Cops arrest man for eating tacos.

  1. I like the tactic of asking a question immediately after him saying he's not going to answer any questions... then he kind of answers the question. Lol. I swear that has to be a mind trick they used.

  2. So apparently you need to tell them you are exercising the right to remain silent otherwise they can use that against you. Odd, because they say you can be silent, but you really cant

  3. Cops should try Jedi mind tricks and stop wasting their time. A real quick use of the force and they’ve got all they need.

  4. There is a video on youtube of this guy that is always getting arrested, and he explains why you should never say "I understand" to cops, somehow it can mean that you're admitting fault by saying that. He essentially annoys the shit out of the courts and wastes their time so much that they end up leaving him alone and tossing the cases.

  5. This when thing is fucking ridiculous. Look how much time the fucking cops have on their hands to hassle this guy for this long and keep bringing more cops into it. Jesus fucking Christ I'm so tired of it

  6. Speaking of mind tricks, this is a tactic Han Solo used in A New Hope. Obi-Wan ended a sentence with, "...and no questions asked," but Han persisted.

  7. Baby steps, guys, baby steps. You start with the taco guy and work your way up to the active shooter.

  8. "Hey do you mind driving to a different destination to eat your dinner because this is a private area with no loitering"

  9. Like... the easiest solution was for the cop to walk up, see that he's eating, inform him that he can't do that next time at a closed business. But let the dude finish up and drive off. Fucking stupid waste of time

  10. Lemme tell you, one time, my friend and I got some cold drinks on a late night drive, and we drove down to the river to park and admire it and "eat" our blended frozen drinks using the straws as spoons. Isolated area. Well suddenly in the darkness, headlights pop up right behind us, and its the cops. By this point, the car had fogged up too, just the time of the year it was, so the officers come down to bust what they assume is going to be some kids banging in a car or getting high, but instead my friend and I roll down the windows and im like "I wanted to park so I could 'eat' my frozen drink". And he looked and me and my friend in our pyjamas and he went " I like to eat my frozen drinks too. Have a good night"

  11. You think that’s bad? I work early mornings usually 4-5am. I was in my car at work the other day waiting for my manger to arrive and let us both into the building. After a few mins of waiting for my manager a cop car pulls into the parking lot and circles my car before getting out and coming to my window. Im sitting there in my work uniform (bright ass blue polo shirt with brand logo the front) as I lower the window and the cop notices my uniform while telling me that he was checking on me because I’m parked In front of a closed business. “Seems like you work here tho…” he says …”but can I still get your ID to to show that I checked” lmao being 5 mins from staring work I wasn’t gonna make this harder for the guy so I said yeah that’s fine, handed it over and before he made it back to his car another cruiser pulled into the parking lot and threw all their lights on me. Lmao it was a first while waiting for work to start.

  12. Most cops are a waste of money. Actively being robbed or assaulted? They won’t be there for 15 minutes at best. Was your home robbed and ransacked while you were gone? They will write up a report and never touch it again. School shooting? They stand in the hallway and tremble.

  13. Right.... I would have at least offered one. That way, if they accepted it, when the supervisor shows up later, you can claim he accepted a bribe but you won't mention it to anyone if they let you go.

  14. Lol ok I get it. I’m gonna park around the corner just in sight til you’re done with your tacos and then you can leave. Again, there has been burglaries in the area so I’m just trying to to protect the businesses. Just try not to park in private business’ lots this late at night to avoid this situation again, even just eating tacos can look suspicious alright? Thank you, have a safe night.

  15. I recall a time I was having a really bad night, so I pulled over to make a phone call to a friend and just try to de-stress a bit. It was late, and I had pulled over in an open parking lot to what was surely a closed public park given that it was after dusk. Just as I had finished my phone call a lady officer pulled up to check on me, I told her I was just trying to make a phone call to de-stress and drive safe, she told me the park was closed and to head on out as soon as I could. She didn't pull my ID, got back in her car, and I wrapped it up and headed out.

  16. All the boot lickers saying he was arrested for trespassing, bullshit, he just wasn’t playing their game and they got butthurt and they try to use trespassing to exert control.

  17. And that's the easy part of dealing with law enforcement. Be polite, give them what they want, and have them fuck off. This is obviously situational, but for simple traffic stops and shenanigans like the one the taco guy was in, that's all it takes. Why get fucked for telling them what the law is. They think they are the law, you are not going to change their minds. You sure as fuck aren't "sticking it to the man." You most likely won't win a case against the department, and it sure won't be worth the trouble. The system is fucked.

