Iranian men beating morality police who came to break up women's march calling for freedom. (New footage from today)

  1. Coming to America soon if those loony toon’s MaGaTs get their way. Yesterday one of those fine upstanding Christian Nationalist politicians said religion should have power over our government not government having power over religion.

  2. I mean the ideology behind justifying hijab is also kinda dehumanising for men, as it says that men are just bunch of animals who would go on to rape anyone without hijab.

  3. They're probably thinking about their sisters, mothers, daughters who might be taken by these thugs and beaten to death because of some bullshit like improperly wearing a hijab.

  4. Thank god YES they are supporting. But i should let you guys that there ARE such rules for MEN, which morality police decided. Not as stirict as it is for we woman, but we all IRANIAN, BOY OR GIRL, YOUNG OR OLD, STRAIGHT OR GAY, WE DONT WANT THIS REGIME.

  5. I had such a shit feeling towards men today. I went for a run and some old crusty guy on his motorcycle STOPPED in the middle of the road to leer at me and look me up and down. And some guy in my nursing school was looking through his phone in class and I could see he screen-grabbed a bunch of girls’ Facebook and IG pics, and idk, I just felt disgusted.

  6. I live for shit like this. During the BLM protests, there were times when white protestors were shielding black protestors and it just makes you feel so good to see people who don't have to risk anything putting themselves at risk.

  7. Its now or never. There's more sane people in Iran than the pigs or fucked-in-the-head religious nuts. They can overpower them if everyone rises up

  8. Hey, just wanted to say that it doesn’t need to be related back to family ties. Many of these men are fighting in solidarity because it’s the right thing to do; we don’t need to tie it to sister, mothers, etc. Women are people and that should be reason enough to fight their oppression.

  9. I've never met an average Iranian man who supported or insisted their women wear a head cover. I only see it from their leaders and clerics who harass women.

  10. Persians have always had a very distinctively different cultural relationship with Islam than basically all of its Arabic and surrounding neighbors. The last few decades of leadership there may make people think otherwise.

  11. My best friend growing up was Iranian his father was a devout Muslim and his mother was an atheist she never wore any headdress and they lived very happily together.

  12. I used to take dance classes and one of the other regular students was an older Iranian man. He asked me after class once how I knew so much about Iran (I must have said something that made him think that - I couldn't remember what then or now): do I have Iranian family members or did I ever have a Persian girlfriend, etc.

  13. I also never met any Iranian, but if you live in the West, it’s likely you’d meet people who aren’t very religious to begin with, no?

  14. Think about all the problems their country faces,all the time they could spend focusing on such problems,keeping their citizens content and happy,but they spend their time enforcing laws on women to wear the hijab according their standards. Mullahs of Iran are their own worst enemy.Edit,I they been to Iran numerous times as I belong to the shia sect of Islam,many women there do not cover their hair the way the clerics want them too and do roam around like that,unfortunately,you will get cases every now and then where this so called morality police will nothing better to do but harass women who don’t meet their hijab standards. It is entirely their fault and they are now reaping what they sow.

  15. You mean like the American Taliban who are focussed on controlling womens' reproductive organs more than anything else? Hm. There might be a pattern here.

  16. What kind of God creates something beautiful and then expects it to be covered up? It was made to be shown, seen and loved just the way it is.

  17. Almost like the US conservatives who are doing everything they can to strip anyone not white, cis, hetero of rights.

  18. Oh look, the morality police can stand up to lonely women, but now men get involved they get their asses handed to them, the fucking cowards… running like the little bitches they are…

  19. Someone tell the folks at the state department to stay the fuck out of it this time around. We don't want another repeat of the 1970s.

  20. They want to sell weapons to Saudia Arabia, so for Iran to become democratic again (and not a threat), would not be good for them. The nuclear deal was thrown away even though Iran was complying.

  21. how do you come to this conclusion? they are vile scum but im quite sure most of them get married very young so that they dont sin (dont have sex outside marriage). again they are horrible and despicable assholes. but there is no need to invent stuff.

