Karen screams at dunkin donuts employee and gets a face full of iced coffee.

  1. Should ask them to do it. Guest special request. Certain foods I’d love to be slapped with. Really good Texas bbq, banana pudding, Asian/Thai food.

  2. Oh, no doubt there's a kid back there. These people are usually disgruntled parents that think they know everything and their kids are used as a device to make them feel like they are in control and have all the power. If their kid acts out in public and someone calls them on it they will turn on the person and tell them "they're just a kid" or "Do you have children? No? Then STFU". They're so used to lording over people and then one day someone tells them they can't have what they want and the powerlessness makes them snap.

  3. Getting in touch with corporate or district manager of a Dunkin Donuts, is about as hard as me trying to cut off my extra box and return it to Spectrum cable this past month. I still haven't figured it out after extensive tries.

  4. No one wants to work these shitty jobs, corporate won’t do anything. They need that employee more than they need a problematic customer.

  5. Legit. When I worked at Burger King I had an old lady tell me she was going to lodge a complaint against me for not being able to serve her a drink we had run out of. I told her “go ahead”, and she screamed at how I’m rude. Like lady, I told you, please make the complaint. Nothing will happen, not to me, or the distribution center not sending orders timely.

  6. I can't believe there are actually people like this in the world, I see it all the time in this subreddit, but never ran into one in the wild.

  7. Same here. I don’t think I could hold myself back if I was in the car behind. I’d want to get out and block the window from her, try to calm her down. Probably would be smarter to just get the license plate number and call police though. Someone that emotional isn’t safe to be operating a motor vehicle while in that state.

  8. Yeah, i would love to see one in person. I was in an Aldi early in the pandemic when we had masking rules in my county and there was an anti mask karen who filled up a cart and brought it to the register knowing they wouldn't check her out without a mask and she was SO close to making a scene, 5 minutes of arguing and getting more and more hysterical, i had my phone ready to capture it. She looked over and saw me ready to document her stupidity and just up and left. Ugh I was so close....

  9. She's probably not this shitty every single day. Her baseline level of shitty is probably significantly lower. Dunkin just caught her on a shitty day.

  10. Sheesh. I can’t fathom being that unhinged. Like what could have possibly happened to make her react like that? Feel bad for her family because if this is how she acts over a minor inconvenience in public I’d hate to see her at home behind closed doors.

  11. Imagine being a grown ass adult and resorting to "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" at a dunkin donuts....

  12. Is it wrong to wish she has a heart attack? I mean I don’t care about negative “Karma” like not Reddit karma. I mean fuck bitch stay home take it out on your husband and kids. Come out and put real people through your shit… heart stop… flat line

  13. Man, I've had Dunkin screw up my order at the drive thru but I've never thought it was wise to scream at people handling my food and drink.

  14. I've had some difficult drive through experiences in the last year. I chalk them up to underpaid, overworked and short staffed. I used to never ask for a receipt, but since covid I always get one. There was a stretch of several orders from McDonald's that were wrong, but my favorite was an exchange where I tried to explain what was missing and the lady at the window stormed off before I could finish. She goes and talks to her manager, comes back and asks for a receipt. I hand it to her and try to explain again and she storm's off. She comes back and says we're willing to give you 1 6piece nuggets. I'm like, no, no you're not. You will give me the missing 10 piece and missing double cheeseburger. Like lady, this isn't a negotiation. I just want what I paid for. I tried to hand her the food back, but these guys have a policy where they can't take food back. I'm like just look in the bag please. Nope, can't do it. It was ridiculous and avoidable, but the drive through lady looked like she wanted to murder me over it.

  15. Honestly if there was a stretch of orders getting messed up I think the best solution is to not leave the window until you've accounted for the entire order

  16. I’ve never seen anyone in “real life” act anywhere near this. I feel so bad for the workers. That screech at the end reminded me of the line-cutting-lady in Walmart video. I’m not used to hearing a human make that noise and it’s really unnerving.

  17. I don't care if I already paid... if I hear that shit going down in line, I'm just leaving. I would rather be out the money than listen to that, even as an uninvolved 3rd party. I feel bad for the worker.

  18. I’ve worked a variety of jobs and one of them was at a Dunkin. For whatever reason that place attracts the meanest customers of all time. This video was beautiful

  19. As a society, “the customer is always right” mentality is time to die. She is CLEARLY wrong and could probably use a Thorazine drip as well. Good Lordt. Those poor workers…

  20. These jobs are a dime a dozen so you might as well throw drinks at rude customers. You can probably get hired for another fast food job the same day.

  21. It would take ALOT for me to freely berate and scream at a foodservice/retail employee. Like they’d have to curse me out and smash a hot pot of coffee on me trying to burn me on purpose.

  22. They splash me with hot coffee, I'm calling the cops and a lawyer. But remember, when you start screaming, they've won. Always stay cool, makes them even more mad haha.

  23. If you're in so bad of a mood that people handing you food that you can't get out of the car for makes you that angry, then maybe you should just stay home.

  24. This is reposted so much, but I don't care. I will always feel satisfied seeing her take that coffee in the face every time.

  25. Because now every single person walks around with a camera in their pocket and can pull it out to record. It is why you see more videos of cops too. It isn't like they have just started doing that stuff just now. It just gets recorded much more.

  26. The quality of the interaction by both has me simultaneously concerned for her children and the young man who was working. Both were extremely out of line

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