QAnon "Queen of Canada" told her followers to stop paying their electricity and water bills because she declared them free. Actions have consequences.

  1. Adam Savage needs to answer for this monstrosity he's unleashed on us. A simple catch phrase now infests our population.

  2. I'm not sure I could resist toying with these people... "Ma'am I'm from the deep state and we don't acknowledge the authority of your queen even if she is legitimate. We will be shutting off your power until you are vaccinated."

  3. He's just mentally preparing himself for all of the other idiots that he has to disconnect power to in the coming months.

  4. Can you imagine his face when she was trying to "explain" to him that she sent in a royal decree with her power bill and that meant she didn't have to pay.

  5. He's probably had to disconnect for many crazies in his time. Qanon reasons probably isn't the craziest reason he's heard for volunteering not to pay electrclic bills

  6. I read some accounts from former followers and 'support staff' of the Q Anon Queen Dildo. They beg and plead with her for support and she just ignores them. After a while of that, some of them somewhat come to their senses.

  7. She'll feel vindicated until the day she dies. I have family into q anon shit. They brag about losing contact with nephews/nieces/cousins etc online. These people are lost and hopeless and beyond redemption.

  8. Romana Didilo, she's a woman living in Canada who has declared herself the ruling Queen of Canada. I keep a fairly close eye on alt-right and right-wing groups such as QAnon and while there have been several cults pop up inside QAnon (which is in itself a cult), none are as confusing to me as this one. Not so much in what she says but how anyone can possibly believe her. Like, as far as I know she literally just popped on social media one day saying "Yep, I am the new Queen of Canada and you are all my subjects" and she now has a loyal group of followers who she can tell to stop paying electric bills and donate to her "cause."

  9. Its like when someone gets really caught up with a shower thought... and went full on, double down, no regrets with it. "This royal decree, by this Queen of Canada... totally legit because of yada yada yada.... Can't you sheep understand?!?!"

  10. Unfortunately we are riding a sine wave my dude. Take your breather and batter up for the next once in a lifetime event this year.

  11. Honestly it’s amazing to listen to them. Some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths have me rollin. Elvis alive and is a judge, we don’t have to pay taxes, Kennedy is coming back, earth is flat, north and south poles are gateway portals to other dimensions, the Smithsonian is a secret society to hide history and take over excavation sites, there is a world reset every so often, something about Rothchilds,‘Goldstein , Rockefellers, red untouched cows are the beginning of the NWO prophecies, no one has been on the moon it’s just filmed in a large pool, vaccines change your DNA so you are no longer considered human and your rights can be taken away, the woman leader in Italy is fighting the NWO, Joe Biden is a robot and that’s why he never looks the same twice…I could do this all day.

  12. He might not deal with Q nuts every day, but this is probably one of those jobs where people argue about all sorts of things and there's basically nothing they can say that will change the work order he was given.

  13. My grandfather used to tell me, "never argue with an idiot, it is always a waste of your time". This guy reminds me of him with his demeanor.

  14. Honestly, she’s pretty chill too. She doesn’t scream, she doesn’t throw kettles into him, she doesn’t try to slap him. Just declaring her delusions and documenting the consequences of them.

  15. The sad thing for many of these people, is they're genuinely convinced they're smarter than the rest of the 'herd'. They've figured out a hidden path to success and will probably never realize they while they definitely do stand out from the herd... it's at the back.

  16. They call others sheep while blindly believing anything Queen dildo has to say. Unfortunately they’re too stupid to see the irony in it.

  17. For me that's one of the things about conspiracy theories that has always amazed me. Let's say that there really is a huge Q conspiracy. If there really was do they honestly think that they're the smart ones that would uncover it? Conspiracies, if they exist, wouldn't be exposed by a bunch of twats living in an RV, and it wouldn't be exposed on Youtube. It would be exposed by some NSA agent reading transcripts, or some CIA goon would get a security briefing in some clandestine meeting, or something like that.

  18. She probably gets donations from the money her followers "save" on electricity bills. So now they have no money and no power.

  19. She doesn’t even care , Romana has yet to respond or help anyone that followed her decrees. The entire Qanon and MAGA culture is about grifting folks

  20. Nothing,they are both mentally ill.its like going to a involuntary mental health care facility and finding a guy who says he's jesus,or god,God, the king or whatever, and then proceeding to do whatever ridiculous thing that person tells you to do .