  18. He sure showed them, going to jail, getting car towed, way to stick it to the man instead of giving them his id.

  19. I do this all the time. Go to taco bell and park close by and eat. Go home. I'd rather have it fresh than let it sit whilst I drive. What's the issue?

  20. They didn’t have a problem with him being there, they had a problem with him standing his ground with them and refusing to be intimidated by them. It’s ridiculous they can get away with this kind of nonsense and have little to no repercussions from it. The problem is they are wasting their time and resources for this, when they could’ve just had one officer sit there and wait for him to leave after he ate his Taco Bell. He didn’t appear to sound intoxicated in anyway or anything. They had no reason to approach him even if there were burglaries in the area, they can just sit and watch until he actually does something illegal. Parking in a parking lot is not illegal until you are trespassed from the property by an employee or representative of the business who owns the property. You can’t just blanket trespass everyone just because the business is closed.

  21. Lol I had a crazy neighbor as a kid, like mentally unwell and delusional. She accused me, a chubby unathletic 7 year old, of climbing up to the roof of her 2 story house and messing with her cable antenna. Cops wanted to question me. My mother was livid, she pulled me out in front of the house and demanded if the cops seriously thought I could do that. No, I didn’t do it since I preferred to play with barbies and read, and like how could I scale up the side of her house in my physical shape?. The cops told me not to do anything like that and from that day on lost complete respect for cops. We lived with near constant harassment from our neighbor for years with no help from cops or other local agencies. She was finally found to be a danger to herself and was taken away, years later.

  22. because apparently if they spent the same amount of time and stress they spent on arresting taco eaters than combating the actual mass shooters while they're killing people in buildings people would wanna respect them more i think

  23. this is a everything okay man? just eating.. okay, we've had some reports of break ins and what not, after you finish you mind just moving on? that's fine, take care officer you too... but no.....

  24. “Ima give u two inches and your gonna be satisfied with it” 🤣 my pick up line @2am and all the chunky girls are falling over 🤭

  25. Well I guess the behaviour of the cops is meh, but I guess the guy coulda stayed out of trouble if he just answered there questions, maybe they just woulda gone away then

  26. Okay but like... He also wouldn't have gotten in any trouble if he just gave them info right? They probably would've eventually just asked him to go elsewhere and he could've just complied? Like.. is there more impending danger for this man if he complied or is it just the principal of it?

  27. He is being an asshole to the cops... As he should be since he's not doing anything wrong, and they're fucking with him for no reason.

  28. The scary thing about being an asshole to a cop is they can basically say your mentally unstable because you’re ‘aggressive’ and contain you for up to 72 hours

  29. this is odd, i don’t feel he was in the wrong for approaching the vehicle, if it’s true what he said about the recent burglaries. it’s definitely stupid that the guy should have to move though. loitering has ought to be one of the most made up crimes

  30. I mean this is what cops are for in America find someone to push around and immediately arrest them when they push back at all. True if he had complied he wouldn't have had any trouble but in a sane system the conversation would have ended at "I'm eating taco bell in my car near a taco bell". I've had cops come up on me like this for eating in my car at night and they never asked to see my ID they saw me eating, I said I was eating, and they left the only difference is I'm white and I lived in the suburbs at the time.

  31. I’m thinking about how many times I’ve gotten food late at night & this has never happened to me. I think I tend to bring my food home, though.

  32. I feel like we are missing something from the beginning. Like did the cop walk up and ask like an absolute asshole? Like if a cop asked me to move for some obscure reason and it was no burden for me I don't see why that would be a problem. Just kinda felt like provoking a response

  33. I'm confused too. I'm normally against the cops but I stopped the video after the cop said he couldn't be there and the dude just put his phone down to keep eating the tacos? Why not just fucking leave instead of trying to make the cops look dumb? This all could have been avoided.

  34. my house is private property too but are cops going to show up and harass a guy parked in my driveway if nobody calls? For all they know it's my brother. Cops shouldn't be acting as security for property owners if they're not working for the property owner.

  35. I usually don’t do this, which is side with the law, but that dude seems like an annoying douche canoe, so he had it coming imo.

  36. This might be a dumb question but why does nobody co-operate with cops in America, like i would have just given him my ID?

