Lady threatens man after stepping on him

  1. The second I saw him move in his seat I knew he was waiting for here to pass him so he could hit her. He definitely knows how to fight I can tell just from his body language, I have some friends who fight competitively and I’ve seen them move the same way when they’re about to step into a fight. So satisfying to watch her just get decked wish the person filming was a bit better though.

  2. All gone as of yesterday. Reddit has been edging away from violent content for a long time now. Gore videos I could understand, but street fights? This website is a sad, censored shadow of what it once was.

  3. Was that loud snap the sound of her elbow breaking? I can't tell if her arm is just bent weird or if he legit snapped her like a twig.

  4. I think he hit her in some fashion to daze her as he goes to subdue the hand with a knife. It sounded like flesh hitting flesh. I also would personally expect her to react in a more realistic manner if he just snapped her arm. Just my 2 cents.

  5. People don't film the rides where nothing bad happens. I've taken trains and busses to work for years without issue. Occasionally someone is too fucked up or gets caught free riding. But I'd be willing to bet the stats of easy rides to public freak outs is a landslide. To be fair tho, I don't ride the train after 10pm. Younger crowd getting home from the bars.

  6. When did people forget to simply apologize? She could have fixed everything with something like "I'm sorry", "my bad", "sorry for stepping on you"...

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