Kansas City Police officer shoots fellow cop when intending to shoot an apprehended suspect named Malcolm Johnson. She then incorrectly thinks the gunshot came from the suspect shooting and proceeds to shoot him two times. KCPD tried to cover this up until video showing the incident was released.

  1. I need to see the suspect. If he isn't the size of 2 Thors I cannot believe how you feel the need of shooting a dude laying under 4 people...

  2. An officer may only get to shoot someone 2, maybe 3 times in their career. Some officers don't get that many, some let the opportunity pass with out taking advantage of it. You got to be ready bro! /s

  3. I absolutely love how they get to investigate themselves and then decide they did nothing wrong.

  4. Do you have a link to a news story? I'm trying to find it but there are so many controversial Kansas city police shootings that I don't know which one this is. Even narrowing it down to the year isn't helping. 🤮

  5. Our country needs to stop with outdated shit. They need the fbi/or some other higher realm than the own police investigating the police. Same goes for everything outdated with this country. The way we vote and people who lose majority votes can still win, the two party system etc. Everything is outdated as fuck.

  6. My uncle was a KCPD officer in late 80's and early 90's until he quit cause he said there was too much corruption and violations of peoples rights. He's a special needs teacher for the district now but stands behind not trusting the cops there cause they are always lying.

  7. I can't believe there's no mention about the officer doing it on accident at first and then thinking it was someone else.

  8. They should always release police reports. Would love to read this one and find all the lies. Lying in a police report needs to be a felony

  9. Why did she even draw her weapon in the first place? The dude was struggling but they had him dog-piled under a mountain of cops, he wasn’t going anywhere.

  10. Thank you!! They’re all dog piled on top of him. What was she gonna do squeeze the weapon in between the cops and shoot the guy on the floor? She should have known it was going to hit one of her coworkers.

  11. She shouldn't be allowed to have a firearm. There are 4 rules of gun safety and she violated at least 2 of them. If you can't even see your target, the weapon shouldn't be drawn.

  12. At 0:19 you can kinda hear something like "he has a gun, shoot him!", which I guess is something another officer said. They're all complicit

  13. 1.) Why would you pull your gun when you and your fellow officers are wrestling with suspect(?)? There is no clear shot without the risk of hitting your fellow officers. The guy is being pinned by four or five cops so he isn't much of a threat.

  14. shock, that unexpected kick when full of adrenaline and brain not accepting you just accidently shot your friend means she just had to assume it was the suspect cause it could not have been her.

  15. 1, 2, and 3.) She is an American police officer who gets less than a year of job training and next to zero training in mental healthcare.

  16. I was gonna say; that black-haired female cop is not made for that kind of job. She came in freaking out.

  17. She's so used to yelling and commanding her way through her job she just does it to everyone now. Her spouse is pretty fed up with it

  18. The employee is most likely much better at dealing with out of control individuals than the cops are as he sees that shit every single day.

  19. Aren't they worried that by putting all this pressure on him, instead of a rag he'll accidentally grab his gun and shoot someone?

  20. Ah, the all mighty "restore life" rag. A rag will really make a big difference. Actually, it was probably for the cop hopping around with a minor wound, not the dying/dead man.

  21. It takes longer to go through boot camp. And we don't even get to use a rifle until 2/3rds of the way through. Which I assume the 1/3rd left is still longer than what it takes to be a cop.

  22. There's so many things wrong in this video. Aren't situations like this what tasers are for? Maybe we should look for people with an iq higher than 70 to be police because how can you not notice that the first shot came from your own gun. Also that cop telling those guys to get a rag now.

  23. The line in that story, "Authorities say there were 2 clerks inside the gas station and they will be looking to talk to any other witnesses" sounds pretty fucking ominous given they are lying through their teeth about what happened while in the middle of an active cover up. It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

  24. No one on those posts confronted this claim which tells me they didnt know about the cell phone footage and people took these claims as gospel.

  25. This just further proves that you can’t expect cops to investigate themeselves. There is so much bias and it can never be fair

  26. Their bloodlust is so unchecked they're shooting each other now? Seems about right for undertrained jackbooted thugs.

  27. Also, wtf you going to do with a "rag" go get your fucking medkit out of your cruiser... Police, incompetent, uneducated, idiotic, scared biggots

  28. This is the most offensive thing I've ever read. Those boys chug syrup, troll stoners, and engage in good shenanigans. Their shenanigans are wholesome and fun. These shenanigans are evil.

