Guy thinks woman just cheated in a $270k poker hand

  1. Lol, this is the “I have nothing to lose” or “I can’t stand to play this for another moment” type of play

  2. I think that's why he's shocked... this play is so terrible, you can't explain it with even the worst possible strategy... bluff catching with jack high isn't a thing here...

  3. Yup.. you are a professional players nightmare. People that have no reason behind their bet besides I don't think you have a good hand are hard to play against if they end up with aby decent amount of chips in front of them. Because from that hand on, you got no fucking clue what is happening.

  4. Remember in Goodfellas when Spider was bustin Tommy's balls? Remember that look before he shot him..? That is that guy's look at her right now...

  5. Hey don't make me upset now. Don't make a big fuckin' thing outta it Spider, ya lil' prick. You're gonna make me think what the fuck I did here. It's an accident, fuck him.

  6. He does that all the time. He's always looking at that the other players trying to discern any piece of info he can from their face and body language. It's a common poker tactic, but when he does it it looks super creepy

  7. For those who haven't seen Survivor, he's widely considered to be one of the worst contestants in the show's history. His tribe literally voted him out over a woman who threw out all their food out of spite (because she thought she was going to be voted out).

  8. That's where he's from, I knew he looked familiar, he's the dude that was holding everyone hostage in the camp and didn't want any strategizing. Lol

  9. Wtf, she game the money back? I didn't think that was allowed, and if I were at that table I'd be pissed at the dude for even accepting it. It wasn't even a bad beat, dude chased and lost.

  10. If your cheating and know his hand. You still don’t make that call 9/10. Let alone run it twice. I feel like the fact that she calls means she wasn’t cheating. Dude is a baby.

  11. Question for you, why did they turn two river cards twice? First river was a 9 and was replaced by an ace. Why would they do this?

  12. *not cause she deserved the money, but that’s also her business partner (RIP) who got mad she returned the money - everyone else did not get involved as etiquette is to not get involved.

  13. This is even more weird after reading this, because she said: "if I didn't have clubs jack I wouldn't have called", it made no sense because the final called was after hearts 3 so there's no chance of her getting a flush(unless she just meant she's holding a J and she thinks it's good enough?), then if you rewind further back Garret was asking what she has, "you have a small pair?", she replied: "you give me that much credit?", which makes her explanation later a lie, because she knew she didn't have a pair(no point bluffing at that point because everythings called, especially when she happily showed her hand after), so why would she say she thought she had a pair? Plus like Garret say, you can see on the live stream(2:10:01) she double checked her hand before she called.

  14. You seem knowledgeable. I used to watch the WS of Pokers years ago and played quite a bit with friends in my 20s. What’s up with the double river? Is that normal? Can they play off either card? I was and still am pretty by that.

  15. I used to play poker with friends of a friend. I think they invited me to play because I didn't know what I was doing and they figured I would be easy money. They were pretty serious about their poker (two of them worked as dealers at a local casino). I knew the rules, just never played so I really had no strategy. I rarely won any hands, but since I had no strategy they couldn't get a read on me and it totally threw off their game. That's what pissed them off the most. It didn't take long for them to quit inviting me.

  16. Me and my mates played once a week all through college. There were 7 of us, and we'd invite a guest player once a week. We knew each other's play styles so well and most of our guests were inexperienced and therefore impossible to read. The guests won fairly often.

  17. I find brand new players that’s hardly even know the rules are the hardest to play against. How am I meant to know if your hand is good or bad when you don’t even know?

  18. Similar story for me probably 12-15 years ago. Playing all night hanging in there but not really sure what I’m doing. Called when apparently I shouldn’t have. Won the hand and dude tells me he hates playing with people that are clueless bc he always loses.

  19. I actually watch these people somewhat regularly. Robbi (the girl) typically plays really tight and almost never bets or calls unless she has a really good hand. Garrett knew this. This was also a much much bigger game than she typically plays. People typically are even more protective of their money when the stakes are bigger. She seemed to play very different last night than she typically does. She played worse fundamentally but she won more and seemed to know the cards the other players had. From every other time I’ve watched her she 100% folds in this spot.

  20. That's not a thing for real poker players. When I played semi-professionally I would be frothing at the mouth to be playing people like that. If a poker player can't beat someone who doesn't know the inner strategy and studied all the lines and knows everything then it's just a huge edge. Sure it's not 100% that the pro is going to win but the will likely win a shit load over the long run, one hand is nothing.