  37. Most people do which is why you only see a handful of videos on Reddit. This guy had been talking to the cop before the video started, and likely only had to say "My bad can I finish eating somewhere else?" and that would have been the end of it.

  38. they really don't understand the very law they are upholding. Such a fragile ego mixed in with some sense of superiority. cartman had it exactly right by " RESPECT MY AWTHORITY"

  39. His ID would confirm that he is him and car isn’t the property of someone else. Not arguing for the cops just saying why plates don't tell the whole story

  40. Loitering is the dumbest “crime” in existence. I’m breaking the law for simply being somewhere for an extended period of time? Fucking fuck off. We’re all equally living on this planet. Might as well arrest people for breathing

  41. Ah yes, this is most definitely what cops should be spending their time doing. Arresting Taco Bell customers for eating Taco Bell in front of a Taco Bell.

  42. As a foreigner, I don't understand why Americans seems intent of prolonging simple exchanges with law enforcement. What is the upside of getting arrested and having your time wasted when this could have been resolved in a couple of minutes? Even if no charges are brought; it's wasted time.

  43. They probably let him right back out again once they got his ID. This is what cops do. They ask for your ID even when they have no right to your information, when you lawfully refuse they arrest you for a made up reason (notice that literally NO ONE ever asked him to leave but they arrested him for trespass? That's because you can't be arrested for just refusing to ID, that's called a secondary charge), they take you to jail, get your ID out of your pocket while you are handcuffed and then turn around and release you with all charges dropped.

  44. How do these people do this “job” and feel good about themselves? The people who prepared this mans Taco Bell order have more integrity than any police officer I have ever met.

  45. Problem is 100% of the hassle is absorbed by the citizen. They get arrested. They spend the night in jail. They pay for their attorney. They lose time from work. And the cops walk either for qualified immunity, more training, or “following procedure”.

  46. That’s pretty standard I’ve been asked to leave the parking lot of a closed restaurant where we had eaten then hung around to talk after. It’s legit they do this with reason.

  47. I don't know how it is now, but I worked at a dollar store 15 years ago. Let me tell you, it absolutely sucked when you closed up and there was some guy sitting in the parking lot, because the company "rule" was the keyholder (me) couldn't leave until the premises were cleared. If they weren't, I had to wake up my pissed off manager, who would then call the cops. I wasn't allowed to ask anyone to leave, and even if I had been allowed, that can be dangerous.

  48. These cops were respectful and explained why they were there. This guy is an ass and deserves to get arrested. Don't be a disrespectful asshole and things might've gone differently

  49. Dude made this way harder on himself. He could've just left. Like I get it he was just eating his food but if he's not supposed to be there why couldn't he just leave...

  50. Dude could have just moved. I’m sorry but given my color and status, I couldn’t afford to do what this guy did. Just move man. I couldn’t even make it to the minute mark.

  51. For all the people saying the taco guy is the asshole... If he was one of those first amendment auditors who film or take pictures just to initiate a confrontation, yes he would be an asshole. Those auditors are assholes. This guy literally bought food late at night and chose to eat it in a well lit parking lot. But back to those asshole auditors. Even if they are assholes for what they do, the cops are bigger assholes by not following the law. Cops are supposed to base their actions on what is legal rather than just what they feel like they have the right to do. Could a minor request like demanding an id when you are not required to give one something that could develop into even more and more outrageous unlawful demands until we wind up in a Judge Dredd crazy dystopian society? Doubt it. Here's some real world consequences of cops not tolerating being told no though. Average rate of domestic violence in the US? Around 10%. Average rate of domestic violence in law enforcement? Around 40%, by far the highest rate of any profession. Guess cops don't like being told no at home either. It's funny that whenever we see a professional athlete abuse their spouse it's always "well they're all just a bunch of thugs". But the real abusers, and also the one least likely to pay for their abuse, are our cops that are adored by so many.

  52. Oof what a bunch of pieces of shit. Let a man eat his fucking tacos it's an empty parking lot. Pigs can at least pretend to have a heart while licking the taint of private property, but I think they also personally enjoy pushing folks around

  53. I have had so much shit stolen from me. These cops spent more time on this guy just trying to eat, then all of the cops that didn't bother doing anything about actual theft.

  54. How do they think they deserve any money for this shit? They definitely deserve to be laughed at, but not to be paid!

