Colorado Springs shooting suspect's father is very relieved his son isn't gay

  1. Aaron Brink, the shooter's father, is a meth addict. He appeared on the show Intervention, season 6, episode 8 called Aaron & Andrea. He was introduced to meth after he started performing in porn. After quickly succumbing to a lifetime of addiction, Aaron would use meth and masturbate 10+ hours a day.

  2. He's got the kinds of sores and movements that I've seen a bunch of times in the past from tweakers.

  3. Well I think it’s clear how the son went down the crazy people rabbit hole. “Your son murdered 5 innocent people,” “Well at least he doesn’t like the taste of cock.” Yeah…

  4. Call it like it is. His son is a mass murderer and the shit box is relieved the killer is not gay. Well dad, your son is going to spend the rest of his straight life in prison getting it up the rear and giving head.

  5. Don't try to pin your own problems on us, Cro-Magnon! Neanderthal men are always productive members of society, like Ron Perlman.

  6. Hey, Neanderthals were actually a sophisticated species. It's legit accepted anthropologic fact d this point! Don't sully their name with whatever this guy is!

  7. His grandpa is a racist January 6th insurrectionist who celebrated the violence and his dad is a meth head and bigot. Gee whiz I wonder how the shooter got radicalized?

  8. These people are so deeply conditioned that even blasted out of their minds it still comes out like a reflex

  9. Apparently he’s been identified in some of the other comments. I too wanted this to be fake. But instead it’s ramblings from an ex porn star that smokes meth and masturbates 10 hours a day.

  10. I bet that he realizes he's such a piece of shit that his last defense in life and the only thing left to make him feel slightly better about himself (in his own warped and delusional way) is to pull the "at least we're better than the gays" card.

  11. And this is just one person, who spews his words without any inkling in his brain that he is a hate monger. Gays are an abomination. No teacher, or class, or life changing event will ever convince him otherwise.

  12. Just because he can, doesn't mean he does. He probably sits there all day, saying "damn, gotta get goin, today's votin' day", then about 9pm shows up and says "where is everyone?!"

  13. Did he say he’s a Mormon and Conservative Republican? Whew, that’s good to hear. I thought he was a nut job for a minute.

  14. The father is mentally ill like the son, and unfortunately we live in a country where we do not take care of mentally Ill people. Crazy people won’t get better if left alone.

  15. The father is whacked out on meth. There's an argument that he most likely came from a wretched household as well, but yes thr mentally are not taken care of.

  16. yes the father is fucked and the kid came from a bad environment and did this shit, he's a piece of shit too. I would just like to say if u read this, while ur out and about talk to those around you and just say hey bro or sis how are you doing today. I hope ur well. alot of people get trapped in thier world and delve down a rabbit hole of shit, I've always felt like an outkast but I have people in my life that show me nothing but love for no reason, it kills any hate my internal can bring, from that I've learned to love and not judge. u may think it means nothing but be positive in this world, u may change alot of lives and outcomes.

  17. “..we’re conservative republicans, we don’t do gay”. Think he paid cash for every rock he smoked? Maybe it’s not gay if you’re doing it for meth or to own the libs. This country is so fucked. The bar for gun ownership and parenthood is sickeningly low

  18. So the shooter was a closeted gay dude who was abused by his father and probably people around him who bullied him to a point where he had to shoot up a lgbt bar just to prove he’s not gay? The problem was in the root itself no wonder the fruit turned out to be poisonous.

  19. I've seen some shit on Reddit but this is one of the goddamn grossest things I've ever come across.

  20. What’s wrong with America summarized in one succinct video. Drug use, homophobia, political polarization, neglectful parenting, gun culture and serious mental health problems.

  21. What an absolute piece of shit. This is so insane that I had to watch it and then read the comments carefully just to make sure this wasn't some kind of too-soon Onion shit. I would rather find out my son loved to dress up like a pink fairy princess while being the bottom in a weekly gay train than find out he'd MURDERED INNOCENT PEOPLE. What the fuck is wrong with this dude??

  22. My theory is that he was with his buddies as they were discussing the events and since they're all meth-head blue collar fools who don't know how to express sympathy or handle emotions were all standing around and one hick either in a bullying jokey kind of way said "at least he ain't gay!" and he decided to run with that as an actual response.

  23. For over a million subs there's not a lot of active participation on the matter. Almost as if they want to distance themselves.

  24. Practically "Phew, as long as he isn't gay, that's clearly all that matters. So why is he being held for all this? Will he be out by Christmas so he can do it again?"

  25. Something to keep in mind is that this is him trying to be presentable, standing in front of a camera and answering questions. I can't even imagine what he's actually like in private.

  26. i can promise you he already has a gun, most likely stolen from the guy who lifted it off the original thief. i would like a gun in case i bump into the fucknut and need to defend myself from him.

  27. If that dude actually raised the shooter, then we can guess at some background context that led that disturbed person to be how he is today.

  28. Aside from the obvious; is there something wrong with him? Like brain damage or disability or something? This is a very bizarre reaction to finding out your son killed 5 people.

  29. Well we're seeing the contributions. His father dehumanizes people, even his own son, his first thought is "oh, he's not gay" nothing about if anyone got hurt.

  30. It's very surprising this man fathered a piece of shit mass shooter. You would've thought his son would have turned out to be a professor of literature

  31. It's hilarious how certain folks think the shooter being non-binary is the smoking gun. And then this video drops then all of a sudden it's back to the drawing board.

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