  21. Unfortunately we have a lot of trumpers here in Canada that are splintering off into other groups. Also a surprising amount of people who thought that Covid Vaccines were against the constitution. The American constitution….. in Canada.

  22. Us Canadians have no business saying we're better than Americans. Electing conservative governments that are dismantling our healthcare, are anti-science, anti-abortion - basically the same as US cons. Plus we have the trucker convoys annoying the shit out of people and the anti-mask/anti-vaccine morons all over the country.

  23. Even 30 years ago, if someone went around saying they were receiving secret communications from a secret deeply embedded government operative, everyone they know would have called them a fucking idiot and told them to shut the fuck up. Now, those idiots can find each other on the internet, and you've got a lot of well-meaning (but not too bright themselves) bleeding hearts who want to act like these people are mentally ill, and not just fucking morons with room temp IQs.

  24. The most depressing thing about this is that this dimwit has a house and I'm stuck paying $1300 for a tiny apartment in arguably one of the worst parts of my city.

  25. Utilities should be 100% free unless you go over a certain threshold. These far-right idiots are SO CLOSE to the answer but keep voting in the wrong direction.

  26. Meanwhile NB power crews have been working round the clock to restore power to NB residents in the aftermath of hurricane Fiona. This guy is probably too tired to give a fuck at this point.

  27. Can someone explain to me in plain English what is a World Decree, who writes authorizes it, and why would utility company care about it?

  28. In Canada, a woman named Romana Didulo (aka Queen Dildo) claims she is the rightful sovereign leader of Canada (and I think the world). She has issued “decrees” stating that her followers don’t have to follow any COVID safety protocols, pay taxes, electric/heating bills etc. She has also sent her minions to “arrest” police officers for enforcing COVID safety protocols, which resulted in those minions being arrested by those same police officers.

  29. The funniest part about this is that she thinks her right-wing douchebag friends are going to doxx and harass this guy based on the ID number and the license plate of a fleet vehicle that the dude clearly does not own.

  30. No the funniest is part is how she signs off like she's leaving a voicemail for the power company or something. "If I could get my power reconnected that would be great, thank you." Then she crazyposts it to facebook or wherever.

  31. Honestly, I feel bad for this guy or anyone else who has to deal with these people as a part of their job. While this woman filming here seems quite calm and in control, most of these folks are not and get very angry, and even violent, very quickly.

  32. Far Worse. At least sovereign citizens claim independence and not appeal to some human authority (read: cult leader). The opposite in fact. Sovereign citizens are not realistic about living in a society but at least is rooted in some kind of logic, albeit completely ignorant to societal rules, aka libertarians to the extreme. They’re stupid but at least understandable albeit pathetically naive.

  33. huh they need to generate their own power then, they have a lot of energy for bs maybe they can redirect and use that to power their homes

  34. I wonder if the Queen will call up the NB Royal Guard of the Exalted Dipshits to deal with this ruffian.

  35. Which is why I always tense up when these nutters try to get info on the poor technician just doing his job. Is he going to wake up one day to find some insane assholes breaking down his door "by royal decree" or some shit?

  36. Every time I think we hit peak human stupidity, some group of people doubles down. It's fascinating to watch "Idiocracy" going from movie to documentary

  37. At the behest of their Queen this particular group of stupid showed up to a police precinct a few months ago to try to put the officers under citizens arrest. It went about as well as you’d expect.

  38. “Didulo's public persona underwent a series of rapid changes since she started producing video interventions in 2020: leader of a non-registered political party (Canada1st), to head of state of a Canadian republic, to Queen of Canada with high-level extraterrestrial connections.”

  39. This! This! This! There was a time that I could respect people I disagreed with politically. But these people? I just feel bad for them. How do they enunciate with so little action inside their heads?

  40. Holy hell these people are off their rockers. She talks like the random technician is just gonna come back and turn on her power because "royal decree".

  41. At least she’ll have some time off the internet when all her devices finally run out of power. Might actually do her some good.

  42. depends on the person I guess but I still recall the Qanoner woman who left her husband, children, and career to move to Dallas and await JFK to return. I think they ended up living in this weird Qanon commune and got pulled into that "drink bleach to cleanse your body!" scam. They fell pretty deep into it.

