Train Hits Cop Car with Handcuffed Woman Inside

  1. "The driver of the train was weaving all over the tracks before he struck our patrol vehicle, likely intoxicated. We placed him under arrest but he resisted so we had to beat the shit out of him. This was done by the book and we have determined it requires no further review."

  2. Great idea! Like what if we section off specified "train only" pathways? We could even put safety lights and maybe some type of horn on the train? That way people who didn't even know about the train pathway could see and hear the train coming. That could save thousands of lives! Genius idea

  3. Trains are really unpredictable. Even in the middle of a forest two rails can appear out of nowhere, and a 1.5-mile fully loaded coal drag, heading east out of the low-sulfur mines of the PRB, will be right on your ass the next moment.

  4. Those cops did nothing to save the woman inside the car. Trains normally have a schedule they follow which I'm sure the cops knew after a year or two on the job. Looks like attempted murder/murder to me. Acab

  5. Police have difficulty doing things like, stopping a school full of children being shot, so train paths are too much for them

  6. Notice how that saying doesn’t say who they “serve and protect.” Is it themselves? The state? We can tell it definitely isn’t the “common good.”

  7. I wanna get those magnetic signs you can put on cars and have them say “to shoot and harass” and correct the police cruisers in my town

  8. Probably drove to the next train stop to shoot the conductor and engineer to death too for feeling as if their lives had been in danger.

  9. I love that they reported a medical emergency. Suspect was hit by a train… nah, y’all killed the suspect. Also, the tracks vibrate and make a weird noise when I train is getting close.

  10. According to the Supreme Court, that is not their job. Their job is to uphold the letter of the law, not protect you. So, according to them, it's that woman's own fault she was in the back of the cruiser that got hit.

  11. This was on purpose, or they are the dumbest cops in the fucking world. Either way it's a homicide, or manslaughter. Throw them all in jail for a long ass time.

  12. All the brain power in the world…push it off the tracks with another car if you absolutely HAD to park on the freaking tracks (which they didn’t) what on earth did I just watch.

  13. Fuck man. Imagine the conductor of that train getting out and just realizing you accidentally killed someone because of others incompetence. I’d fucking rip these dudes a new fucking asshole.

  14. because cops are too stupid to understand that their lights on their tiny scrap of metal doesn't overwrite laws of physics

  15. Because pigs are already too fucking stupid to know the difference between a taser and a gun, how to de-escalate literally any situation without killing someone, keep themselves from blasting up a residence in a no knock warrant, easily take down a single shooter who is gunning down literal children because doors or some random bullshit excuse, and… well the list goes on.

  16. Cause they are US cops and they think the complete world rotates around them. Those people should be put in prison not in a police station.

  17. The woman they arrested was a 20 year old Latina. That cop couldn't have walked any more slowly after the train hit. A news article has a tweet update and she is alive but has serious injuries and she has already gotten an attorney to sue. I swear, I think US cops have to be the dumbest on the planet something. Tweet:

  18. If they aren't smart enough to not park on a train track then they shouldn't be carrying guns or be given control of detaining citizens. Murderous stupid. Hope they loose everything.

  19. Crazy thing is, is that there were plenty of cops there and not a single one had the wherewithal to say "hey y'all. Maybe we should move our vehicles off the tracks. Im not sure about you but ive always been told not to stop on the tracks."

  20. It takes longer to become a barber than it does to become a cop. That's a fact. What's annoying is everyone has to pay taxes not only to pay their salaries but to pay this woman all the money she's going to get for these idiots being idiots.

  21. Don't forget the time that a hurricane was coming through (NC, I think?) And the coppers transported prisoners away for their safety, only to get swept away by flood waters. The cops in the front swam away. The prisoners, handcuffed in the back, weren't so lucky and drowned.

  22. I remember that. It must have felt insane to those guys. I can’t even imagine because you think you’re being somewhat protected or have rights to human safety. I would think they would constantly have been thinking someone was coming to help.

  23. That was South Carolina, which is (according to Jon Stewart) "the fourth best Carolina - putting it behind North Carolina and two other Carolinas that don't exist".

  24. One of the cops was placed on administrative leave. Why in the world would you stop the vehicle on the train tracks?? They stopped her to investigate a road rage incident involving a firearm. Well did they find a gun? My bet is they didn’t since they would’ve released that info immediately to justify (mental gymnastics) their negligence. Luckily she survived.

