Cop punches handcuffed woman

  1. I'll never forget watching Judge Dredd for the first time and hearing Stalone say "I AM DA LAW". I think most cops feel that way inside. That if they all missed work tomorrow, society would immediately devolve into chaos till they strapped on their cape and when out there to restore order.

  2. She got charged with assault on a police officer for “kicking his thigh” and he got put on paid leave lmao

  3. Fucking assholes, and they wonder why there is such a disconnect. They always want you to be calm, who the fugg is gonna be calm when they are literally hitting you while handcuffed. Id bet the officer will deny it happened.

  4. But but they employ that one white cop who uses all those little black kids as props in this tiktoks to make him seem fun and cool

  5. It's a natural reaction to defend yourself from getting choked and manhandled. I think it's impossible to not resist when three assholes are ragdolling the shit out of you.

  6. That “good cop” watched a man punch a restrained woman in the face. Why did he not arrest that man immediately for assault? Oh right, cause it is another cop. No good cops in this video.

  7. Also the history of police shows why black people in America would try to evade police and a lot the time when people are trying to fight the cops they are on drugs or are mentally ill so responding with more violence is just escalation with could just end with death (probably not the cop)

  8. i mean if shes resisting enough that they cant handle her, use that device called a taser. you know, that stun gun meant to stop people resisting arrest?

  9. “After an internal investigation we found no issues with the officers behaviors. The recorded footage from the civilian’s phone does not capture the full scope of the interaction between the officers and the suspect being detained.”

  10. just another isolated incident out of the hundreds of police incidents that get posted on this thread every month. and those are just the ones that actually get recorded and make it to reddit.

  11. Yeah in generally any guy would be enraged and reactive if they don't get crippled after they get kicked in the nuts. She should have gotten another battery charge in an ideal world but i get why he reacted to her violence with his own. I'm the last person to be a popo apologist but his reaction wasn't pure police brutality.

  12. Reddit freaks out when cops don't intervene when other cops do fucked up shit. Cops actually step and and stop another cop from hitting her and reddit just makes jokes about them beating their wives and how they do it at the station amd not in public? Fuckin psychos

  13. This chick kneed him in the balls and reddit is up in arms because he retaliated. This website never ceases to amaze me.

  14. She started kicking the cops. That’s what elicited their response. Not defending the cops actions, just pointing out that this was not completely out of the blue.

  15. So why did she start kicking and resisting in the first place ? What did she do to get in that situation? See it all starts when she got pulled over/stopped. Where's the context?

  16. She seemed to be fine until the unhinged cop failed to properly lift her up with the other cop causing her to fall back. The kicking started after his failure.

  17. Wtf lets be truthful here. They're lterally telling him to stop. One of them is even pushing back the cop. And honestly it's hard to sympathize with the woman because she's clearly refusing to be arrested. Both the cop and that woman are in the wrong.

  18. Cop on the right backs him off, so he did do something, its not like they are just able to drop everything to deal with the cop the still have a suspect to deal with.

  19. Handcuffed? This has real “I dance in front of crippled people in wheelchairs” energy. People who decide to throw on people who can’t fight back are straight cowards.

  20. It's the fact that they all say "Not Now!" instead of "Stop!" at their buddy. This woman is gonna get her fucking teeth kicked in as soon as she arrives at the station

  21. Will probably use the excuse he was bullied in school by bigger kids, hence becoming a cop & when that didn't get him any real power over others... he uses violence from a position where he can beat you LEGALLY but if you hit him... FELONY!

  22. The fact that cops act like a gang of fucking vindictive, violent, roid-raging shitheads actually makes petty criminals into folk heroes. Just because cops act like this dude and make these cheap, unnecessary acts of brutality on people being arrested (who are often being approached by cops for cause). Would anyone know George Floyd’s name if it wasn’t for Derek Chauvin murdering him? No way, but now there are murals and memorials dedicated to a dude who had a long history of basically being a lowlife. There are black pastors and businessmen and firefighters and teachers and … probably lots of regular people in Minneapolis who have lived lives more in line with being a role model and more deserving of a community’s respect. But because cops can’t control themselves, especially with POC suspects, we hold up these martyrs (many of whom weren’t really upstanding people) as symbols of the struggle against injustice instead of being able to honor people who have actually worked hard and tried to make good decisions.

  23. She kicked him in the nuts looked like and was resisting arrest. Tired of people acting like idiots and the. People feeling sorry for them.

  24. Try watching the video again bud. The unhinged cop was holding her down on one side while the other cop was trying to lift her up to stand- causing her to fall back because the other idiot was pulling her back.

  25. At least one cop , big guy who took control pulled the coward back in a way to let him know he's not into violent assault. Though its the 1st sign that this culture of violence in police force is not a job requirement its unlikely he would say anything to superiors. Surely this is not the service citizens deserve, rather a force they stuck with

  26. It's OK to be a domestic abuser. Cops keep the For profit prisons stocked full of poor people. Also , Child molesters become cops

  27. Dammit rookie! What did i tell you about using your color swatch! Does this look like the skin tone of someone we hit when their handcuffed?!?! No! Now we can't just take her home like all the rest!

  28. Imagine trying to act all tough as a rookie and then you throw your whole career away because you can’t hold your poor little feelings.

  29. It doesn’t nor did it look intentional on her part. She definitely did slip trying to get up, while the cop was still holding her down, forcing her to slip hitting the shin of of his leg.

  30. Aren't they speaking a different language? If they're speaking Spanish it could be a accent for say no, it sound more like he's saying "nao nao nao" than "not now not now"

  31. Another example of wonderfully trained cops, again 3 dingle berries can’t apprehend a handcuff woman lol bravo 👏

  32. Since when did police prevent crime? How? At best police can only apprehend the violator--even then not all the time. Still, police are the only thing available. There are some good police but they have a difficult job and they are often scared or callous. Many "bad" police are complicit in crimes and are now serving time or have been forced to resign. The police are not usually around when a crime is committed. Brutalization by policemen is done every minute somewhere. So what we need is a perfect government administration that will rid the world of evil-doers of all kinds and will educate adherents of the government in the ways of peace and love. Hopefully, the time for that government is near. READ Psalms 37: 9-11, 29. This government's King Jesus Christ and his 144,000 co-rulers (Rev. 14: 1-4) will not only bring peaceable conditions but everlasting life for all peoples (Rev 7:9) who will live on the earth without Adamic death (Psalms 37:9-11, 29). Yes, even our enemy death will be removed (Rev 21:1-4). Would you like to learn more about this "perfect government" and answer to other Bible questions? If so, confidentially and privately go to

  33. Cop should have kept his cool, hes the one in control of the situation. But she did kick him in the nuts...

  34. Literally the only one that caugh this mf on a power trip was the visor-less cop....(sport wrap visor + hands on the belt with the legs open stance )×how willing are they to answer questions [usually little to none for better results] or how "by the book" the arrest "is"= the likenesses the mf is about to go on a power trip.....

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