Elderly man robbed on the Red Line in Chicago

  1. This is heartbreaking. If you take the public transit so late and you are elderly, its prob because you finished some crap work and just want to go home. My folks are this age and it tears me up to even think of people doing this to them. Being so vulnerable and alone and suffering with noone to help. Heartbreaking.

  2. Cunts in need of a public ass whooping. I think we should bring caning to America. Whoop their ass so hard they can’t sit down for a month. maybe they’ll think twice about acting like that in the future. Or Tar and feather them, unfortunately I would be shocked if anything comes of this though. The police are out committing worst crimes than this right now.

  3. I would think the important thing is putting the camera on the people who did it instead of the guy sitting there bleeding to death and if you with the ones who started this might be time to get some new friends?

  4. https://cwbchicago.com/2022/09/outrageous-video-shows-red-line-passenger-being-robbed-hit-with-wine-bottle.html

  5. I’d love to see her ride the redline at midnight with no one guarding her. If anyone wants to see who that woman truly is watch the Tim Dillon Yelp Review video. Truly amazing and shows her true character

  6. It's not enough that these sons of bitches rob the bloke, but then they slug him across the head with the bottle they stole from him?

  7. The video is sad and disturbing. The person taking the video clearly had a phone, but decided to continue taking video rather than call 911. A man was just robbed and ASSAULTED, was bleeding, and all the person could say was "get back" over and over? This is a big part of what's wrong with our society.

  8. This! Like WTF?? "He's bleeding!" Yes, he just got his head cracked open while you watched and filmed. We see this kind of thing over and over. When someone can actually do something to help another human being they whip our their cameras instead. This world has become an incredibly sad place.

  9. This is disgusting. This is nothing more than victimizing the weak and elderly. The fucked up part is that even if these kids get caught, pretty much nothing is going to happen.

  10. Look ima be honest. If those scumbags have the heart to beat and steal from an elder I have no doubt they'll pull a gun out on me for trying to help. We got mothers and family to get back to alive. As much as this sucks and hate to see it you shouldn't risk dying over this. Especially if you're by yourself and its a group of guys doing this.

  11. all you involved in this video GTF off this planet! You are worthless and will never have anything to contribute but to harm others for your personal gain. I hope all you meet your maker before any other human has to deal with your shit. Get off the planet scum!

  12. I hate guns but it’s sad moments like this when I think some people need something to defend themselves poor dude I wish he would have gotten rid of them for everyone’s sake respectfully

  13. And then there will be assholes crawling out of the woodwork saying how they were good kids and demand this guy put away for life. It isn’t fair they don’t deserve to die like that; they had their their whole life ahead of them.

  14. Absolute cunts..... I never understand why people don't just leave people alone. I mean they could go on with their day and not be affected by this man but nah

  15. Freakn people in general nowadays.... filming doesn't do a damn thing. Everyone want's to film and nobody helps when they need it the most. Cowards every asshole that films and dose nothing....

  16. It's because we've adopted this whole culture of "fuck you, not my problem". I largely blame the rise in social media for our apathy. People are more concerned with getting views on Facebook and TikTok than showing empathy and helping their fellow human beings.

  17. Idgaf if “chicago isn’t as bad as it seems”, wouldn’t expect much from a cluster fucked of a city with a bunch of rectangles tightly squeezed together lol

  18. Like it would take one recular size dude to take these 2 midgets, was there literally no one in there?

  19. The one girl says I’m taking his phone, because you wouldn’t give me 10. Poor guy hope he’s alright.

  20. What the fuck is wrong with people? Watching something like this does not give me very much hope for our future and I am more fearful of the world we are leaving to our kids.

  21. Hollywood has been making billions through the years on selling stories of inspiration on how to deal with this. Super ironic if you ask me. Someone stand up and help.

  22. We need to some how some way create a subreddit where we can find the people who originally record these videos and then provide them with some information on how to be a decent human being. Or at least how to not be a total piece of shit. We could make it like a class or some type of program.

  23. This is why the 2nd Amendment is important. Things may have turned out MUCH differently had this elderly man been allowed to carry a firearm more easily legally.

  24. Yeah, I don’t know if you know this or not, but black people aren’t a monolith. They aren’t an state sanctioned institution.

  25. Did I miss the part where these peeps were BLMs protesters? Saying, "man, I wish the police wouldn't indiscriminately kill Black people in the US," doesn't have anything to do with a bunch of lowlifes robbing a dude on a train.

  26. Dawg such an unrelated situation and yet so many trolls wanna upvote. One has nothing to do with the other except for the same race is being discussed.

  27. It’s hard to support the state not killing black people because there are criminals who also happen to black? That’s some dumbass racist logic if I’ve ever seen it. But be honest, you never actually thought black lives mattered to begin with and are just looking for reasons to think that’s an ok thing to think.

  28. You’re so brave for standing against imaginary negative internet points in a thread that completely agrees with your stance.

  29. Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago. Just misunderstood pieces of trash in society. These people are cowards with zero morals. Fuck them all.

  30. I'm not from America so I wouldn't know , but why dont bystanders ever help?? I see so many videos of this crap and no one ever intervenes . It hurts my heart

  31. There are no bystanders in this video. They are all in on it. But sometimes they do intervene. And they end up on the ground getting their head stomped on.

  32. This is why everyone need to carry. It’s for your own protection. You rather be tried by 12 than be carried by 6. Trashes deserve to be out on a shirt.

  33. Armed Vigilantes on the train playing drunk would be a good idea. Soon as they pull this shit deal with them. You can't have a decent society with this sort of shit going on. Obviously it would have to be properly regulated and filmed but it would hopefully cut down on a lot of this crap.

  34. I wasnt racist, but seeing the true depravity of these “peoples” culture have been the most radicalizing feelings I’ve ever had

  35. Everyone aside from the victim needs to be put away for a long time. Cameraman included. They were obviously complicit and in on the whole thing.

  36. Man like what is going on in the world where kids have no back bones today... It's always something to blame for why they're them and always an excuse...

  37. Dang bro, seems like this old man has gone through a lot in life. Dude is unfazed and defeated. What’s even worse, is how people is just recording and walking around the man, not asking him how he feels or trying to comfort him. Lonely world for man

  38. Cops won’t do anything as cops in Chicago are handcuffed by light foot and kim foxx. So these “people” will not even get a stern talk to

  39. If this is the kind of life these kids live in Chicago’s Southside it’s only a matter of time before they’re shot or arrested

  40. Herp Derp, Achktually crime is actually worse in suburban and rural areas based on our doctored stats and high number of unreported crimes. Derp

  41. Poor man. These bastards stole and molested a man which maybe had anyway a hard time in his life. I hope they will find these people. All of the nobody helped.

  42. These aren't thugs these are children whom seek the helpless. Could've taken that mans jacket and not had to hurt him. these cowards wouldn't even blink in the direction of someone who can stand up for themselves

  43. I don’t think any of them are even close to being children . The man who took his wallet had to be pushing 40 or 50 .

  44. They’re like 3 feet tall, any full-sized adult could have conked their heads together like a couple of coconuts

  45. Wtf 😳. Criminals are so much emboldened and are sure that nothing will happen to them even if they are caught. It seems like fun for them hot the poor old man. When the American laws will be strict.

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