  21. I used to make so much money off my rich friends in college who used to always go to poker tournaments at the casino. For them it's a game of numbers, and the players who know their odds wind up on top, and so the point of the game for them was getting really good at calculating odds on the fly.

  22. Dude was on the “brains” tribe of a survivor season and that was the dumbest (but most entertaining) tribe I’ve ever seen lmao

  23. He doesn't think she cheated, he thinks she should have folded, people who are "good" at poker get really frustrated when they're beat by someone just making a bad call

  24. There used to be a video on YouTube of a dude flipping out over a bad beat and the dude keeps asking the winner “HOW DO YOU CALL WITH THAT HAND?!”

  25. He’s contemplating both and actually came out with a statement accusing her of cheating and explains that it’s easy to do since it’s being live streamed.

  26. I remember watching one celebrity poker show where Colin Quinn kept playing 'incorrectly' - but kept winning, putting big money on so-so hands, betting when he probably should have folded, etc. It was infuriating the offstage commentator (Phil Gordon?) to no end. I enjoyed watching the meltdown just build and build.

  27. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Stop saying stupid shit you don’t know. He thought he was being cheated. Everyone understands that.

  28. Let’s be clear this is an awful call. Just awful. Please guys never make anything even close to this call. It’s very ropey with an ace if you think he is totally bluffing, but I guess you could justify it. I would be delighted to sit on a table with this lass

  29. Can you explain this for a layman? I don't understand what bad call means and frankly, I don't understand what happened at that table, but i want to lol

  30. This is my number one gripe with card players (poker, blackjack, etc)-- they act like there's only one move you're allowed to make in most situations. I get that there's a statistically correct set of moves to make, but that doesn't mean everyone has to follow your arbitrary system of rules.

  31. Garrett (the sore loser) was also on survivor and was a really shitty player there too. He was the second person eliminated and had an idol (basically something that if he read his teammates right like a poker player should be able to do. He would've been safe but he flopped)

  32. I don't understand any of this. I know how poker works and I understand that there may be a certain decorum when professionals play. But she took a huge risk and won. Why is the table shook?

  33. It's an incredibly bad play where a good amount of the hands that he's bluffing with still beat her and she's calling and putting him specifically on a bluff. In the hand she's got Jack high which is beat by any pair as well as Ace high, King High, and Queen high. With that bet size he's saying he's either got T9 or 99 for a full house, TT for quads, AT for the best 3 of a kind or a straight/flush draw. Even against some of his bluffs she's still losing when she calls and in this specific hand she's still a 6% dog in the race and loses money over the long run. This isn't just a bad play, it's quite possibly one of the worst plays I've ever seen. Even when she called his bet she loses more than she wins when the last card is revealed.

  34. Shitty poker players think that a good player will follow some schematic of rules and odds. Following a spreadsheet or something. That's why they deserve to lose their money. Yes it's numbers and randomness and gambling, but it's also about tricking people.

  35. If everybody is expected to make the best choice according to statistics, why don’t they just have robots play? What is the fun of watching this stuff if nobody goes off script?

  36. “I thought you had Ace High” “So you called with J high?” “Because you don’t have shit.”

  37. Me not knowing what is going on expecting a freakout instead I watched a man sit on his chair and breathe for 5 minutes

  38. Reddit stan'ing so hard for this woman in here talking about her genius bluff call and she straight up came out and said later she thought she had a 3 lmao. Yall are idiots.

  39. This situation is a bit different than your typical bad beat. I think it’s a stretch to say she’s cheating based on this alone, but this type of play is something you see from drunk college guys playing for a couple bucks, not professionals playing pots worth the price of my home

  40. This guy (Gerrett) is on these streams a lot and has lost hands much bigger than this one. He has never reacted like this before. As someone who's seen him played before, it's obvious he 100% believes there was foul play involved

  41. 99% of the commentors in this thread are from people that don't even know the difference between a cash game and a tournament, let alone even the slightest nuances of the game. And yet the comments that make zero sense are the most popular. As usual, the loudest person that makes the least sense is the most liked.

  42. It's insane. Compounded with the provoking title of MAN vs WOMAN it's really set up for some idiotic people to come out if the woodwork

  43. It really is a trip to see something I know a lot about end up on Reddit. People will speak on subjects with such conviction that they know nothing about. They will be completely wrong and will still get upvoted to the moon.

  44. The top voted comments are so wrong it’s actually insane. Like no research or facts, just semi intelligent speculation to blatant misinformation. Bravo Reddit hive mind. I probably upvote dumb shit all the time I don’t know about so I honestly can’t blame them but holy cow.