  43. Well, the pyschotic cow isn’t that broke now because they gave her the money they should’ve used to pay their utility bills. Grifters gonna grift.

  44. I'm imagining the guy thinking "geez, I travel to waaaaayyyy worse looking houses all day, every day, desperate people crying, begging me to not cut the line, their food will go bad so they can't feed their kids, their elderly parents can't use their electric medical devices now, and I'm supposed to give a fuck about this woman's "decree?" Easiest line I've cut in months,"

  45. Love the way she pronounced "Caraquet". You aren't from around here are you, fucko? Enjoy Fall into Winter without electricity ☺️

  46. Political cultists discover that no, the rest of the world really isn't vibing with their cult nor care about the proclamations of their cult leaders.

  47. "oh sorry ma'am. Our royal decree department has been super backed up lately. Let me just turn your power back on and I'll be off."

  48. One thing that was bizarre to read was that she apparently invoked genetically modified super soldiers to handle her opposition, and that their genetics were modified from a mix of Filipinos and white rappers.

  49. Omg, it's a NBPower truck, that's where I live!!..... Omg it's on public freakout... Omg this lady is an embarrassment of our province ....

  50. “I told him I sent a royal decree with every power bill I’ve had for the last 5 months” Goddamnit that’s a good one man. When will these people come back to reality XD

  51. There has always been crazy people who thought they were Queen or President. Only difference is now they have internet and iphones.

  52. No actually shes got a point! I heard ANTIFA is running many water utilities. And frankly, so are most electricity companies too! MAGA fans, please do not support these business they are run by pedophiles. Do not pay your bills for any of these companies!

  53. People asking "how stupid can these people be"? Like these are not the people who went to Dallas to wait for a dead guy to show up and when he obviously didnt show up, instead of leave they fucking doubled down on the insanity that he was gonna show.

  54. Wow. This is so close to my hometown. It's almost unfathomable that people in my area could be so blatantly brainwashed but then again, rednecks with internet.

  55. I used to have a friend who had lost his mind. Parents were done with him, he was staying in his house with no electricity, no water no food except for this Organic Protein bullshit. Wouldn't work, was in is 30s and had come to the belief that the universe would provide for him. I was playing music at the time and invited him up to the bar to play. He looked awful, smelled the whole 9. Anyways I put some money together and got him a good amount of stuff to get him through the month. Never said thank you, Never returned phone calls, had to go visit him. He tells me he doesn't have to say thank you because it wasn't me that gave him all of that stuff, it was the universe. He was shitting in buckets by this time.

  56. I love the passive voicemail style at the end “if we could get my power connected and have this all straightened up that would be great, thank you.” Like who is she sending this to that she thinks will change their mind?

  57. I CANNOT wrap my head around this level of idiocy and cultism. It's simply unfathomable for an actual person to be this lost in a maze of ideology and untruth.

  58. How does she even finish her sentences about "Queen Romana's royal decree" and hear it coming out of her mouth and not stop a few words in and think "ooooooh I've been played, this sounds stupid as fuck!"?

  59. This is right by my place! I wanna go drive out to her house and loudly laugh at her. And if you're reading this, O qUeEn oF cAnAdA, You're a fucking idiot.

  60. I love the fact he’s completely ignoring her while she wanders around looking insane. I have a feeling this isn’t the first time he’s cut electric for this reason

  61. I live in the developing world. Our houses are all cinder block. No insulation. We can survive with no power. In the US and Canada though no AC turns those houses in heat traps. This lady is a nut job lol.

  62. In New Brunswick, it's actually really common for many houses to not have AC. When I was looking at buying my first home here it was really hard to find one with AC.

  63. This gave me a good laugh and then I remembered the movie Idiocracy. It's slowly becoming reality.

  64. Where this gets serious is when one of these nutjobs decides to take matters into their own hands and take it out on the power company employee. They really should work in pairs.

  65. One of the funniest related video was when Queen Romana and her crew showed up at a RV dealership and demanded a free RV. The guys there just ignored her and walked away.

  66. QuackAnuts will believe anything. My Neighbor hates Joe Biden but spent a whole week telling me how that’s not really Joe Biden but Trump is a Joe Biden disguise and that’s why gas prices are going down

  67. It blows my mind that even after the whole “JFK returning from the grave” thing didn’t work out (shocking, I know) these Qanon idiots STILL believe in this horseshit

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