man have a breakdown

  1. It's an American traumatic reaction. Our system is abusive and money is the first thing many of us think of no matter how bad you feel.

  2. They took me involuntarily and still charged me thousands. To be fair, the state covers it if you have state insurance.

  3. I've been a Firefighter/EMT for 18 years. You don't want to know the number of legitimate emergency patients I've encountered who have initially refused based on cost of medical care. Even if you wanted to know....I've lost count.

  4. Anyone in the US can get some medical care, but not without bills. I've required a few ambulance rides. I couldn't pay for those or the hospital stays. And I honestly would have gotten help much sooner if I wasn't so worried about 'the bill'. I think people should be allowed to be sick. (and I worded it that way on purpose.) Sickness is a responsibility in America. Instead of a condition.

  5. I immigrated to Canada from the States, even to this day I still have to remind myself that it's okay to go to emergency or get medical help at no cost to myself.

  6. That's USeh right there! People struggling and don't want medical help because of high cost of medical bills.

  7. Everyone should have free medical. At the very least, the people who have preserved our safety and freedoms should have free medical for life.

  8. Yeah, I mean, if you're already having tons of problems, you don't want another $5,000+ bill slapped on top of that. I've resisted going to the hospital because I couldn't afford it.

  9. What broke me was that he asked for the hug. Im so proud of men nowadays who are starting to value their emotions and aren’t shy to ask for what they need.

  10. The other day I couldn't stop crying for so long. My wife was holding me but I just couldn't stop. Graphic images of me killing myself on loop in my head. Got so bad I was full on punching myself in the head to try to distrct my brain.

  11. It's fucking sad that heroes are suffering and the criminals who got FILTHY rich sending young men to die are living it up having the time of their lives.

  12. I hope he continues to get hugs. I feel so bad for this man and so many others who aren’t getting the support they need.

  13. What's most inspiring is that this is directly against police training. You're never supposed to hug people in distress as a police officer, on the off-chance that they try to grab your gun. The fact that the officer gave the guy a hug here displays a huge amount of trust and humanity.

  14. This got me. I remember when I was at a point in my life where I hit rock bottom. I called my old squad leader who I looked up to and he was the sensible voice that guided me in the direction to get the help I needed. SFC Thompson thank you

  15. After spending some time on the askMen subreddit it’s become clear to me how painful and difficult it is for men to reach out to someone when they’re feeling vulnerable.

  16. As a dude who's struggled either suicide myself. This guy deserves respect. He didn't hide his pain he called for help. That takes a lot of courage to be able to BE vulnerable. I wish this man the best

  17. It’s incredible that at one of his lowest points he didn’t give up, he called for help. This man has more courage then he knows. I hope he get the help he needs. And I agree that countries need to turn inwards and help there own vets more, politicians should take a pay cut to cover the vets

  18. The veterans crisis line does great work. And they just updated the number to be 988 (then press 1) so it's easy access. Hope people keep using it and getting support like this fellow.

  19. He was likely admitted to the psychiatric ward for at least a couple days. They do fucking miracles in there. When I got to that point (also in my car), I sayed in the ward for 9 days, and then I was tranfered to a care facility for a couple months to make sure my meds were working, I got on a stable daily schedule of taking them, and that I was in a good place mentally. I didn't have to pay a thing or even worry about paying, the state of Oregon and a non-profit covered it.

  20. The pain he is in breaks my heart! I hope he gets the help he needs to come to peace with life. Bless him and the police officer who showed only compassion. Faith in humanity restored. 😢❤️ We should never abandon our vets. The fact that he was worried about being able to afford the ambulance is so wrong.

  21. Honestly, that’s tough to listen to. I can hear the pain in his voice, his gasps brought tears to my eyes. Something I definitely could relate to at one point in my life—that intense feeling of hopelessness and doom.

  22. It feels really iffy when Americans try to insult Europeans for having to pay mandatory health care, and at the same time their broken veterans are too afraid to call an ambulance in their darkest time. That's just sick.

  23. Absolutely, what a fucking brilliant way to handle the situation. Reassuring, doesn’t condescend to him or treat him like a fruitloop, just realises that this is a person in crisis and treats him like a human being. Makes you realise that there are some good police officers out there. Well played.

  24. Just lost my cousin (Army Infantry - Afghanistan and Iraq) to suicide on the 17th, it was his 34th Birthday. I wish this soldier the utmost peace ☮️.

  25. There are good people in this world everywhere when we look for them. This gives me so much joy to see someone giving another person in a crisis moment patience and kindness.