  45. It is a lot if it is a cash game they were playing but if it's a tourney yeah just be baffled and move on.

  46. It is definitely a lot to a professional player lol. Most professionals make less than 100k a year. Even the best of the best make a lot of money from winning a single huge tournament once every year or so. Losing over 100k in one hand is a fuckload.

  47. What are you talking about. $270k is definitely a lot in professional poker lol. Almost 0% of professional poker players every win a pot that big. I played professionally for 12 years and played some very high stakes and never won that much in a hand.

  48. She's smart she's acting like a clueless player but is dressed to distract and makes moves like a killer.

  49. Since it seems a lot of people do not know about poker, or cheating in poker. Please look up Stones Live cheating scandal, it will give you all you need to know the possibility of cheating is very very possible. Garret has been in the game for an extremely long time and has taken bigger losses w immense grace. He even took this with some grace, it was more incredulous wheel turning. Now to say she was cheating is irresponsible but I can tell you this was extremely extremely weird due to the betting pattern of how the hand flowed. It really makes no sense to call there, Garret is basically detailing he has a huge combo draw or already has close to the nuts after her min raise. She either is coin flipping against his exact hand or absolutely beat. This is where the thought of cheating comes from, it’s not that she thought she was ahead, it’s that a coin flip with one card to go is a great spot to be in a 300k pot

  50. He thinks she cheated because her play is so bad that she is either the worst poker player on the planet, or she knew his hand somehow.

  51. He bet all of his chips with a terrible hand, she decided to call with a slightly better but also terrible hand. Her decision to call was correct, but it was so ridiculously unlikely that her terrible hand would beat his (she didn’t know what he had) that it prompted the man to believe that she must be cheating.

  52. I was playing $5 a hand blackjack with a friend for shits and gigs at a shithole casino. Dude splits 10s Vs a K. I’m losing my shit telling him this is fucking stupid. He wins both with a 13 and 17, dealer busts. Does the same shit next hand. The entire table starts defending him, but he won last time! Unfortunately expecting the general populace to understand basic odds is not to be expected

  53. Professional poker man bets $10,000. Rookie poker woman raises to $20,000. Man thinks hes hot shit and goes all in with $109,000 more. Woman makes a very very risky move to also go all in despite the high chance to lose, ends up winning $270,000. Man got his pee pee hurt and bitched that obviously she has to be cheating and demanded his money back.

  54. The way that she was continuing to call his raises all the way to the end is baffling. That’s why the announcers are shocked she wouldn’t get out of the hand. Not many people would have stayed in, the guy lost.

  55. There is a huge difference between "should have never been in the hand" and cheating. Playing poorly isn't cheating, even when you win.

  56. Simple. She thought she had a jack of clubs and 4 of clubs (it was the 4 of hearts). So she was chasing a flush. She had a brain fart moment, but ended up getting lucky and winning. Personally I don't like players who sit there after the hand is done and over analyze "I can't believe you played that, why would you play that." She won the hand, end of story. Next hand.

  57. You don't have to defend a damn thing at a poker table, especially when every play on camera. Explaining any decision is a tell. You want to learn something about your opponent it is going to cost you. Call or fold. Dont bitch. She distracted him with the cans, which is why she brought em to the table. F' that he got beat.

  58. Amateur poker player thoughts: i thought she was being reckless and just got lucky but then she says "if my jack wasn't a club" which makes 0 sense. Her jack could be any suit doesn't matter in this case. That's why he says "what do you mean if your jack wasn't a club." idk if she's just tryng to play dumb or is really reckless or got lucky and for some reason is also playing dumb or is confused how she won here.

  59. Poker got really big when I was in high school, and it's moments like this that ultimately made me fucking hate playing it. So many times you have some doucher (generally speaking) who thinks he's the world's best player and he'll freak out if you beat him on a hand he "thinks" he should have won.

  60. Her comment "this would be completely different if my jack wasn't a club" gives a lot of insight into her thought process. I don't think she's a terrible player at all, she pretended to be terrible during the game (by saying it was a bluff, etc.) so people underestimate her.

  61. Actually the Jc is a horrendous card to have because it blocks major combo draws that he might have given that it's the front door flush draw. Blocks his QJcc, KJcc, J8cc. Hands we absolutely want him to have. That story absolutely doesn't line up.

  62. Why wouldn't he go all in with an any larger flush draws? Ace high draw? King Queen, queen 8, etc? Answer is, he would. Against that range she isn't 50 percent to win still lol

  63. Garret is idolized in high stakes cash game. Add to the fact his childhood hero was at the table. He made a big bluff and got called. He got embarrassed. He’s a sore loser. He knows it but is doubling down on “cheating suspicion.”

