Crazy kid goes around damaging neighborhood properties and gets arrested after

  1. Since this little fallen angel was arrested he will be processed through juvenile probation where he may or may not be detained (hopefully not, for his education’s sake). He will be placed on probation and be given consequences like writing apology letters to the neighbors. His parent/s will likely be made to pay restitution to the victims in this case but if they’re broke, they’re broke…

  2. I'm gonna take a guess that this child has ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). Not making excuses for the parents, but I wouldn't wish any person to have to raise a child with ODD.

  3. America has a huge issue with people not taking responsibility for anyone else's actions. It's hyper individualism on steroids. There's a reason why we've had decades of gun violence, drug usage, poor education, failing infrastructure, homelessness, etc. Yes individuals need to be held accountable but our society is doing everything possible to push people to the depths Voting neo-liberal and conservative will always have these negative outcomes.

  4. That’s the part we don’t see. Of course the parents are going to have to pay for all of this damage if charges are pressed.

  5. I ran into a kid like this at work once. He was being raised by a grandmother who way way too old to keep up with a kid his age. She just had him doing whatever.

  6. I used to work in a pet store and a lady dropped her daughter off in the store while she went grocery shopping. A little while later I saw the girl in the back room reaching into the the feeder mice tank. I asked her to stop and she looked up and stared at me with a blank expression . She had a mouse in her hand. I asked her again to get her hand out of the tank. With no change to her expression, she looked me dead in the eyes and squeezed the mouse as hard as she could, she crushed it. She couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9. When her mom returned we told her what happened, she blew it off. We told her to never return to the store. That was almost 30 years ago, and it still gets to me when I think about it. That was the scariest kid I’ve ever come across.

  7. I work in pediatrics and we have a grandma who is taking care of her daughters 4 kids. She is a mean as hell if she doesn’t get her way but also very sweat, I was helping her fill out some information one time and she open up about how she loves the kids but she too old to care for them and how tough it is, but the kids parents are drug addicts and she didn’t want them in a foster home.

  8. My parents let my brother and I run around in unchecked. It didn't end well for my brother and I struggle to find "normal". Chaos is what feels like "home".

  9. It's so rough. The generational divide massive. When you really consider how much has changed in the past 40 years or so and how certain generations struggle to adapt to the VERY new ways of life, there isn't a very good chance to raise kids well for today's world. Even parents struggle with me technology and the expectations it comes with, grandparents are from an analog time period.

  10. Nah, more likely they forget he exists unless in view. Probably get pissed off they had to take time out of their day to go the the station to pick him up.

  11. Same. Ignore that he's been causing obvious property damage, just get mad at the guy restraining him to stop him from causing more damage.

  12. I know it's not the same child, but the kid looks a lot like the one who kept messing with a guy trying to get into a building. Ended up being shoved out the way and started screaming and crying. That vid is around here somewhere.

  13. That kids squeal of surprised pain when he finally gets out on his ass makes this video worth the watch every time I see it posted anywhere.

  14. My first thought as well. I believe that video was after the man caught him vandalizing cars in the parking lot, kid then got in his face.

  15. My bully from middle school was like this and he OD'd last week, I couldn't be happier. Someone shared his obit in our class FB page and it got.... not nice reactions, lol

  16. Some kids just HAVE to find out that sooner or later victims will fight back. And then the water works happen every time... It's so cliche it's annoying.

  17. Oh man I was friends with a kid like this in 5th grade. His mom turned out to be a crackhead hooker and I went into his home once, filthy as a fucking mudpie. Kid got arrested in 5th, 6th and 7th grade and disappeared to juvy. Was real sad later on in life when I realized he was a product of his environment .

  18. Heartbreaking. He will forever pay the penalties of bad parenting, something he had no control over. His mom was likely trying to numb the pain of her own shit childhood.

  19. There’s no consequences and the kids know it. Kids like this need to be expelled from traditional schools and sent to alternative schools again. They ruin the learning environment for everyone else

  20. My kid's school had to have two lockdowns in a month because a kid like this in her school was freaking out and trashing the place, threatening kids and teachers.

  21. Sad to see a kid so troubled that law enforcement and cuffs are the only way to control them. I hope this child gets the help he needs to overcome whatever trauma or issues that got him to this point.

  22. This kid is definitely damaged. There is a lot going on here beneath the surface…Can you imagine this kid left untreated into adulthood?

