What do you think is the reason for promiscuity being a better predictor of infidelity in men than in women?

  1. I will also add that dual mating strategy mating people tend to move from one preferred vr to another in correlation with the attachment style their last partner gave them evident by what is called neuro pdybchrinizatikn a fancy term to mean we synchronize are neurological systems especially the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems to those we love closet.

  2. But why does having a lot of sex mean a woman is bad at saying no? I’ve had a lot of sex and said no a lot too. I had sex with people I wanted to have sex with, and said no to people I didn’t. What does that have to do with fidelity? I never cheat. I don’t like hurting people but I do like having sex.

  3. This study is 20 years old. Things were very different then, there were a lot more mental hangups around sexuality, I don't think you can get too much from really dated studies. Lots of people no longer view sex as something women GIVE to men.

  4. Right and women have no problem saying no! It's quite easy. Heck just read this page on a daily basis lots of women saying no if you listen to the men.

  5. Neuroscience and the neuro pathways regarding short term mating preferences and strategies as well as the dopamine circuit relating to said preferences and strategies.

  6. More men cheat as a baseline? It's hard to tell from this study as they don't release the numbers and as you can tell it wasn't designed to be about promiscuity (it's about hip ratios, as per its title) and had to make some assumptions with what was collected.

  7. It has alot to do with the partners men and women choose when they are being promiscuous. When men are promiscuous, it's usually with women who they find less attractive and not long term relationship material, whereas with women they are promiscuous it is with men they find extremely physically attracted who they want to be in long term relationships with.

  8. Simple, low emotional intelligence. This goes for both men and women, they'll take the short-term pleasure and ignore everything else if the opportunity presents itself. They'll upregulate the good emotions they experience while ignoring any judgement that goes against the integrity they have for themselves. Only when confronted do they actually have to face those thoughts again.

  9. Just a reminder 20% of men cheat and 14% of women, so while that is a chunk of society the overwhelming majority of people regardless of gender never cheat. And yes the study accounted for the margin of error for people who lie in these studies.

  10. Men gotta work a lot harder to have sex with a lot of women. They have to court women. So it's a conviction. A passion. A pathology.

  11. My guess is that men and women have different triggers for cheating. Men cheat just because they're presented with the opportunity. Women cheat because they're dissatisfied with their partner in some way. The more partners she's had in the past the more points of comparison she has to make, the more ways her current partner can fall short.

  12. I read a study years ago that found when men cheat the majority aren’t looking to leave their current relationship. The majority of women that cheat are looking to leave their current relationship.

  13. Men cheat because their wife can't match his libido and doesn't want to have sex with him. Multiple studies have shown that woman's sexual desire declines in LTR and in marriage while the man's stays the same.

  14. Can confirm. Every woman I ever messed with that was married was not in a happy relationship. Not only was I their emotional tampon, but I got my dick wet too. That's where a lot of these other guys go wrong. If you're going to be the emotional tampon, you better get some sex out of it or just move on.

  15. In my experience, women cheat because they're checked out of the relationship but aren't prepared to stand on their own. Men cheat because they have an extremely high sex drive and want more women to satisfy it.

  16. I don't think promiscuity is a predictor for infidelity rather it's a predictor for a partner wanting to open up their relationship. I cannot find the article that mentions this but it does say people who had a casual sex past tend to open up their monogamous relationships.

  17. Eh, people who would have cheated in the past, I would wager, are opting these days to propose open relationships to their partner simply because the social stigma of the latter has fallen below that of the former.

  18. One thing to remember is there's a type called cheaters. These people basically get into relationships and start cheating - these aren't everyday daters, they're a niche.

  19. As I replied to your other post, there are studies that show the same for men that you ignore because it doesnt confirm your narrative.

  20. promiscuity for women is somewhat a taboo here. the women who are comfortable with revealing cheating for a survey are probably also the women who are comfortable revealing their count.

  21. As some of the other commenters said almost all the other studies said promiscuity had the same CORRELATION with infidelity so we can in light of the evidence assume that the environment and time the study was conducted in influenced the results and that would be the most logical conclusion.

  22. Yeah I have a hard time taking sexuality studies from before the advent of online dating seriously or applying their findings to current sociological conditions....

  23. Cuz if shows character. How her personality be. If she rides the carousel in the past, what makes you think she won't jump back on it in future??

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