He sucker punched a 75 year old mother.... This is what happened when her son arrived to see her bloodied up on the floor...

  1. FOR REAL. There are few truly universal human experiences, but if someone hits your elderly mum and leaves her bloody on the ground, they're getting a fucking shoeing.

  2. Yeah, you don't hurt someone's mama without expecting a literal death sentence for it. I think most people, maybe men in particular, have a kill mode for anyone who hurts their mother. I don't think I'd be able to stop if someone laid hands on my mom.

  3. The restraint he had to not start stomping that man's head is immense. Easy way to kill a man and he chose the less-lethal option.

  4. He could have gone in with the head stomps. If someone did that to my mum I am not sure I could show this much restraint.

  5. This scene was talked about on the Always Sunny podcast. If you watch it, Kaitlin Olson really went head first into that car and leaves a sizable dent. Stunt pros have told them she's lucky to not have broken her neck. She's committed to getting a good shot, I'll give her that.

  6. Man, CJ’s screams were so comical. As I kid I’d set myself on fire to hear them. My favorite? The “HOYLP!”

  7. Seen this before, if you slow it down the first punch when dude goes down beside the car connects with nothing but curb. My guy is gonna have some sore knuckles.

  8. Still went to easy on him imo. Hit my mom, that’s gonna cost you a few teeth… props to him for stopping after the ko. Most would lose it.

  9. No all the damage fall into the car. The guy was trying to get him to wake up by repeatedly touching his hands on his face. It was all self inflicted and the other guy is guilty of nothing but trying to help him

  10. I have a really good relationship with both my teenage sons. It absolutely melts my heart the rare time they’ve gotten protective of me.

  11. I've spend years boxing though I never beat someone up. I rather avoid troubles then putting my hands on someone. Out of fear for getting hurt but also that it might escalate. Though if anyone touches my elder parents, all bets are off. Anyone touching someone else's parents is a dumb fuck that deserves to get all this teeth knocked out.

  12. This is the kind of thing that people don’t wanna admit but life has taught me otherwise. I like this quote from Matt Barnes “Violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.”

  13. Now that's a pussy, can hit an old woman but when a dude comes at him it's all coward mode. Fuck that bitch ass.

  14. I’ve been hoping to run into my cousin. Bullying my almost 70 y/o grandmother. Cornered her and threatened her and insulted her to tears. She was terrified. I went looking for him - couldn’t find him. I ran into him at my uncles one day but the little bitch wouldn’t come outside. Not even to ‘smoke a joint and reminisce’. I think he knew what was coming. He’ll get his.

  15. Hands down still one of my fav fights. I’ll like it every time I see it reposted cause you can just hear how fucking pissed the son is and he takes care of business! I really hope the mom was able to escape that abuse though.

  16. Probably broke his jaw instead of giving him permanent brain damage. Good for him, hope that guy enjoys smoothies.

  17. Shit those last punches were serious, I wouldn't be surprised if he's just as damaged, if not even more damaged, than if he was head stomped.

  18. I don't encourage violence, but I can totally see where he's coming from. If some random dude came and sucker punched my elderly mother, I would "so long gay bowser" that guy into concrete.

  19. Senseless violence is abhorrent, but not all violence is senseless. Especially when it's a focused reaction at someone who has committed the former.

  20. I counted 26 fist to face connections. Guy started to get dazed around 14 The last 5 were full power straight to the face with no defense.

  21. He definitely knows exactly where to hit. St the end he definitely was going specifically for the jaw, I imagine wit the intention of breaking it.

  22. Those hands are going to be a mess from that too though. There was no restraint at all in any of that. His hands will be as mangled as that bastards skull.

  23. Mofo won't be putting his hands on anyone else ever again. Some people have to learn life lessons through the boot and the fist.

  24. Hitting a 75 year old mother....He got off light IMO....Zero mercy. Seventy-five hits would have been justified....Make sure he has ptsd every time he looks an old lady. Scum. Elder abuse is fucked up, and this guy had this coming. I don't condone it but I understand how someone could lose their mind over seeing their mom on the floor, hurt and bleeding.

  25. I’ve unfortunately had to react to my mother being in danger, not nearly as bad as this luckily but I promise you, once you see her in that state everything goes numb and you focus on stopping whatever the danger is at any cost, doesn’t matter who or what it is, you just go

  26. Love the ear punches, nothing fucks a weak cunt up like a punch to the ear, ruins their equilibrium and leaves them stumbling. all props to the guy who defended his mother.

  27. The thud on the finishing shots was insane. Full connection. His hands would have been in the dirt 6” if he missed. Message sent.

  28. Multiple post knockout punches necessary. Not to worry about brain damage. If you’re beating the elderly, your shit’s already fucked up. Can’t get much worse.

  29. This is the one time, I’m more than fine with someone continuing to get punched when they’re out cold. Fucking loser.

  30. You know you got to watch what you do. Some people do not play. We always have a saying that if something happens to us we aren’t calling the police, we are calling our brothers.

  31. My uncle went through a bad meth/alcohol binge a few years ago. My mom (his older sister) tried to talk sense into him cause he was being an ass. He raised his hand to hit her, which was a first. She told him "Boy if you hit me, I'm not calling the cops. I'm calling all 4 of my kids". His hand went down immediately

  32. I can't imagine finding my mom bloodied on the floor and having ANY self control. So if he did kill him , I wouldn't condone, but I would definitely understand.

  33. When he fell near car I thought the next move it will be from American History X: bite the curb-stone and one foot to the back of the neck.

  34. I saw an interesting presentation with a chart and everything about how the more you fuck around, the more you will find out

  35. People don’t pay enough attention to the ribs in these situations. The face will hurt maybe fracture but a broken rib that shit will remind you of the beating for a long time, Every single breath

  36. I scrolled through a lot of comments to finally find one that ask the question of how can we confirm the story. The only things that I heard in the video is "why did you hit my mama?", no other context.-

  37. Reddit is a hivemind man, I’ve figured that out here lately and almost want to delete my account and go back to lurker status. I’d like some follow up too before I sit there and indict someone for being a piece of shit

  38. He’s lucky he got away with just a beating. That man looked like he’s willing to kill for his momma. Don’t fuck with moms.

  39. If I ever found out someone put their hands on my mother, I would have a hard time not beating them to death. Praising this guys self control.

  40. that was brutal but fuckin cheers to homie for not finishing it with god damn head stomps! I am so sick of watching idiots trying to kill someone and throw their lives away at the same time, going for the f'n head stomps! It's just soo completely stupid to do that!! This guy threw some heavy hands at dude but stopped when he was knocked out. Didn't go to the darkside even though he was defending his Momma. Im good with it.

  41. That was an extremely merciful and controlled son. Could be a compounding factor of my current situation but I would be in such a rage that I'd get attempted murder charges at the MINIMUM.

  42. I mean, I don't blame him one bit. You attack my ma, you're beyond fucked. I'll gladly sit in a jail cell for the rest of my life and smile the whole damn time for her.

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