Elizabeth Warren is visibly furious. This is the energy every single Democrat should be bringing to fight to protect Roe

  1. "The unborn are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage that you dislike; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn. You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe. Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn."

  2. This is the strict humanist perspective our political structure needs to morph into. I am absolutely tired of a world that served profit before human needs. I don't want to hear any excuses that we cannot feed the hungry with all the food waste we have. That we somehow cannot heal the sick makes me fucking sick. The sheer insanity that homelessness is an individual problem and not one we could or should solve socially while investment banks trade homes amd property without ever setting foot inside them just so they can accrew value for their bloated accounts. I know everyone in my generation is tired of people laying their student debt at their feet being told that their eagerness to learn and better themselves was somehow a sin against capitalism, and a tool to be used to exploit their family for a generation. Get angry get organized and get educated. Stay bitter and look for the folks who are advocating for humanity, not shit we know is a tool to oppress not just women, but the while of society, just to increase their accounts. This isn't just an issue that affects those of us with ovaries. We need to stop acting like the majority of democrats care. No more of this lesser of two evils garbage, please let's get some humans into office and not these gargoyles.

  3. I always think of Matt Damon impersonating Brett Kavanaugh, when I think of the Supreme Court.

  4. He frankly should not be allowed to get that close to any elected official while shouting nonsense. If this climate continues, we're in for another Gabrielle Giffords or Congressional baseball shooting moment, very upsetting.

  5. And upop opinion, but....RBG should have retired during Obama's administration and not tried to hang on through another administration. A blind man could have seen this shit coming.

  6. If Justices weren’t political activists, Roe V Wade would have never gone the way it did in the first place.

  7. They are, they did what the justices refused to do decades ago and ruled according to the law and then force the legislature to do their damn job.

  8. She’s right. A majority of Americans do not want abortions banned. So how exactly did this happen? That’s what you should be scared of.

  9. No one thought it was possible and they slowly made it possible. Things like this don't happen overnight.

  10. I think it's like today. It's election day in Ohio. And everyone I work with say they're too swamped to go vote. I don't want to get in a political debate with coworkers so I ask nothing else into it.

  11. That gap is about to get much narrower. Plenty of conservatives weren't against abortion because it wasn't their single-issue but now that it's a win for the GOP they'll be for the "states right issue". And when they try and force it on all states - they'll be for that too.

  12. Well, the Supreme Court isn't there to make decisions based upon what a majority of Americans want, that's the role of the executive and legislative branches of government. The Supreme Court's job is just to interpret the Constitution.

  13. The Supreme Court doesn't make their rulings based on popular opinion, nor is popular opinion a determinant of whether a law is constitutional. It should scare you if it were.

  14. It’s not a ban on abortion. It gives the decision back to the states. Now elect politicians to actually do their jobs.

  15. Maybe the dude doesn't understand that a quarter of your annual incoming is normally a baseline for child support. No more abortions, gonna be a lot more daddies out there paying their child support.

  16. What's even more shocking is that Roe vs Wade ever came about. The sheer audacity of males to dictate to females what we can and can't do with own own bodies. Guess what, we never asked for any of this. Old white men and religious zealots just can't stop with trying to keep women down. We are equals. We need no man or legislative body in our uterus. Fuck the Patriarchy!

  17. It’s usually the privileged conservative white dudes that scream the loudest. And it has nothing to do with abortion and everything to do with control.

  18. Yeah I’m a landscape designer and while I’m not a fan of the design itself, it sucks to see someone trample over a freshly landscaped area like that.

  19. We all laughed and posted memes back in 2016 but Trumpism slowly creeped into every system in politics. It's just waiting for the right moment to strike and the pay-off was huge. Now every Republican would be celebrating since this will help them strengthen their foothold for the mid-term elections. Really really fucking sad that women's rights were trampled and progression is going to be set back 50 years bc one party is striving to stay afloat and it will do every fucking dirty thing, even if its on the expense of human lives and prosperity. Fucking insane world we live in.

  20. I'm from the US. I live 3/4 of the year in Honduras teaching math. Over the last 6 years it's been so damn depressing watching the US get dragged further into Honduran-style banana-republicanism every year. Packing the courts with party lackeys, redirecting funding for social projects into the pockets of the already wealthy through sketchy govt contracts, appealing to religious nuts, attempting to interfere with the election process. Hell, regarding election interference the shit the previous president (a guy who was recently extradited to the US for being a narcotrafficker) did was mild compared to Jan 6.

  21. I think the point she is making here is that Congress could protect the right to choose via FEDERAL legislation right now if their Senators had any courage. (Cough Manchin and Sinema)

  22. You guys keep pretending like voting is the answer. Democrats can get rid of the filibuster and codify roe into law. Yet why won’t they? What’s the reason? The party is as good as it’s most conservative member, and in all honesty, that makes them as good as republicans. They’re useless.