  26. "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"

  27. I agree that we should try to find positive people and situations but they should be the the overwhelming majority of news and stories we encounter. All of the terrible crimes and situations are what get pushed and look where that has gotten us, everyone hates everyone/everything or looks for the negative situation first.

  28. So many humans have no idea just how powerful a hug can be to someone hurting . I really felt that when he asked.

  29. The whole time watching all I could think was that man needs a fucking hug. Not a buddy hug either. The type a parent gives. The type that you feel in your soul. Really glad to see the officer reel him in at the end.

  30. Nah a real good buddy hug. You latch on tight and you don't let go until they do. Bear hugs are some of the most calming hugs in the world from another dude when you just need a hug as a man.

  31. I wish there was a volunteer opportunity just to give hugs to vets. That was one of the saddest things I've heard in quite some time

  32. And those activist fkers wanted to flood the va hotline the other day for their stupid agenda, when there are veterans that actually need the service. Hope this brother is getting the support/help he needs and deserves. Same to everyone that may see this, please seek help if you're going through something overwhelming, there's no shame in being vulnerable and leaning on another person in times of need. You are not a bother or a nuisance, there are 10 times more people that want to help than the people that don't.

  33. They probably took this guy to a mental hospital for a 72hr hold too. They did the same thing with me when I went through this. And I had to pay part of the ambulance cost because my insurance didn't cover the whole $5000....

  34. Hey Marine, former USMC recon officer here. I completed my Masters in Psychology/marriage counseling while on active duty. I volunteer at the VA Los Angeles…it’s the least I can do for my military veteran brothers and sisters. Would never consider collecting a fee from a Vet. Thanks for your service and Semper Fi.

  35. Seriously, imagine if this cop came up there with the same kind of shitty attitude that so many other cops have. Like imagine if he walked up to the window and just immediately started barking for his ID and demanding for him to "calm down", then started interrogating him if he'd been drinking or has drugs without even asking why he's so upset, and then eventually tackling him to the ground and forcefully arresting him "resisting arrest".

  36. My husband is a veteran and has called the suicide prevention hotline many times. I wish that he could get the medical and mental help he needs. Instead we are going to be homeless in 7 days because the VA didn't do their job and contact his employer while he was hospitalized.

  37. Reach out to your congressman, hell just work your way down the list for your state, and if you can’t get one on the line, work backwards for the states any congressman for your state where he’s been stationed until one of them commit to helping. It’s their job to help you all and I have seen how fast the VA responds to a Congressional escalation.

  38. Best example of how to engage, question, calm, stay safe with and serve a veteran (or anyone likely to be burdened with ptsd) I’ve encountered. Thank you for posting this. And thank you to this officer.

  39. It’s terrible. Surely, people are feeling depression and suicidal solely because of their financial situation. Then if they want to seek help, that’s another expense they probably can’t afford and that piles on to the belief that they’ll never get ahead and are maybe better off dead.

  40. Heart breaking to hear the pain this man is in. I hope he got the help he desperately deserved; and on our dollar, in thanks for his service. Thank goodness this police officer responded appropriately to this mental health crisis.

  41. I haven't been in the Marines long, but I knew 3 guys that took their own lives. There are alot of us that are barely hanging by the seams. Please if you know anyone help them out

  42. This officer needs recognition. This is the perfect example of how to handle someone who is mentally ill or is experiencing a mental health crisis.

  43. This isn’t a public freak out. This is a mental health crisis. And I respect the officer for his candor and showing of what seems to be deep empathy. Get this off of here

  44. This is a cop I can get behind. I hope he’s a father. He seems like a unicorn cop. Often talked about, rarely seen.

  45. When I was 15, I had a major suicide attempt that was one of many. But this one was different. The first responding officer asked my name and age- which I told him- then went back into the hall to tell my folks I was being defiant and that he was going to have to taze me. His CPL heard the call and showed up almost instantly. She sat with me for two and a half hours, just chatting with me and distracting me until I finally gave her the razor blade. She personally took me to the ER, stayed with me through surgery to reconnect some tendons and ligaments I sliced through (ended up being a much more involved surgery than anticipated due to an at-the-time undiagnosed collagen disease), and stayed by my side until I was transported to a psychiatric facility. Her shift ended a half hour after we got to the hospital. Another officer was there to take over for her but she refused. She chose to sit with this pathetic, useless, waste of space, depressed girl despite the fact that her work day was technically done. Thank you CPL Négro for being there for me. And thank you Kyle for being there for this vet.

  46. Thank you Officer. "Can I have a hug?" Hit me real hard as a man who suffers with similar issues. Havin another man be compassionate like that is one of the biggest releifs I've experienced in similar situations.