  55. bullies with badges. this is what happens when they cant find criminals, they just go after the innocent.

  56. What an absolutely fucking disgusting waste of resources. Harassing a man for eating tacos in an empty parking lot. Should have seen that he was eating tacos, take a photo of his license plate in case something goes down, then walk away. No crime was being committed here. A parking lot is privately owned, but publicly accessible commercial property. There's no reason anyone should be harassed or towed from a fucking empty parking lot like this. Unless there's a damn good reason that someone should not park in an empty parking lot in the middle of the night, it should be illegal to tow or otherwise remove someone. These cops must have the lowest goddamn IQ humanely possible.

  57. Hold on, if the place is closed, what exactly would the guy even be able to rob? All the money would be in a safe after hours.

  58. bro just tell him to go to a different parking lot and get shit over with. Isn't there better things to do like file reports for missing persons or something of the sort? and the fact they hesitate to give their badge number literally shows that they're wasting their time on something ridiculous, IMO.🕴

  59. I’ve had this happen I just ate and after I moved like fuck you if you think it’s offensive to pullover and eat

  60. Parking lots are private property. YouTuber so he knows that. Trying to get arrested. Boring and a waste of tax money.

  61. I mean. Just give the info. Cops are allowed to legally ask you your name and you have to respond aren't they

  62. I mean....even though he is eating tacos doesn't mean he isn't going to rob some place after. Loitering is illegal and he isn't complying with anything. Why doesn't he want to give his name? In my mind, that is suspicious. Maybe he has a warrant...wanted for a rape or pedophilia of some kid. Who knows?

  63. I feel like if he responded with, "listen, my missus wants me to cut down on my food, this is the only time I have free, feel free to sit down as I polish off this delicious stuff" to the first officer would've stopped this whole thing.

  64. "Hey man, what are you doing here?" "Hi officer, I'm just eating up the taco bell I bought from over there" "OK, well this is someone else's private property and there have been break ins so we were just checking on you, if you could finish up your food and move on that would be great" "No problem officer, I appreciate it" Cop rolls on his patrol, checks back in 20 mins

  65. The guy was not supposed to be there. If I was the cop, I would've just told him to leave since it's private property. I don't care that you're parked here just to eat tacos. There have been recent burglaries around here and you're trespassing. I would've only arrested him if he didn't comply.

  66. Help me out here because i am dumb, why couldn’t the man just identify himself? Cops would know who he is and then let him go off the private property? I dont understand why we gotta be assholes to cops, maybe i am missing smth here so some explanations would be appreciated

  67. because he shouldnt have to, simple as that. he is literally just eating taco bell within like 100 feet of a taco bell restaurant in his car. the officer should have walked up, seen him eating food from the restaurant that is right there in his sight and left him the fuck alone. hes wasting time harassing this dude for eating food.

  68. I mean, the headline's a bit ridiculous as the dude wasn't arrested for eating tacos. He got himself arrested for loitering in the parking lot of a closed business.

  69. He was not free to leave though. Cops asked for his ID not because they thought he was a burglar but because they were power tripping. He was either (1) the burglar “terrorizing” businesses in the neighborhood at which point they should have pulled their thumbs out of their asses and cuffed him instead of Uvaldying around or (2) just a guy eating tacos at which point they should have asked him to go drive somewhere else.

  70. I dont know why you americans are so determined to act like entitled fucking asshats when a human being is being reasonable with you and then pull a surprised pikachu face when they're suddenly no longer reasonable.

  71. Yeah this is crazy to me. I very rarely come accross a video where I'm siding with the police, but this is one of them. And I already know that I'll get downvoted into oblivion because 99% of Reddit users just blindly side against the police and regurgitate the same "hE's JuSt ExCeRcIsInG hIs RiGhTs" regardless of what the video shows.

  72. Because police in this country take up so much funding, do nothing to help citizens and constantly harass and murder minorities. They do not deserve our respect.

  73. I would just like to add, the video didn't start the second the cop showed up. He clearly had been standing there and even said "So once again..." to explain the situation.

  74. Everyone here failing to forget the dude is on private property after hours. If he would’ve stayed in tacos bell lot while it was still open the cops could’ve asked the employees if he was bothering them, if they said no the cops would’ve had no probable cause and would be on their way. Instead this dumbass drove to an area that was closed and private. With no business owner to defend him. In these scenarios cops can arrest you for loitering/trespass.

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