man almost kills himself

  1. i didnt even watch his videos much and i dont really care about guns, but for some reason it just feels to me like FPSRussia totally encapsulates and symbolizes the glory days of youtube - the tail end of "early" youtube all the way up until adpocolypse

  2. It is. But if you're here, you're reading 90% of The Chive content before someone at The Chive makes it The Chive content. For the other 10% of The Chive content, just browse some TikTok.

  3. Kyle still has one of two big YouTube channels unrealted to FPS Russia, but now does podcasts and gaming videos.

  4. He doesn't do gaming videos. He has a podcast called pka. It's on woodysgamertag channel not his. Dude went from being cool to a lame basement dweller now. All he talks about is tarkov

  5. For those who wanna know more about this guy and what happened to him. I suggest y’all check out SunnyV2’s video

  6. TheChive is a website pretty much designed for people with catastrophic brain impairments. As soon as I saw his shirt I knew tragedy was lurking nearby. Dude got very lucky.

  7. 9th Gen F150. Last of the good ones. I'm not surprised that it fought back with it's last dying breath.

  8. Didn’t this guy get into some major trouble with like the serious big time law enforcement? Like the 3 letter agencies kinda trouble?

  9. He mailed a half o of concentrate in a zip lock, was part of a sting and because he had a class 3 license and used the mail, feds were called.

  10. As soon as this video loaded I was like “Bruh, move far away from the truck” and then he shot the truck and almost died! Fucking clown.

  11. I like how you’re being downvoted, but if the guy did get hit and die, you’d be top comment. Just because he got lucky doesn’t make him any less of a dumbass.

  12. So not only did you crop and watermark someone else’s video - you’re just throwing it in subs that it doesn’t belong in for upvotes. Take my ⬇️ you fuck

  13. This fucker doesn't even know who FPSRussia is, but is willing to put his own watermark on the video.

  14. Y'all are making a big deal out of nothing here.. the safety squint was in full effect, so there's zero chance his shoes would've come off. Dude took every necessary precaution.

  15. Tannerite is a lot of fun, and very safe, unless you blow shit up with it, like the guy who lost a leg blowing up a lawnmower.

  16. I don’t think this video belongs here, but damn this is a classic. There’s another video where he fires an S12 with explosive rounds into a fridge loaded with tannerite, and the cameraman gets hit by shrapnel.

  17. Plenty of videos out there of car doors, refrigerator doors, etc, flying towards the tannerite shooter. Of course the doors will fly the direction of least resistance. That's why the shooter should never be in the direct line if least resistance. I also saw something similar to this by Iraqveteran8888.

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