  25. Fire with a do not hire. Every. Single. One. For flat incompetence. They literally could had secured the suspect in any one of the patrol vehicles not disabled on the tracks.

  26. Not to be morbid, but I don’t know that I would wanna survive that. The news is reporting she was severely injured. When I see that crash, my brain says: at a minimum a lifetime of pain, but more likely paralysis of some type, brain injury, organ trauma, crushed bones, and maybe limb loss - that poor woman is in for a lifetime of hurt because cops are too fucking negligent and stupid to not put a living human in a locked car on train tracks - FFS, young children know better, but these assholes w IQs < a toddler get military equipment and are released on the public.

  27. I thought the exact same thing and looked it up. They left her in the back of the pig mobile while they searched her truck and found nothing. They were discussing the possibility of her ditching the supposed gun out the window while the train was approaching. They found no evidence whatsoever of this being the “suspected road rager”.

  28. Tomorrows headline, “Train driver charged with attempted murder of 7 police officers and destruction of government property. “

  29. Can you imagine being stuck in that car, with plenty of people around you, yet no one lifts a finger to help you! Waiting for the inevitable.

  30. Being trapped in there, watching that train barrelling down on you, knowing you're moments away from near certain death. The people who locked you in there just standing around acting like they don't see the danger until it's too late. The sheer incompetence of these police make me sick to my stomach. The woman miraculously survived but with lifelong issues both physical and mental no doubt.

  31. Please spread this around. Insurance only stops this invasion of knuckleheads in the police force. Happy to discuss and add changes as people see fit.

  32. Holy shit, she actually survived and is expected to live. Although it didn’t state the extent of her most inevitable, permanent injuries. Can we say: lawsuit? She is only 20 years old too, that’s a lifetime to go of pain & suffering. Imagine the PTSD you’d have after that? 🥶

  33. She sustained a head injury, broken arm, fractured sternum, nine broken ribs, broken teeth and injuries to her back and legs, Wilkinson said. She is conscious, able to speak and has been able to stand briefly. Her recovery will be long, Wilkinson said, but medical staff is hopeful she can leave the hospital sometime next week when she regains more mobility.

  34. "A Platteville police officer stopped Rios-Gonzalez's car just past a set of railroad tracks and parked the patrol vehicle on the crossing." WTF!?

  35. “The Denver Post reported Monday that the Platteville Police Department had placed one of the officers involved on paid administrative leave. Police Chief Carl Dwyer, in an email to the newspaper, didn't disclose the officer's name and declined to answer other questions about the traffic stop and crash.”

  36. Those cops are screwed, not only will it be the woman. The train company will get involved, then the NTSB. So many different federal and state fines. The suspect will get a payday easily. Cops are dumb as shit.

  37. The way the article was worded made it sound bias as hell. "They put her in the cruiser then went to search her car to make sure no one else was inside. Within seconds the cruiser was struck." That train was blasting probably for a good thirty seconds telling them to fucking move before it hit, only when it was right on top of them were they in a hurry. This was pure stupidity and neglegens.

  38. "the train should have complied, we're arresting the conductor for interfering in a police investigation"

  39. When given a dumbed down version of the trolley problem, American officers choose to simply let the victim get hit.

  40. Train should have sounded its horn so they knew it was coming. Oh wait.. my sound was off. Yep... just regular negligence by the police.

  41. Horn or not what the fuck were they doing on the tracks. Any first grader could tell you that's fucking stupid as hell. This looks to me like a purposeful attempt to kill this woman and make it look "accidental". These fucks need to be in prison.

  42. Murder charge and tack on a reckless endangerment charge for every person on that train whose lives they also put at risk. These cops should rot for the rest of their lives. Honestly even if you could without a doubt prove it was an accident they should be locked up regardless to keep anyone that stupid from harming the general public again

  43. Mannn this seems like a hit. How TF would they not know the train was coming... why would they stop on the tracks, if it is pure negligence they all need to be fired

  44. She starts yelling over the train horn before she acknowledges the incoming hit... There's a lot of stuff here that doesn't seem right

  45. I recently saw a video where cops tried evicting residents of the wrong house. The numbers on the front of the building. These piglets can't even read numbers. Everything about them screams negligence

  46. I’m not stoking conspiracy theories as they very well could just be fucking idiots, but the article also says the video provided was clearly edited, so once more for those in the back FUCK THE POLICE.