  22. Honestly, I am surprised ANY footage is getting out of Iran. I hate to say it, but mark my words, the country’s internet will go dark for 10 days to two weeks and there will be hundreds, if not thousands of people “disappeared” with not a single word mentioned on State TV.

  23. I really hope this takes Iran back to an era of peace and prosperity within. Without outside interference of course!

  24. In the same way that Beverley Hills represents all American lifestyle in 2022. Most of the country was Afghanistan tier and it's poorly documented because they couldn't afford cameras and average people were illiterate.

  25. Yes the Iranian revolution overthrew the Shah who had been working to Westernize Iran and replaced it with a theocratic republic, basically a pseudo democracy where the leadership will always be conservative Muslim. The Shah was an authoritarian but got along with the West and did a lot to bring Iran into the 20th century.

  26. Genuinely warming my heart that there are hundreds of men out there that will selflessly fight for women’s rights. Just sad that the price of freedom is bloodshed..

  27. Commenting from Iran, most of the country is on heavily restricted internet, they are shooting protests with real ammunition and uploading anything would put us in high risk of being caught. These messages, videos, us being heard and supported makes my heart melt. Thanks for being our voice, please keep sharing. We stand by our rights, we fight for freedom.

  28. I dont get why other social media platforms aren't highlighting this issue. There's barely any coverage on Iran on Instagram or Twitter and those apps are usually filled with outspoken activists. It's really odd. Either way, it's great to see the citizens of Iran supporting each other, may the Iranian government rot in a ditch.

  29. This gives me so much hope. Iran was once incredibly metropolitan. They were the first country to allow women to vote, had women in virtually all professions, until the west helped install a theocracy to try and get cheap oil. I wish they could return to the state they were in before their freedoms were squashed by religious extremists in government.

  30. As a deeply religious person myself, nothing brings me greater elation that seeing someone beat up a religious enforcer. Morality police are the anti-belief. If you need police to enforce your beliefs, they're not beliefs anymore.

  31. Iran is a good example as why religion and government does not work well together, theocracy is fancy name for Tyranny and any government using religion as a way to control should be squashed. I hope the women of Iran can do something about it!

  32. I'm so happy to see people fighting for their rights. I hope they finally win and can build back up what was taken from them.

  33. Please show me more of this!! The men of Iran actually supporting the women and not beating them in public because she chose to take off her hijab!

  34. The videos of these morality police getting their taste of real power. Are some of the best justice porn I have seen in several years.

  35. Let's not forget that a political movement in the US is actively taking us back to what Iran is fighting against right now. This is far closer to home than most of you realize.

  36. Guys pls the best thing you can do is share stuff like this everywhere. The government shut down the internet so they can kill my ppl without the outside world seeing it. It has been like this since ever. Im 23 and i don't know my country different. West media barely talks about the mass murders in iran and it always has been like that. Pleaseee help us get rid of this murderous regime once and for all. Remember the iran of 60-70 years ago. Do it for humanity or this will happen more and more everywhere around the world.

  37. Actually, Iran used to be secular and women had rights and they did not have to wear hijabs. And the last time the US got involved in their country, everything went downhill. I'm talking about the coup of 1953 in which the CIA took down the democratically elected leader of Iran in favor of a monarchy because that leader wanted to nationalize Iranian oil and stop the US and the UK from taking their resources. Iranians have been losing rights since then. Eventually, an Islamic state took over and things got worse.

  38. It would take something that is ludicrously evil to move most of the US and that's if people believed it.

  39. How the fuck is Iran looking more progressive then the IS right now, they’re fighting for real, good change and then there’s fuckers in the US marching to create the theocratic states of America (which ti be fair, many people that March for that stuff probably don’t even know what that word means)

  40. They need to get rid of islam. as an Iranian myself I know are true history and we were forced by Arabs to become Muslim. Before the Arabs invaded Iran we were Zoroastrian. Look at every other country that follows islam and you’ll notice how they are all 3rd world countries in constant chaos due to this barbarian religion.

