Ketchup karen, I thought this shit was fake. I was wrong .

  1. Yeah she asked for extra ketchup and then was upset that there was "so much ketchup," because she's on a diet, and the ketchup apparently is the problem with the diet (not the beef patty soaked in grease nor the buns soaked and toasted with butter, of course).

  2. They exist. We had a lady come in to our breakfast location and order a BEEF barbacoa burrito with a chipotle hollandaise on top, with scrambled eggs inside.

  3. And claims they are making fun of her because she is on a diet. Woman is A) Thin as a rail already so nobody would think that and B) I'm not a fucking mind reader.

  4. Kind of related. If you ever have trouble with a fast food place leaving things on your order that you asked them to leave off, just tell them you’re allergic to it.

  5. I once saw a very large woman ordering at McDonalds. She ordered like 2 full meals for herself and then asked for a diet soda saying "I'm on a diet". It happens, people are dumb.

  6. You’re absolutely correct. But playing devils advocate here, I worked at a McDonald’s and I’m guilty of putting “fuck you” amounts of ketchup on a disliked customers burger

  7. She got that haircut for a reason. Fireworks in the back with a cool wave on the brow. You dont just waste something like that by not asking for a manager everywhere you go.

  8. Manager pulled out the hand move, at the end where she brings her fingers and thumb together like "shut your mouth." When a woman does that to you in an argument, it's time to reassess the situation because she's about to go. And burger girl I think picked up on that.

  9. It probably is and that, somehow, makes this an even shittier situation. A person woke up that morning and decided to pull a stunt and slam a ketchup slathered greasy burger all over that counter just to be an asshole. They know Karen behavior and chose to be super shitty.

  10. How the hell is the worker supposed to know how much extra she wants. She would probably be bitching about it not being enough had they put less. I never ask for extra ketchup on burgers. I always ask for extra ketchup packets, and add more as needed.

  11. As someone who worked behind the counter, I can tell you that some workers see any deviation from the standard as a personal attack and will comply maliciously. "Oh, you want extra pickles? ima throw the whole jar on this bitch!"

  12. As someone who is picky about the amount of ketchup I get on my burger, word of advice: just do it yourself. Get the ketchup in packets on the side if you’re going through the drive through, or go up and get the amount you want at the counter. If you’re going to be that angry that it wasn’t the amount you wanted, do it yourself.

  13. She’s got a death wish. Stupid, disrespectful, white chick fucking with black women who work fast food? Lucky she didn’t become their reason for the day.

  14. These Karen's, both male and female, need to be removed from the world. Nobody should have to tolerate this level of bullshit.

  15. When I worked at subway I used to have a chick come in and have me fill mayo and honey mustard on her sub till she told me to stop and most the times it was enough to cover it all and more then toast the bitch. Then the meat and veggies. Shit was gross

  16. I had a customer yell at me about not putting enough lettuce on his BLT. I thought I was hooking him up by putting extra bacon on it.

  17. End of the video, Karen realized just how deep she was in. Once that sista started making the hand movements. Karen knew it was milliseconds before a precise strike and backed down.

  18. This is a mental health issue. I'm glad the employee had an understanding of how to try to defuse and calm the situation. This person isn't "disgusting." This doesn't excuse their behavior as they're responsible for that, but there's a reason why people act this way and just calling them a bitch or dumb or karen is showing a shallow and overly simplistic understanding.

  19. On a side note, leggings are great - but the ones she’s wearing with the bell bottoms are so bad, i’ve seen them all over the place, please, no.

  20. Extra ketchup? Um, you know there are packets, right? You can put on exactly the right amount of ketchup...

  21. what's with her hands? she twist them im such a weird manner. did she realised she is being a bitch and the selfawareness is getting to her? so theatrical, this must be a prank.

  22. Ma’am this is a fast food restaurant, how can you be on a diet and here? I don’t think the ketchup is the problem…..

  23. Karen is on that vegan, cage-free, organic, non-GMO, keto diet…and yet demands more of that McDonald’s ketchup, the last kinds of places to consume organic ketchup.

  24. Instead of reducing her weight, her diet drastically reduced her IQ. Instead of reducing ketchup in her food , she should add more shame in her life. Stupid people without shame is like an F5 tornado.

  25. You can literally get extra ketchup from the dispenser. I usually ask for no ketchup and no mayo because I would rather put the exact amount I want on my burger myself.

  26. I think she was actually on something, probably pills being a whitebread Karen and all. Her gestures and hands seemed so strangely stiff, it definitely seemed like she was rolling.

  27. Wait up, she said she is on a DIET and is complaining about the amount of SUGAR in the ketchup in her QUARTER POUND FAST FOOD BURGER. The mind truly boggles, even the servers started laughing when she dropped that bomb shell!

  28. People behaving condescending against fast food workers are literally Hitler and shouldn’t be allowed to enter any public business until they learned how to behave. Change my mind.

  29. Not a real Karen; she seemed to come down off the Karen high horse - Karen’s maintain their position of authority - not a true Karen - more like Carly

  30. While this bitch is crazy, I have had experiences where the worker translated "extra sauce" as "so much sauce it ruins the food." I want like 25-50% more, not 300-1000%

  31. “I’m upset, Too much ketchup on my burger disrespect, Didn’t I tell you I was on a diet, How do u expect me to eat this shit, Make me wanna go to Burger King instead!”

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