mmm tasty

  1. Dude your videos are so fucking great always has good tunes playing. Like idk who that artist, is but I like those old tunes very upbeat. Plus those rips you take are God like. If you aren't getting a % for all the taromas and qaromas u help them sell lol cuz it was a video u posted in milking that I learned of this great device that vapes flower how it's supposed to vape not like the little pussy puffs most dry herb vape give off. Hell idk if you remember but I had saw you in a video on swampys site and def thought u was swampy with all ur gear cuz that shit ain't cheap man. Although I imagine after the initial purchase fairly easy and not as expensive to upgrade. Thank you my man for sharing and not being a dick about the questions you get from everybody.

  2. Lol sorry I don’t have a webpage and I’m not involved in selling these things in any way. You’re asking the wrong person.

  3. It looks like upper headroom cavity also packed? I’m running the 165 rubies and getting a hell of a shake rattle & roll. Was considering packing in a few more without the hehe grind. Was curious about thoughts filling the balance of the cavity. Thanks

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