  23. I’m sure there’s no way this kid falls through the cracks and will definitely get the help he needs!

  24. Reactive Attachment Disorder is a childhood disorder and is often the precursor to Antisocial Personality Disorder or “Sociopathy.”

  25. I work at a school with Emotional Behavior Disorder kids and like a lot of you have already said parents probably used drugs or alcohol while pregnant, is being raised by the grandparents or older relatives, but also sometimes they just have a mental disorder and the kid may be off his medication. I have to restrain kids on a weekly basis so they stop doing damage to the classroom or others, the kids can be the nicest kids and really smart but when they get worked up over an issue and can't calm down they go into another level and never think about their actions. The older male did a good job restraining till the cops came because when dealing with the EBD students once they get past that point of no return the best thing we can do for them is restrain them until they are ready to stop attacking faculty and then hold them in a room until they have calmed down and can go back to the classroom.

  26. The large man/neighbor who eventually pinned him down was so patient and calm. He knows the kid is troubled. The man managed to dial back his initial instinct to push back (“YOU KNOW WHAT, SON?!”). He ended up with the boy on the ground, calmly encouraging him to stop. That guy deserves some credit. I don’t know that I would have been able to do what he did.

  27. I don't think he even wanted to, but he was definitely smart enough to know that the consequences would have been severe had he hurt the kid.

  28. Thank you for making it easy to find. Was wondering if anyone else even noticed that or if I was just crazy.

  29. In Australia in 2007 the government basically paid people to have kids in a bid to future tax then. The ageing population would then be cushioned with this tax. I think they got $5000 or $7000. Is was awhile ago now. Those kids are 14 15 now and we have a massive youth crime atm. Stealing cars and just most recently running over a guy on his moped.

  30. Just some form of abusive addict. The kid's a little shit, but I've got no doubts he has a boatload of trauma to unpack already at his age if he's acting like this now.

  31. So many redditors are 100% confident they know everything about a person's life after watching one short video on here. You don't know shit about this kid's life.

  32. Clearly the kid is looking for an outlet to something thats troubling him. This behaviour can be prevented with the right guidance.

  33. For real I worked with a guy who put himself into a meth induced psychosis and he has like 4 kids with 3 different girls. He also demanded being paid under the table so he wouldn't have to pay child support.

  34. Who boy you think it's bad now? Hope you don't live in the south because there's about to be a baby boom of kids just like him who's parents are also kids and are too busy clubbing and playing call of duty to parent.

  35. this shit isn't normal. i bet there's some serious abuse going on. everyone hating on this kid thinks 10 year-olds suddenly go on destructive rampages for no reason?

  36. Shitty actions have shitty consequences, if he were an adult he'd be screwed so it's best that reality hits him now before someone knocks his teeth out in the future

  37. Caught a little shit kid like this trying to put rocks in my car's gas tank like 10 years ago. I yelled at him to stop. His parents were not paying attention, and were roughly 50 feet away. They yelled at me for yelling at their kid. I told them they need to control their kid, and if he succeeded in putting any rocks in my gas tank, they would pay for repairs. They apologized. Thankfully caught the kid right as he started doing it. But out of control kids like in this video and in my story really piss me off.

  38. a coworker of mine said someone on tge playground told her kid he could call the cops on his mom if she tried whoopin his ass again when he misbehaved.

  39. This is a very emotionally disturbed child. Something is very wrong here...just the determination towards thar particular car...was that his parents car, or the neighbors car? That was bad...that child needs help. A serious intervention is needed.

  40. this video is so sad. even the older guy starts patting the kid’s leg and talking to him in a more sympathetic way after his initial anger dissipates. this kid needs help.

  41. I think it was nice how the man gave him a reassuring pat on the leg as he was being handcuffed. He could see the child is troubled and he got real concerned for him. You can see it in his eyes. I feel that same way. I hope this child's cry for help gets noticed here and he gets some positive role models in his life.

  42. You know what’s sad, this kid is crying out for help. By doing it in a destructive way. This poor kids home life is probably not great. His parents seem to be non existent. Hopefully child services investigates the cause and root of this problem. Hopefully this child gets the help he needs.

  43. I bet his parents are trashy AF. I can see dad coming to the door when police knocked dressed in a wife beater and unwashed jeans reeking of cigarettes and booze

  44. I’m not making excuses for him, but I’m willing to bet he either has awful parent(s) or (severe) mental health issues, or both. This may be a shit take, but by the end my heart was breaking for the kid.

