Man caught vandalizing Ash Cave State Park in Ohio turns to violence

  1. He gets defensive immediately because he knows it's wrong and didn't expect to be called out. Dude's ego too big to handle shame.

  2. I always thought it was dumb teenagers that carved into things at the park. This guy has his whole family with him and he’s defacing a beautiful park.

  3. We camp a lot. A few years back my teenager was tagging a picnic table at a state park. They were confused I jumped on them because the table was covered in graffiti. Even so, I let them know it was not okay. It starts with good parenting and these shit parents set a shit example

  4. He stopped growing mentally at age 12. That's the same shit a 12 year old does. It's too late now, but this guy should've been sterilized for the sake of our country's well being.

  5. One reason why that family is stupid, they didn’t realize that all the other carvings were done when no one else was around to witness the crime.

  6. I work in the Ohio State Park System, at one of the biggest old growth forests in the country. The preserve is a monster, it’s badass, and yet all people can manage when they come in is carving their names in trees that are upwards of 300 years old. It’s absolutely maddening, don’t go into the outdoors if you can’t conduct yourself in a way that doesn’t ruin the memory of the space for others. I guarantee nobody else wants to see your initials carved in a tree or sandstone

  7. I wish I could find the video, but there is a guy who makes a paste, and fills in all carved initials on items in State parks. He checks with rangers which are heritage and historical, and what are vandalism. He shows how to make the paste for wood and stone, that when dries you would not know it was vandalised.

  8. Michigander that visited less than a month ago, sincerely appreciate your woods and wilderness thru Hocking Hills. It was such a beautiful and pleasant experience for my dog and three ferrets. I appreciate your job and beautiful countryside!

  9. I see your point... BUT... what if they were my initials? The world deserves to know I took a hike at some point. Checkmate.

  10. There is a heritage site I visited in Arkansas that was part of the trail of tears, at a certain point in the trail it says you might be able to find glyphs from the natives that passed through and camped under the over hanging rocks. The entire rock wall is totally covered by dumb fucks who carved their names into the rocks. If there were carvings on the rock from the natives, it is covered by "Dave and Susan were here" type of shit

  11. In Utah, about a couple of miles from Canyonlands National Park, there’s a sweet spot called “newspaper rock”. Basically, many different indigenous tribes moved through the area and “communicated” with the tribes that are passing through before/after them by leaving some symbols on this cliff face. It’s an amazing sight, carvings spanning thousands of years and from very different groups of people…

  12. There’s this cave in Idaho that was huge. It went in maybe almost a mile, and was very wide. I think it’s an old lava tube or something. It’s not a park or anything, it isn’t even marked and just something you know about if you’re a local to the area. When I was a kid, a friends dad took us camping inside it for a weekend. It was so big we played football in it. At this point, it might’ve had some random graffiti here and there, but nothing crazy. When I was visiting as an adult, I wanted to show my girlfriend the cave. I shit you not, in only about 15 years time, that cave went from barely having any graffiti in it, to barely having any free space on the walls between all the spray painted junk in there. Coming back to find it in that condition was such a huge bummer.

  13. I went to visit Auschwitz a couple of years ago and during the tour you enter one of the remaining sleeping barracks where women were forced to sleep during WWII.

  14. Decided to go there during Covid, big mistake. It was a nightmare. Fuck ton of people, no masks, people brought in decent sized speakers and were blasting music at all the waterfalls, people on the trails with speakers and just being rude af in general. Not to mention the amount of trash was just insane, literally saw bags of trashed tied up in tree branches, it probably took more work to do that than just pack it out. It was very clear no one there gave a fuck but they could gather in groups there without anyone doing anything so it was their new party spot. No one gives a shit about how their actions impact other people

  15. Yeah I’ve never seen a place so defaced this way as starved rock. Once some years ago three of us hiking there came upon a woman watching her grandson (?) carve into the rock and we called her out. Her reaction was like this murican’s: “well everyone else has done it!”

  16. dude my family was just getting ready to go there in a couple days, im 15 and havent been there since i was 8 and it was snowing bad so i was excited to see everything in clear weather, this just makes me sad

  17. I live 15 minutes from Starved Rock and I never go there anymore because of all the dipshits. Carving stuff up, leaving garbage all over the park, no limitations on number of visitors per day, etc. In 2019 the park rangers were starting to get really concerned that the park was going to get irreversibly damaged and then the Covid shutdowns fortunately gave the park a break. But it’ll be right back on the brink of ruin in no time.

