people, so it's OK if I do it too!"

  10. Soooooooo, they didn't want him to drop the child into the water, so they shot him, sending him tumbling into the water? Whoever wrote this does not understand reality, because it's not always like the movies where they just harmlessly drop whatever it is and slowly crumple into the rapids.

  11. Yea...an alt-right journalist name "Medeea"! 😂 This is what my husband used to call his grandma from Arkansas! The whole family, including her kids, called her "Medeea" pronounced Ma-DEE-ya. I guess grifters are gonna grift!

  12. They shot the “marauding” FEMA worker who was holding the kid and he went tumbling into the water? Surely the kid would have fallen with him.

  13. I was just gonna say this has Russia written all over it. Isn’t it always amazing that the FEMA people being shot simply wash away in the hurricane? It’s sad people CHOOSE to believe it because it fit their narrative.

  14. Sure close the agency that's been designed to help you after shit like hurricanes, fine, you're on your own then..

  15. I had been having fun watching the past few years, but the post that really pushed me over the “it’s no longer funny, this will end poorly” edge was the one where they’re saying Melania is actually Princess Diana, rescued by Trump, she’s been hiding in plain sight.

  16. but i thought they were all in agreement that the hurricane was fake and florida's doing just fine! so where did the raging floodwaters come from!?

  17. Climate change is a hoax and Global warming is fake news! Biden controls the weather and sent Hurricane Ian to Florida because DeSantis fights for real patriots against Antifa and BLM who are forcing kids to eat vegan bugs, hate all White people for existing and become trans

  18. Reminder that the deranged hostility against FEMA took off largely because they set up semi-permanent housing for victims of Katrina and lunatics claimed they were concentration camps.

  19. There have been conspiracies about FEMA for a long time, about it setting up a secret shadow government in the event of a disaster and creating concentration camps. One of the things the QAnon movement does is incorporates other pre-existing conspiracies.

  20. Special Forces...Special...Forces, shot a federal employee...dude probably haven't work with a federal employees before

  21. In all fairness, many of the FEMA "employees" are independent contractors doing work on behalf of FEMA. But really, this story is so over the top. Who believes this shit?

  22. I remember the elaborate story about the battle in Germany where delta force was fighting against the CIA for control over the election data.

  23. The dog did the reporting. Apparently there were also reputable reports of FEMA colluding with members of the feline community to leave dogs behind in the "raging floodwaters".

  24. Another fairy tale bullshit spewing site that will run the Tucker defense should someone ever actually commit an atrocity due to their prompting.

  25. the sort of malicious for the sake malicious violence they attribute to them is like something out of christian end times novels from the 1990s

  26. What kind of fever dream are these people living that a thought like this even occurs to a person let alone believe it as fact?

  27. Wow this is so unethical, they do all this for an ad click to help some other asshole sell another scam? All they get is a few cents at best for such a deplorable lie. I cannot understand how people can be this terrible.

  28. Aside from the total BS, why would we deploy Military SF in our Cities? I thought these people loved the cOnStUtiOn?

  29. Show me in the Constitution where it is NOT OK to deploy Elite Forces in the United States during an life threatening emergency.

  30. These are the same fucking nutjobs that are on the corners of busy intersections with Bengazi signs. These assholes need to have NO voice in any kind of government.

  31. This fools are putting FEMA personnel in danger. Think for a second, this people are on the ground helping in this disaster zones. Only for a completely insane clown hundred of miles away to post this mediocre fanfic piece that no doubt will predispose people against relief workers that are there to help.

  32. Was it General Brett Hawthorn who shot FEMA? He is a mountain of a man even in his underwear. If only Benny Shats were there to dry up all that wetness.

  33. So in the old days, I used to loooooove reading the Weekly World News. It was so campy and ridiculous that even as a kid, I knew it was all made up and silly fun. It occurs to me now that there may may been a facet of American society who totally believed that batboy was real. Or that Elvis was hanging out in the Canadian wilderness with Bigfoot.

  34. Special Forces, using Top Men, DESTROYED the Libs with DEVASTATING FEMA EXECUTION SPECIAL OPERATION. Source: my schizophrenia

  35. I have extensive training with FEMA and the national fire institute in emergency management. And I am appalled. Didn't the FEMA worker take the super-secret course on stuffing children in Wayfair boxes? Couldn't the FEMA worker at least tapped into the kid and had a drink? Better not waste any of that adrenochrome.

  36. Does FEMA even do anything (I'm Canadian so IDK really what they do) or the Q's just looking for their next Big Bad to incite their followers against?

  37. FEMA has been an Alt-Right boogie man since the late 80's. It was targeted as a department that needed to be defunded as Government waste. In the 90's when Clinton was President the Conspiracy Theorists started with the FEMA death camps in abandoned Walmarts trope, because FEMA was staging resources at a few Walmart buildings for Tornado relief in the Midwest.

  38. Would it really be so u reasonable for all major web browsers to issue a warning when you visit a ridiculous website like this?

  39. The original article is by "Medeea Greere" who seems to be the only contributor to "The Global News Journal" not to be confused with the outfit by the same name in Alberta, Canada. She is on Rumble and Telegram which is probably enough to know about her. More Qult worthy material on that site.

  40. I mean if it is reported by the global news journal it has to be true. They are a very credible source.

  41. Soo....are they claiming they shot the evil FEMA person while they were holding the toddler? Because that sounds like a fantastic way to kill or traumatise the toddler too.

  42. In July 2010, Global National (Global News Journal) a Canadian owned company, showed footage of a demonstration at the 2010 Winter Olympics in a segment about a Toronto march held by groups demanding a public inquiry into police actions during a G20 conference. The report included clips of violence that erupted on Toronto streets during the event. After this was reported in Canadian blog Northern Insights, Global claimed it was an "unintentional editing error".

  43. If I wasn’t lazy and otherwise preoccupied I would start a fake news website where I would create content like this but then throw in curve balls like “Trump executed at gitmo by Obama after being found to be head of pedo cabal along with Hillary”

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