The Irish celebrating the Queen's death

  1. Not to mention that the Irish have literally 1000 years of beef personally against the British royal family.

  2. Nah man we will never experience the same level of euphoria again compared to what Thatchers death

  3. Most Irish are fairly apathetic to the Queen’s death. Some are sad that she’s gone, and some, like those in the video, are using the occasion for a laugh.

  4. Why does anyone like her in the first place? She was born into her position and her family just eats money while others truly need it.

  5. The atrocities this family and the British empire they ruled committed Are almost unparalleled in history and yet the brits, along with many globally, still obsess over them. Disgusting. I bet this whole family views the citizens, global common folk too, as nothing more than pee-ons behind closed doors. British need to muster up some self respect and do their self and the rest of the world a favor by letting the last remnants of their imperialist glory days die off with her.

  6. The English make chants out of everything, and chant everywhere. American's chants are incredibly dull and lack creativity. When they try to emulate English chants at soccer games, they lack the ability to even sing in tune or unison. Look up some football vs soccer fan videos. Hilarious how bad the yanks are at it.

  7. Ottoman Sultan, Khaleefah Abdul-Majid I, declared his intention to send £10,000 to aid Ireland's farmers during Potato famine. However, Queen Victoria intervened and requested that the Sultan send only £1,000 because she had sent only £2,000 herself.

  8. We actually don’t really. It’s Westminster we really hate. She came here for the first time only a few years ago despite being a 40 minute flight from London. Think she visited almost every other country in the world. She was very welcomed and in fact, many of the Royal family visit unofficially as some of the dukes still have property here. And no one really cares. Shame how the world perceives Ireland/Uk relations. These lads are Shamrock Rovers fans. Absolute scumbags.

  9. I've downvoted hard for saying this and we're definitely happy rn. But, ppl don't care about Natives. Reddit hive mind has proven that.

  10. For over 700 years. I'd say I'd have nothing against her personally, but her son was a pedo and she paid to keep him out of trouble. She also awarded a British soldier with medals after his involvement in murdering innocent Irish civilians, doubt she knew, but doubt she'd care. I love my British friends and I always get on great with the ones I meet too, it's the monarchy and their ruling class that seem to stain their reputation. The Brits are lovely people all in all though.

  11. Ah yea so lets judge other brits for what brits in the past did. Definetly a healty mindset to have

  12. I’m going to Ireland next month and asked about attending a football match. Everyone said to skip it cuz Ireland’s football league isn’t that good and the fans don’t get very into it which I found odd. This looks like they are very into it

  13. GAA would likely be better. You'll follow what's happening easy enough, get the ball down the pitch, score. You'll get the odd fight if you're lucky. Bit of culture, loads of craic.

  14. Please be respectful when talking about the Queen. She was a head of state, a monarch, a mother to multiple pedophiles and most importantly a devoted cousin to her husband.

  15. You got me in the first half NGL, I forsee "the witch is dead" reaching number 1 again in the radio in the next days.

  16. Make sure to explain that to all the Americans mourning the queen’s death today while happily throwing a giant middle finger to the Union Jack every Fourth of July.

  17. British monarchy is easily the most globally damaging institution to ever exist. The atrocities this family and the British empire they ruled Committed are unparalleled in history and yet the brits still obsess over them. I bet this whole family views the citizens and the rest of the global common folk as nothing more than pee-ons behind closed doors. British need to muster up some self respect and do their self and the rest of the world a favor by letting the last remnants of their imperialist glory days die off with her.

  18. Let's not pretend Scotland are innocent in all this. A large large percentage of Scots still support the monarchy.

  19. Mate, you’re just as bad as the English… It’s hilarious seeing the Scots coming out as if they’re completely innocent just to get back at the English. It’s pathetic really.

  20. She's the Scot's queen as well, and you are accountable as the English for the crimes in the past committed by the Monarchy.

  21. I'm gonna get downvoted, but I truly don't know why everyone's so hung up by a MONARCH. I thought we celebrate democracy and whatnot. Isn't a freaking queen a bit anachronic? Like I get that "she led the country with grace" but the fact that the UK is led by a monarch and people all around celebrate her is just so bizarre to me.

  22. You do know the queen didn't rule England right? We have a democracy exactly the same as America, the Queen had basically no powers, she was literally just a figurehead for traditional reasons effectively, also the Royal family generates an estimated 2+ billion for the UK economy

  23. One time on reddit I got down voted to oblivion for asking if Ireland still held a grudge against the English to this day...question answered i guess

  24. Well atleast they have some spine. Unlike the brown sepoys here in India who are genuinely mourning the death of person whose family absolutely ruined the native culture. Kudos Irish people 🇮🇪

  25. If you’re referring to Northern Ireland, it’s not against their will. They voted to remain part of the UK in a referendum in 1973 (although the Irish Nationalists refused to participate in the vote), and there are provisions in the Good Friday Agreement and UK law that trigger another referendum if it looks likely that a majority would be in favour of Irish reunification. Polling consistently shows a majority want to remain part of the UK for now though.

  26. Yeah it's incredibly cringe. You can dislike the monarchy, like I do, but celebrating someones death is just in bad taste.

  27. May I just add they’re a small selection of Irish people. I didn’t cheer upon her death, I think it’s quite sad that she has died. I hold no ill feelings towards the English.

  28. Here's a video of an Irish professor contextualizing British colonialism of Ireland with a comparison of ongoing Israeli colonialism in Palestine.

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