  64. I was so confused what just happened... really a Jack high beat him??? That was his fault for being to aggressive for calling all in.

  65. I didn't see him saying anything about her cheating, he was just gobsmacked that she beat him with a Jack.

  66. Can I get a time stamp or a synopsis. I don’t have 6 minutes to watch cards but I also wanna see the “freak out”

  67. It sucks but he will win that hand the majority of the times. He actually wants more players like her at the table.

  68. Bumping just to let all you who don’t know anything about poker, this hand or what happened. The cheating allegation is very real and serious. More had come out since investigations. A production crew with access to graphics was caught taking 15k chips off her stack after the game. She never noticed. and once confronted by police, she doesn’t want to press charges. That 15k comes out to 10% of her total winnings that day. Coincidence?

  69. The odds of a flush (not royal or straight) is 3.03%. If already suited (which he WAS) it drops to 0.82%. Getting a face card with only the jack open was at ~16.6%. If you’ve ever played jacks or better to open you’d know how high up a Jack is. He’s a friggin moron to even attempt it!

  70. Ive seen this video many times, but I just noticed- Garrett was up $700K, while Robbi was up $300K. And he gave her the death stare, threw a fit, took the money she offered him to come back to the table, accused her of cheating, left, and continued to accuse her on twitter. Smh. Talk about bad sportsmanship

  71. As a former long time, high stakes poker player – this call is just objectively bad and that's why everyone is freaking out.

  72. It's pretty obvious that lot's of people in here know shit all about hold em. She made a super amateur call...that's why every pro at the table was freaking out. That's a move that your drunk friend makes in a home game because he has no idea what he's doing.

  73. I am so confused. Why was this so crazy? She said she was calling his bluff. People do that shit all the time. Also, when did he say she was cheating?

  74. Other people explained the math elsewhere, but the bottom line is, once you're a professional poker player, there's certain plays that you would not logically make because the odds are not in your favor. She made that play.

  75. Poker players love to call out stupid hands when they get beat. You lost the hand regardless of how amateur the play was, calling the other player a cheat or getting mad is just an ego thing at that end.because if this was reversed he would be grinning ear to ear.

  76. She actually just got super lucky and didn’t want to admit that it was a complete fluke, so she tried to give reasons why it was a strategy, and it made her look super suspicious.

  77. People in this sub who dont understand poker really arent getting it. The guy is not mad that she got lucky. She didnt get lucky whatsoever. Garrett is a professional. He is used to bad beats. It happens to every player in poker. A pro can take bad beats any day. The reason he is angry is because if you understand what actually happened, you know something was very sus here. She called all in with nothing. She had no draws. She couldnt even beat what she claimed she thought he had: Ace high. Then afterwards she made it worse with her explanations that made no sense poker-wise. She then changes her story multiple times. Then on top of it all: she offered the money back. Some people might misinterpret that as her being the bigger woman, but actually (as the players themselves said in the stream) it makes her look even more guilty. Real poker players who won a hand fair & square do not EVER give money back. And to people who think its not possible to cheat: you are definitely mistaken. It happens. Its not that hard. What makes sense in this case is a simple vibrating device that only tells her when her hand is winning, not what cards her opponents have. If she actually knew what he had, she wouldnt have called. His hand was stronger & she wouldnt risk her whole stack in that case. She most likely got the signal that shes ahead, called, then after it became obvious that her call actually made her look suspicious, she gave the money back in hopes it would blow over & not draw attention.

  78. People don’t understand that this wasn’t just a bad play that she gambled and got lucky, this is likely the worst call I’ve seen in my life. It is sus as fuck

  79. She must have thought she had something else in her hand. That’s one of the dumbest calls you’ll ever see. She even admitted she had him on an ace. So why would you ever call?

  80. It was a suspicious play and her claims immediately after the fact are kinda sketch given her later statements.

  81. What a little bitch. Like the guy got beat does he really think she would cheat with all those cameras and for that little money.

  82. I guess it’s the new normal. If one looses, surely the victor cheated. Be it politics, chess, poker what ever. It the fun fair everyone gets a participation trophy attitude.

  83. This is like losing in Madden to a person that only throws hail mary’s 😂. It feels like cheating, but it isn’t.

  84. She shouldn't have returned the money. Maybe it was a bad call on her part, but he was only trying to bluff and chase a flush. She had him beat the whole time.

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