  18. I’m a seasonal park ranger in Colorado and on one of the trails that I patrol there were ancient carvings (Ogham writing) discovered in a cave. They filled it up with dirt awhile back so no one would vandalize it… I wish I could see the carvings for myself. People like this are why we can’t have nice things.

  19. Researchers recently found some of the oldest cave paintings in America where I am from but the location is closely guarded because they know people will deface it. It is truly sad. I would love to see it but at least they published the pictures.

  20. Ogham as in ancient Irish writing or the equivalent for the Native American tribes? Very silly question but the mention of Ogham threw me off

  21. You should contact historians, I'm sure the presence of authentic Ogham inscriptions in cave in America will cause great consternation considering it would imply that some Gaelic settlers managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the 4th century

  22. Not sure where you’re at in CO, but when I was in high school I went down to the Sandy Creek/Bent’s Fort area in SE CO and walked a trail where you can see actual, exposed dinosaur tracks. Also, a few miles into the trail and off the path 75ft or so, there’s a little rock cave (more like a huge boulder on the ground that is shelled out to create cover) you can crouch down into and shuffle back a few feet. Along the inside wall is old, fairly well preserved rock art. It blew me away to find it, but I wasn’t certain it was real, so when we hiked back out we went to the state park office and I mentioned finding it off that path. There were a number of them that they were aware of, but had somehow never found that particular rock art. I’m far from the conservationist the younger version of myself would’ve hoped for, but I like to think that I may have at least saved that one, single spot from ass holes like that guy.

  23. Such a dumb excuse he had. Everybody does it is why some geysers in Yellowstone are clogged with rocks, or why whole cinder cones at craters of the moon are essentially gone. Dude's a jackass.

  24. These people are amazing and this is a textbook study in how guilty people act. The core question is: is what you are doing legal, and the answer is no, it is not.

  25. For years we would visit this beautiful community park in our city. There's a lookout area with a view of the water that has a banyan tree that shades a few benches. The place was pristine. Sometime during the pandemic, some jackass carved "Dan the Van Man" into one of the trunks of the tree. Weeks later the entire tree had tacky etchings all over it from different people. Crazy to see the snowball effect.

  26. "But "leave no trace" means take what you brought in!!!" lol but what else does it mean big guy? Like you can tell the reason he gets flustered so fast is because he knows in the end his rationale for doing what he's doing despite knowing it's wrong is, "because I want to"

  27. They were leaving no trace, which, apparently allows you to deface and destroy whatever you want, so long as you pick up your Twix wrappers and monster cans on the way out. Idiots like this are why we can’t have nice things.

  28. I was so confused by that, I wanted it to go longer so she could elaborate. Does the ten extra hours in overtime get taxed to pardon vandalizing state parks?

  29. Gonna be honest, I never heard of seven principles before and thought "leave no trace" was pretty self-explanatory.

  30. Leave no trace means leave no trace of you in the woods. You leave it the way you found it. If the saying ment leave no trash then I gauentee that the saying would be leave no trash not leave no trace.

  31. These people need to be confronted. As they do it. They all knew it was wrong but they really, really need to feel immediate shame, and fear for the rest of the day.

  32. People that carve their names into rocks do it because they know it’s the only mark they gonna leave on the world.

  33. Not so shocking that the guy with a terrible tattoo on his leg wants to create terrible markings on natural landscape.

  34. Losers teaching their kids to be losers and carve upon nature. I am glad to see them called out. It is so telling about their character that they got violent.. She talked about her long work week as if that is an excuse for defacing nature.

  35. I bet this dude tried to carve a Redwood and was probably banned. Those Park Rangers at Muir Woods are like ninjas. Bloke’s a bloody doofus. Instead of enjoying nature and teaching his kids about nature, he’s busy craving a rock. Smh.

  36. Other comments link to a YouTube video where the man recording pinned a comment stating he was found guilty of violating the cave protection act and disorderly conduct

  37. Nice of him to teach his kids how to behave terrible and let his very pregnant wife carry that heavy ass backpack and work 50 hours a week. Seems like a swell guy. They are both idiots. He’s just probably the bigger idiot.