  47. This poor man. I can’t even imagine what is going through his head. He served his country, probably in a selfish “war” and he’s worried about the cost of an ambulance.

  48. I have nothing but contempt for the institution of policing in America, but this officer demonstrates what they are capable of becoming.

  49. This is officially the saddest thing I've seen on this site/app, there's death and that stuff but "can I have a hug" made me tear up

  50. Oh my f god it’s so depressing that his first thought about the ambulance is that he can’t afford it. That’s fucked up and on top of that he served in the military it’s a shame for a country who’s all about patriotism

  51. Poor guy. Fuck the military, seriously. Young folk trained to murder other young folk they don't know in the name of "national security". If you dont end up dead you end up getting chewed up and spat out by a system that doesn't care for them once you're no longer "useful". More vets die of suicide than they do in the battlefield.

  52. The fact that any vet has to ever worry about the cost of any kind of care, ever, is a disgrace. They should never have to pay for Healthcare or any type of social service again in their lives. One of the greatest portions of US tax dollars goes to the defense budget. Maybe instead of using all of it to pay out 3rd party contractors for weapons and consulting at inflated rates, they could use it to care for their troops during and after their service.

  53. This is so fucking heavy. I can’t imagine being in that situation and still having to think “ah fuck an ambulance is gonna cost a bomb” America is so fucking weird.

  54. Jesus, I’m glad a good man found him. I hope he’s doing better, and I hope the police hire more guys with empathy like this one.

  55. The things he’s seen would probably cause me to call a suicide hotline too. I hope he gets all the help and hugs he needs. Good cop

  56. that’s the picture of America more people need to wake up too. worried about healthcare costs in that situation. poor guy. our vets deserve better. our people deserve better. great job officer.

  57. Iv been threw this. For him to break down so far it has to be bad. What can get better though. Getting out of the hospital and you still end up in the same hole. I hope it wasnt the same when he left the hospital. That some issues that brought him down clear up. Any dept gone away and a new start with a job tht pays for all his needs. I hope he can live and not servive. The cop was amazing nd i hope hugged the guy till the ambulance came. Shame on those in power leaving those who fought for us in such a horrible state. He shouldnt have to worry about anything he needs being vet.

  58. I called the hotline once and in the middle of breaking down I heard the woman on the line listening to youtube videos, I thought the whole thing was so funny I forgot why I even called

  59. I kind of want to see more of this clip. I’m biased towards police as a vet with some of those issues. To see how he handled it sorta melted the ice in my heart a little bit

  60. OP is mindless and heartless. The “man have a break down” is a soldier struggling with suicide. This is heartbreaking to watch.

  61. More cops like this one please. Having been that low I can say it’s scary, lonely and just flat out heartbreaking. Hope he’s doing better.

  62. Tbf a ton of first responders have ptsd and get it. Sometimes you just need a little bit more help. Props for the cops reaction though.

  63. Wow this is one of those videos that'll stay with you for a long time! I hope this man got and is continuing to receive the help he needs!! We send these boys/men to War to protect our country and they get back with so many mental and physical wounds & have to worry about Not being able to afford an Ambulance ride while they're having a Mental health Crisis!

  64. “Can I have a hug?” Like he had to go that far to get an oz of love from someone. Absolutely heartbreaking.

  65. All the shit we see. All the rage, anger, and distrust of law enforcement personnel it’s good to see there are still some that are true public servants. This man just did his job, and we have departed so far that it’s seen as a rare quality. Raw empathy, true care for his fellow man.

  66. The entire video I was thinking how bad I wished I could hug this guy. The ending made me sigh in relief. 💔

  67. Does this really belong here? I usually think of the videos being posted here are things we can laugh at as people are being ridiculous. This is just sad and I don't like that it's being passed around.

  68. This video right here should say enough about the problems vet face since its after deployment and they are home. This is why we need to extend a hand to them when we can and however we can. I know many have mixed opinions but tbh this isnt just a give situation, its a give and take. We take them for granted. We take their sacrifice and cant or never would make that same sacrifice. We take advantage of them by hating on them for literally keeping safe and allowing us to same and do the dumb shit we do daily. The least we can do is give them a place to stay and food to eat. Yes some get so far gone they only seek to inflict their pain in others but thats only a few in the bunch and shouldnt stop us from helping our vets.

  69. ....this is so heartbreaking. In a moment as dark as that was for him, he was worried about the hospital bill.... Jesus. That should say everything about our Healthcare system right there.

  70. This is what all the hooray patriots should have to watch when they are having a raging boner for the next war…

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