  45. So the kid threw rocks at the guy (assault) does that mean the guy could have kicked the shit out of the kid in self defense? I would have snapped and the kid would be hospitalized you don't assault me in any way shape or form

  46. Yea I’d smack the living daylight out of him and his parents. All this “poor kid” shit is useful for those who got time to deal with kids like that. Where I come from these kids become violent offenders eventually and are better off on an island.

  47. With all the forced pregnancies in several states we will most certainly be seeing more of this type of behavior. If a child is not wanted before it is born, chances are good it will be a burden after it is born. I hope the child welfare system makes some vast improvements soon to handle this influx of damaged children, but I am not holding my breath.

  48. No doubt that kids goin through some serious shit either at home being abused or seein or being put through shit he shouldn’t be put through.. regardless there’s something fucked up happening to him for that kinda rage and for anyone of you saying it’s just kid’s fault eat a dick and dont give a fuck about downvoting i have a life beyond redditt so go right ahead…😁

  49. In Asia, this kid would have gotten smacked by mom's slippers or caned... If he's a teenager, he'll be brought to prison and given a few tight slaps and then sit in lockup for a couple hours until his mom picks him up..

  50. This absolutely breaks my heart. There’s a no -zero chance that kid’s home life is absolute shit, to the point he likely developed reactive attachment disorder (RAD) and/or Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Sadly, his doing this and being arrested will likely result in more structure and positive treatment than he was getting at home. Fuck, this is hard to watch.

  51. Seriously, why is noone talking about this? You dont even need to hurt him. Just hold him down to stop him from doing more damage until the responsible authorities arrive

  52. This just makes me incredibly sad. This is 100% failed parenting. I can't imagine what his home life is like but its got to be depressing.

  53. To all those throwing this kid’s parents under the bus- I understand why you’d assume bad parents or an abusive/neglectful situation at home. Not long ago, I would’ve assumed the same thing. Then I got to see first hand that some kids just have issues.

  54. This kid is acting out and there is something causing it. He's probably being abused at home. Hit me in the feels at the end of the video when you see the big guy that was pinning him down, patting him on the calf as he was cuffed. That guy gets it. He's not mad at the kid. Probably the first time in a long time anyone has given that kid any type of affection.

  55. Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I am a behavior therapist who works with really intense kids like this. I obviously have no idea what this kids possibly diagnoses are. But to shed some light, IF this is a child with a diagnosis, kids like this are EXTREMELY challenging. They can and will take things to a violent level every time to don’t get there way. Want to take away their iPad? Want them to take a shower? If they don’t want to do that, they will destroy your house, run outside and do stuff like this, don’t care what people think about them, don’t care if the police get called. They have no emotional regulation. Then when it’s all over? They feel shame and say things like “I hate that I’m like this” “why did god make me like this?” “Why can’t I control myself?” It’s exhausting to parent a child like this. There aren’t a lot of therapists willing to take on a child like this. If you can, use some perspective taking skills of your own and try to imagine what it’s like to have a child like this.

  56. I would be beating the fuck out of this kids parents. Even if they're not directly to blame for his behavior they're responsible for bringing this little cunt in to the world and that'd be enough justification for me.

  57. That dudes a good parent right there, hold that little hellion down. Someone should’ve done it sooner, no reason to sit there and let him continue to damage other peoples stuff

  58. Imagine not showing enough attention to your child that the local athlorites have to football carry your child into a police car.

  59. Poor kid. He either has a shitty home life, or some mental/emotional issues, or both. It’s just not normal for any kid that age to act like that. Hope he gets the help he needs but in the US that’s very unlikely unless his parents have a LOT of resources.

  60. Honestly all I see here is a very troubled kid lashing out as a cry for help. Sometimes kids are just being little shits for the sake of it, but this seems more like a product of his environment. I really hope that kid was placed somewhere he can get help, but sadly I doubt that will be the case with how broken the system is here in America.

  61. Right? He's clearly got something going on, either at home or something to do with his mental health, and he's "asking for help" in the only way he knows how: make a giant scene

  62. Please take this down. That is not a ‘crazy person’ that is a child with severe behavioral issues that are simply not present in mentally healthy children. This boys needs intervention and compassion. Recording this and putting it on Reddit for “1 million views” is abhorrent. Compassion for CHILDREN, can we see some of that here in the comments please? Jesus.

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