  47. The fact that you only need a high school diploma and a few months training to become one of these dumb pieces of shit is widely overlooked.

  48. CO has a state police certification board now so they will most likely revoke this guy’s cert and he will end up being a moron with a gun in Florida or Mississippi

  49. They literally moved the other cruisers off the tracks, just not the ONLY ONE with a person in it. This is more than negligence, but we all know nothing is changing any time soon

  50. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation says Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, of Greeley, remained hospitalized Monday with serious bodily injuries sustained in the crash. She is expected to survive.

  51. Trains are really unpredictable. Even in the middle of a forest two rails can appear out of nowhere, and a 1.5-mile fully loaded coal drag, heading east out of the low-sulfur mines of the PRB, will be right on your ass the next moment.

  52. In my 20 years of driving, I have never once parked on train tracks and have never had a vehicle I operated struck by a train.

  53. I can't help but think this incident will save lives. Those police officers showed no situational awareness at all.

  54. Modern cameras have quickly taught us that a surprising proportion of cops are sadists, bullies, racists (all data shows this) and CONSUMATE FUCK-UPS.

  55. If you're enough of a fucking idiot to park your car on train tracks, you shouldn't be allowed to be a cop, let alone have a car.

  56. Charge all those fucking pigs with manslaughter wtf dude! If I’m at work and don’t take safety measures I get fucking fired and charged if I hurt some one. Shitty ass cops I hate them!!

  57. According to the article some of the officers didn’t even realize she was in the car when the train hit??? How unorganized do you have to be?!?

  58. This is what happens when you prefer to fill your roster with with the C- students that peaked in high school

  59. I used to live in this county. I currently have legal cases there. The cops in weld county are all horrible. Greeley, Loveland, Ault, Platteville...

  60. this is why i hate cops. even when theyre genuinely just doing their job, they always feel like theyre better than everyone and can just stop their cars anywhere they like. yesterday i saw some cops questioning a homeless man on the sidewalk and they chose to park their car in the middle of oncoming traffic, totally blocking the entire right lane of the road just because they can. acab.

  61. I have to go to the county courthouse everyday for work. Police have a small parking lot inside a gated area, and one entire side of the building for parking. There are 2 total spots for media(that is with 4 TV stations and 2 major newspapers) in my city. Those spots however are closer to the entrance. EVERY FUCKING MORNING THE TWO MEDIA SPOTS HAVE FUCKING COP CARS IN THEM. So I have to pay to park a block away, and if I want to get reimbursed from the company, fill out the three page thing, that has a fucking essay section. Simple enough to say most weeks I have to eat the 20 bucks(4 dollars a day), because cops are lazy pieces of shit.

  62. There was a video here a few weeks ago where some cops stopped for a homeless man who was panhandling in the median (illegal in whatever city it was). They claimed he was interfering with traffic whilst they had like five cruisers show up and proceed to block the entire intersection. In the end they let his dog run off and get ran over and brought about 20 cops out to completely block all traffic. ACAB

  63. These days they will give anyone a gun and a badge. They were high on adrenaline looking for goodies in the vehicle. No concern for the woman's safety. No empathy whatsoever.

  64. The longer video shows them pulling a gun on this person because they didn't stop their car immediately. They pull up on the tracks and take cover behind the door with weapons drawn. She complies and they cuff her. Her vehicle was flagged for road rage. The first video is them searching her car.

  65. Fascinating how two "officers" were standing there chatting while the train was bearing down on them, totally ignoring it.

  66. That woman is gonna win a shit ton of money. Unfortunately, its gonna be the taxpayers footing the bill.

  67. First of all so glad she survived. I hope her and the railroad destroy those officers careers and get a huge settlement

  68. I’m a nurse. A nurse I work with got fired last Thursday on the spot for jeopardizing the safety of a patient. Which should have absolutely happened.

  69. How the fuck are they hearing this train, seeing the light from the train, and being on train tracks but not taking a second to look or think “there’s a train coming”? This is beyond stupidity

  70. The worst part is, the cop that parked his car there was put on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE. The woman in the car is expected to survive but with a lot of injuries including brain damage. This is absolutely fucking unacceptable. That cop should be fired and charged. It is literally part of EVERY SINGLE DRIVING 101 LESSON NOT TO STOP ON A TRAIN TRACK.

  71. we need to push politicians to demilitarize the police, end war on drugs, have civilian oversite boards and get rod if qualified immunity.

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