  38. Leave no trace means exactly No Trace. It’s not just garbage. Source: I’m an Eagle Scout

  39. "Hey, can you maybe not do that? It's not really cool and it means that the next person to come through here won't be able to enjoy it as much."

  40. Super bummer. This area is in Hocking Hills down in Southern Ohio and is absolutely gorgeous in the late summer and fall. Sadly I’m not surprised though. My wife and I used to go every year and you’d encounter a lot of people that had obviously never really been in nature and would act accordingly, like this guy. Preserve and protect, no one wants to see your shitty carvings.

  41. I lived near Hocking hills for a brief period. It's completely stunning, but I'm also not remotely surprised. Guess what I wasn't looking for when I went to ash cave the few times I visited? Other people's initials and graffiti. This guy is so dense it's sad.

  42. If you work 50 hours weeks and can't handle that you change your job, not unwind by destroying common heritage, Karen.

  43. Anyone considering this "just a rock" or "no big deal" or "everyone does it" or my favorite excuse "the cavemen did it!"

  44. This is infuriating. When I was a kid, my dad took our family to Hocking Hills State Park (which Ash Cave is part of), and I just took my daughter for this first time this summer. It's my favorite place in the world. I've always tried to instill respect for nature and our parks in my daughter, and we carry bags to pick up litter whenever we go hiking. And this piece of shit is not only vandalizing it, he's teaching his kids that it's okay.

  45. Ah yes, another case of “don’t tread on me” entitlement. They love telling people to mind their business while they’re affecting everyone else’s business. Then, like a child they lash out and resort to violence in an attempt to protect their fragile ego.

  46. I've had an idiot do this to me at the gas station I work at because he thought he wan entitled to fill up their caravan's 60L water supply for free, I grabbed the hose from him and the asswipe assaulted me, I had to restrain him and call the cops alot of fucking trouble because an asshole thought he was entitled to free water for his personal use.

  47. I camp here every year and have done so since I was a child. I’ve managed not to carve my name into anything for those 30+ years. People suck.

  48. He doesn't get the fact that everyone pays taxes so everyone has a right to make sure the national parks are protected. Leave only footprints, take only pictures.

  49. How sad that the thing they decide to do in this space, instead of kicking back and enjoying the beauty of their surroundings, is to deface them and then double down so ridiculously when confronted.

  50. Go out and see untouched wild nature while you still can. This country is and always has been infested with chucklefucks like the family in the video. They will literally carve dicks over thousand year old petroglyphs. There is no education that will change their entitled, ignorant attitudes either

  51. If i knew these people i would dig some words in their lawn. By his rational he shouldnt get mad. A few rains and seasons you probably would barely ever see the 10ft tall fuck you i carved into their lawn.

  52. I've been to this place. It is the most breathtaking place I've ever been and was remarkably un-marred when I went there in 2019. It's so upsetting that people want to ruin something that has been relatively the same for possibly up to 10,000 years.

  53. Bro is talking like everyone in the world makes an effort to carve their name into shit lmao. He sounds like he genuinely believes everyone wants to do that deep down.

  54. “I work 50 hours a week” is the lamest excuse for defacing a public park I’ve heard. Not even an impressive amount

  55. Visitors do this at our state park as well. Conservation police and I believe the department of natural resources will file charges and prosecute

  56. Hope the cameraman is okay. With the millitant individualistic attitude these days it's extremely dangerous to do this but hey if you can take on the risk good on you for calling out the shitty behavior. We're devolving, asking for accountability is now an insult and considered "bothering people".

  57. I hope these fuckers were caught, prosecuted and ordered a great deal of community service that involves removing graffiti and other forms of public defacement.

  58. These individuals are the same people that get upset with graffiti in their town but are willing to do it to the state park.

  59. The best thing to do is to snap a pic or video and then go tell a park employee. I don't know why people get confrontational. It always goes how you expect.

  60. I feel sad for the kids. To have shit parents like this, you can just hope they don’t end up like them.

  61. What a trash family. He doesn’t even know what leave no trace means. I hope they get caught and fined.

  62. Glad the clubs and bars are open again, probably keeps a good percentage of this trash in the city where they belong.

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