  41. I’m glad some men are standing with them. I’m sure some of them hate to see their mothers and sisters and future daughters hurt because of these “laws”

  42. It’s going to get very ugly. And that’s so sad for the Iranian people. Their government thinks that they have god on their side. Theres no comprise with zealots. Not a dig against any religion in particular. The US has their problems now too. All religions are fairy tale nonsense.

  43. I think Iranian government will fall. It cannot give too much freedom without losing power, therefore it will become stricter on how it applies it's laws, the force of the state onto the will of the people and therefore the people will react

  44. The younger generation of Iranian men are just as liberal as any of us. Must have felt like a huge shock to the government when this happened

  45. Why did they decide now was the time? Surely the death of someone to the police isn’t a new or uncommon occurrence

  46. Pretty sure this men has moms, sisters, female family members and friends and saw how much they are going through and went through in the past, they just want to protect them and stand up for them. Mad respect for those men

  47. Here’s a thing I’ve noted over the years. Whatever happens in Iranian popular culture tends to happen here in the US a few months later.

  48. It's about fking time. Watching females get murdered and beaten over there is ridiculous. Good job ladies and gentlemen. You guys should pull them in a van and then whip them all.

  49. Imagine being called the mortality police and killing a woman over some stupid shite. Where is the morality in that? Fuck these arseholes! Seriously.

  50. Its wild seeing a country full of people with actual courage stand up to their oppressors while at the same time watching russians be such cowards.

  51. It's amazing that the men in iran are uniting with the women in other protests i have definitely seen men but not compared to this. I hope she's looking down at us knowing her death is not in vain.

  52. This is simply the Government using religion to oppress their citizens. This is an example of what Christian extremist would do in the United States if they could.

  53. Hi I'm a man in the USA who just cried with joy at seeing this. I am so happy that these men are standing up for women because they know that they are being treated with injustice. This is good, very good.

  54. They finally realized their power as a mass / mob. Too bad the West doesn’t learn from this and keeps taking it in the ass by the ruling / elite class.

  55. Iran got alot more real man,than media show us West. You must be proud, defending youre woman no matter the beliefs.

  56. America, please take a look at your religious conservative future. 1. Stigmatize protests as if they are all riots. 2. Start fake culture war insenuating everyone is out to erase white people and christians. 3. Start pushing conservative values as if they are inherently American. 4. Promote elected officials that support are more conservative view. 5. Capitalize on the masses not paying attention that their religion is being used as a Trojan horse for fascism.

  57. It's really such a beautiful thing to have the men step up to aid women when they are being (literally) beaten down by oppression. Bless the boys out there throwing stones for whats right, and bless the women who will never stop fighting for their freedom.

  58. Very grateful for the men supporting and protecting these women. They can see that this also effects the people they love and care for, we all have to support eachother in the best way we can.

  59. This is brave and this is fine, but are they willing to die for this cause? Because that’s what it will take. Countless martyrs fighting against a bullshit regime that stands for nothing. Will sanity prevail? I prey for these individuals, the protesters and may God join in their fight against these vile human rights violators.

  60. In an ultra conservative country like Iran I figured women would be the only ones protesting. But seeing men and women supporting each other for a good goal is so awesome. Best wishes to the protestors! Down with the Iranian regime! Freedom for all!

  61. As an atheist, I find it amusing at how acceptable it’s become to shit on Christianity and all it’s followers but it’s only just recently become somewhat acceptable to dump on Islam. Seems like a couple years ago, it was racist to speak down on the Islamic faith and it’s people.

  62. Well 9/11 kind of gave birth to an explosion of actual racism, but as that goes further in the past, people are seeing that this is about religion, not race. They choose these beliefs.

  63. Most of the protestors are Muslim lmao this isn't a protest against religion it's a protest against the heavy-handed mandate of the morality police. Sorry, no one's accepting your islamophobia!

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