  29. Am I understanding this correctly? Did she pull a gun, accidentally fire it, think it was the guy they’re trying to apprehend who fired, and fucking killed him for it?

  30. I see more than 4 police officers and couldnt handle him so they decide to shoot him to death. They all deserve to go to jail, but since that won't happen, at least public shame all of them

  31. When it's a cop: We're not releasing the names while there's an active investigation and in order to keep the officers involved safe from public opinion.

  32. Really not just her but why is it when I see these videos not a single person looks like they received adequate training? This just looks like a shit show.

  33. This is why they don’t want people to film them. No accountability if there’s no evidence. They can just report whatever they want.

  34. Neither am I but it feels like I'm being terrorized by domestic terrorists. I've had cops tail my car for miles, or go 2x the speed limit so they can follow me. It's extremely stressful and gives me anxiety attacks. Happens all the fucking time though.

  35. The fact that any problems like this can be solved by simply requiring a longer and more reasonable training period is extremely frustrating

  36. Accountability all the way around. Obviously she had absolute shit poor training or capability, she shouldn’t have been out there on the streets.

  37. This is an article from last year, but the police contend that the victim is who shot the cop and was then killed by the officer who returned fire.

  38. I dont know how you could see something like this or uvalde and not think that the policing system needs to be completely torn to shreds and rebuilt with something better. This is not the answer.

  39. Kansas city police dept is beyond dirty!! Does anyone remember when that girl disappeared and she apparently drove off the bridge? Can't remember her name, but there was a video of her at a gas station.

  40. Hey You! The person watching this and still trying to figure out a way to make this black man deserve those bullets . You are a fucking idiot .

  41. Smartest person in that entire store is the clerk who stays behind the glass knowing stray bullets are likely and refuses to engage with the pig-shaped liability.

  42. Do you imagine all the shit they got away before cameras? Probably the same because they are never held accountable.

  43. "I NEED A RAG NOW!" Damn then you better go find one. My taxes already pay for your salary, the building you go to and clock in every morning, the car you drove in on. Sorry I help the police enough.

  44. This guy is deceased. Dead and gone, probably didnt even know anyone was recording. Definetly didnt think he was about to get executed. Still nothing in terms of justice for him.

  45. I love how urgent they are in getting a rag to apply first aid when one of their own gets shot. But when a regular person is shot they just reach for their radios.

  46. Everyone's missing the fact that one of the male cops commands the female officers to shoot the person being apprehended. The guy is literally out numbered. I don't get the thought process.

  47. Power women cop right there. No need for her to jump on the already pile of bodies on the ground let alone pull out her gun and shoot. She deserves to be in jail for the rest of her life.

  48. The fact the cop just screamed at the witnesses demanding rags... who tf she think she is lol go grab your own rags bitch you killed him

  49. cops are such fucking pussies theres like 8 of them there and they cant handle one fucking guy that’s literally already on the ground? complete fuckin joke

  50. This is so straightforward. She had no reason to pull her gun. She's completely responsible for this man's death. If you're a cop you don't get to be a panicky idiot.

  51. Why do americans always struggle with the cops? Serious question, like as shit as it is to go to jail, surely it beats a bullet

  52. ACAB. Everyone is undertrained. So much is covered up it’s ridiculous. Make cops get a 4 year college degree and you could reduce a lot of this shit from the start.

  53. According to news sources, the suspect Malcom Johnson grabbed the officers gun and shot the officer.

  54. This cop deserves prison time. There is absolutely no reason for her to pull out her gun and shoot him when there are so many cops already on top. Use a taser, use everything else, but killing is not justified here at all. There are 6-7 cops here, 5 or 6 of them on top. And for what? Because he might've stolen something?

  55. If the suspect is a guy in the process of murdering a school full of children, you can’t get a single cop to confront them.

  56. Kansas City police thought it was a good idea to try and run people over with a police car at a protest against police brutality.

  57. Of fucking course the victims died. Guns are deadly, but I swear cops seem to go the extra mile to make sure the victims dies. Maybe it's a strong component of selection bias, but I don't hear too many stories that are "seriously injured/critical condition after shot by cop"

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