Bully stabs asian refugee student

  1. He’s lucky it wasn’t the Asian teen from the vape shop. Otherwise he’d be eating through a straw. (Not that I condone the violence, but that kid did not mess around)

  2. Maybe he is trained? Good toss and went for Scarfhold, pulling on the elbow too. Too bad the criminal went to the back, but it is hard to hold someone with a weapon down...

  3. The Boy who attacked is 17 will probably will get trialled as an adult. Someone willing to do that to another person in front of everyone and while being recorded shouldn’t be allowed other teenagers.

  4. I always wonder what happens in these situations if the victim flips it around and kills the attacker. I mean the kid came at him to kill with a deadly weapon.

  5. If he’s not put away which isn’t likely, he is going to kill someone one day and this will be yet another example of the failure of our justice system.

  6. Yes wtf that's not standard school violence. Attempted stabbing is sociopatic and deranged. Perpetrator shouldn't he in school but imprisoned and carefully monitored.

  7. Literally attempt murder.. Stabbing someones neck from behind and that wasnt a love tap. This kid is fucked in his head if he thought thats something right to do it for clout

  8. Kid did a great job protecting himself, considering it was from behind AND with a knife. Good take down and then keeping the attacker's hands tangled up until help came. Sad that he got hurt, but it could have been a lot worse.

  9. The kid and the male adults did everything you should do in this situation. Which is keep the knife away and take it away if possible.

  10. I can't believe the person willing to murder someone with a knife is also the type of person to lie. You think you know someone....

  11. https://www.wktv.com/news/crime/student-stabs-classmate-multiple-times-at-proctor-high-school-in-utica/article_d6e341f8-593b-11ed-988f-47bf0db374f6.html

  12. “Fight”?? Fuck that. That was an attack. A full on assault. Don’t present that in the news as some two-sided “fight” bullshit. That’s awful journalism.

  13. Attempted assault in the third degree is a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a maximum jail term of 90 days and/or a fine of up to $500.

  14. Stop posting this saying ’bully’… the motherfucker stabbed him 8 times… that’s not bullying… it’s assault with a deadly weapon/attempted murder. Jesus fuck man.

  15. I'm really starting to think it's a method of getting you to comment. They know it'll piss people off, but not enough to matter. Just enough to comment

  16. Hope this little dipshit enjoys prison to the fullest. Also, if you've got both the element of surprise and a knife, and your unarmed intended victim skunks you like this, maybe jumping people just isn't your thing ol buddy

  17. He suck. Asian kid was not aware of him. He came behind him with a knife. Fails to stab him, and got beat up. Lol kids like this in school like to pretend to be gang members, when they only do it coz they are someone’s bitch outside the school halls.

  18. Could be the way the laws are coded. Attempted murder might be if he actually stabbed the kid enough for hospitalization. But since he didn't get an actual stab maybe? Idk law in NY though, just a guess.

  19. The attacker is a refugee, the Asian kid was born here, I know his family. Still crazy this happened with Proctor HS having metal detectors at the doors.

  20. kinda glad no one stopped him since he recorded his friend committing murder. gonna be good evidence. dumbass really deserves dumbasses as friend.

  21. That’s what absolutely shocked me. He doesn’t even cry, yell or anything throughout this entire video. I mean I know adrenaline helps with pain, but wow. Poor kid, I hope he has access to counselling and loads of support.

  22. This is why the model minority stereotype is dangerous. It leads racist assholes to think it's okay to be racist because that group is "privileged".

  23. And they take down the Asian kid as if he was the one doing harm! I’m black and I’m pissed off about that. People need to convey messages before engaging this is also a problem with law enforcement as well. That kid is a hero.

  24. I don’t appreciate how the Asian kid was thrown to the ground as if he was the attacker. Fuck that teacher and fuck that black kid. Attempted murder, not assault.

  25. Yeah that teacher could have concussed the stabbing victim with that slam. He did arrive late to the confrontation and wasn’t told who had the knife but that was super aggressive for not knowing.

  26. I was thinking the same, but looking again, it looks like the teacher wasn't trying to fling him to the ground, just get him out of the fight.

  27. I think he pulled hard like that cuz the attacker would not let him go even when helped arrived. You can even see the attacker go for him again after he’s on the ground. I hope the kid is alright tho.

  28. Person recording should face consequences too they knew what was about to happen have no warning just zoomed in for a good shot.

  29. Question: why was the Asian guy - the victim of the attack - roughly wrestled to the floor, and not the attacker?

  30. Because in the moment, it's impossible to determine who the victim and who the attacker is. The priority is splitting them up. The attacker was pined against a wall by 2 people and so couldn't have been thrown to the floor. In addition, if you actually watch the video, it looks like the moment they are separated, the teacher and the victim loose their footing, probably on those papers scattered on the floor. After that it's physics at play. It's disingenuous to say the teacher wrestled the victim to the floor.

  31. Is the person filming charged with anything? Very clear that how the video starts and him following the perp, that they know clearly what’s bout to go down and are part of it.

  32. Fucking cowards everyone. As an Indian living in India this is one of the scariest things I've seen happen in a school/college with so students in full public view. No one even said or helped the poor asian student.

  33. Kids recording should be charged with accomplice to murder too. They saw the situation and intended to gain from filming this dude try to kill someone else

  34. Good job for the Asian kid if he didn’t fight back and restrain him the way he dude he probably would of gotten kill or receive serious injuries. All the other students are shit for not helping big props to the Asian dudes. Security and help took there got damn time sheesh like wtf

  35. Bro how the fuck is the Asian getting going to get slammed on the ground while the other kid is on his feet. I hope the kid in the red dies no cap

  36. The fact he pulled a knife out and swung it right @ dudes head w full force.. if he didnt duck he’d be dead right now.

  37. Why were they randomly filming just as this was happening? Seems suspicious. Pretty sure the guy behind the camera was in on it too. Looks like an attempted murder charge incoming. Nice of his buddy to film the evidence.

  38. It’s depressing how the victim got worse treatment from the faculty. Slammed to the ground when he was the one being attacked.

  39. How the fuck do you decide you're gonna stab somebody one day? Were they even beefing previously or he just saw an Asian kid minding his own business and got mad? Is red shirt so unbelievably dumb he had to do it DURING school hours? I mean if there was ever a time it'd be by the bike racks afterschool or some shit, away from the eyes of students and teachers. Witnesses and self-documented video evidence, kid threw away his life for what reason? Let's suppose the assault was more successful, then what?!

  40. I’m so confused. Does he attack the Asian guy with a knife and then scream out for help saying that the victim has a knife and everybody responds that way? Or am I seeing a different video from everybody else. I feel this would be the major talking point if true, using racism to try to bring the hammer down on his own victim when it goes wrong.

  41. Imagine losing all your friends and family after moving to a new country, only to get stabbed in the back (literally) as you try to get a better future for yourself.

  42. Everyone that’s defending the black teacher that slammed the kid saying he got there late and didn’t know what was happening.

  43. Zero tolerance policy is so fucking stupid. I bet you the kid in blue at the very very least got a 2-3 week suspension because he picked up his hands to defend himself or because he took the knife away to stop himself from being killed.

  44. It looked like near the beginning after they got back up that he tried to slit his throat, I don’t understand why they didn’t charge him with attempted murder.

  45. Been in similar situations, not fun. I know that felt like an eternity for that poor kid before help arrived. He did a great job holding off the attacker, he's def not a sucker.

  46. People talk about "bully" and "Asian refugee" but I haven't seen any sources backing up those claims.

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