  23. Vote. For the love of God vote. But don't count on that alone. The decks are stacked in many states thanks to decades of gerrymandering. The Democrats have shown a broad disinterest in genuinely countering Republican machinations, let alone actually making progress. Vote, but also be prepared to protest, strike, and agitate in favor of the causes you support. Failing that, be prepared to act and support your neighbors as they are increasingly targeted by extremist laws and extremist people.

  24. Many Democrats rolled their eyes at the extreme anti-abortion legislation that some red states created, assuming they'd quickly be removed. But conservatives actually wanted those laws to be challenged so that the scotus could get a chance to overturn Roe v Wade.

  25. I think many democrats just didn’t expect this to ever actually happen. Make no mistake, this is an absolute disaster for republican politicians and not just in the short term.

  26. I’ll never understand why Democrats are so awful at the long game. As she notes the Right has been plotting for decades, and saying it aloud. Why can’t we execute strategy the same way?? Hard to believe much will change at this late stage, especially with Sinema and Manchin in the way.

  27. I'll never understand why McConnell was allowed to deny Garland his confirmation hearing. The fact that Mitch could simply refuse to do it, for almost a year, without any consequences is bullshit. They should've tossed that turtle back into the Potomac for that stunt.

  28. Dems are a big tent party, full of disparate groups united under the ideal of representation. Rs are an increasingly homogenized group with a national media apparatus that creates cohesion. It’s not that that Dems are awful at the long game, shit is just easier when you embrace fascism.

  29. It takes a certain level of immorality to blindly follow partisan ideals 100% of the time like Republicans do. Democrats definitely can be guilty of this too but not 100% of the time.

  30. Because Democrats think that there's room for debate on nuance the very second they win a vote, even if it's a tie breaker from the VP.

  31. Well, the long game means you're planning something for decades. Democrats tend to stay topical on issues as they arise. Climate change, voting rights, helping out normal citizens, these are moving targets.

  32. It's the best, the amount of pure fucking hypocrisy that goes on in the republican party is almost hilarious but it's not because at this point it's just fucked up

  33. You know what I want to hear every democrat say? “Fuck your religion it has no place in politics, the next person to use it as a basis for any law or policy is getting slapped”

  34. Americans: why do muslim women have to wear hijabs? just because they're in a muslim country doesn't mean they have to follow islam forcibly

  35. Yeah - I don’t understand why the right interject religion into the argument. Honestly, studying constitutional law - the more interesting debate really is the right of a female to have control of her body versus at what point it is permissible to terminate a life.

  36. People are pro-life until you tell them they have to pay higher taxes to support the influx of people going on government assistance by having a kid.

  37. They oppose these programs, too. They're not pro life. They're pro punishment. It's not about the kid; they want to punish the woman for being "impure."

  38. Plus higher taxes to clean up the streets. The United States are gonna start looking like Romania, with ram packed underfunded orphanages, followed by a generation of trauma, crime, and homelessness.

  39. What makes you think they’ll vote for funding for those assistance programs?? Lol every election cycle they actively vote for gutting those programs!

  40. He's upset because he ACTUALLY believes children are being chopped to pieces in their mothers wombs. He's uneducate or brainwashed, plain and simple. You can't apeal to these people's sense of reason.

  41. It feels good to see a women representative being openly angry and hurt. Women across the nation are heartbroken at the reminder our bodies to many are not our own. I wish so badly she was our president right now…

  42. She’s also spoken about how she remembers a time in the US when abortions were illegal and I think that is a big part of her righteous anger on this issue

  43. Met her and worked on the campaign (just grassroots volunteer work, I am not by any means someone who wants a job in politics) and the one thing we kept hearing “Biden is the only one who can beat Trump so I’m voting for him” She had all the qualifications but nobody could see past that and it’s heartbreaking.

  44. Seems like becoming president has a way of aging people. It still hurts to see how quickly and how severely Obama aged within those years. It’s a horrible job despite its importance.

  45. Lol I love how the person heckling is a man who probably has zero knowledge of anything relating to the subject of abortion and gets all his news from Fox

  46. You would think all women would be angry but sadly they aren’t… my own mother got an abortion when she was a teenager but is staunchly against abortion now and is somewhat relieved that it will be overturned… the hypocrisy blows my mind as well…

  47. He has a caricature idea of what abortion is. Many medical abortions (pill) are performed when there is only a pea-sized cluster of cells.

  48. That's the most horrible thing about all this. Having an abortion is already an incredibly traumatic experience for many women and these idiots try their hardest to make it even more traumatic for them.

  49. in ukraine they fight for their freedoms and rights, here we talk shit. thats why we ending up without any rights and freedoms. slave to corporations and ultra rich who funding and supporting growing fascism in this country. at least ultra rich putting their money where their interests are. the rest watching jonny depp v amber heard...

  50. I’m scared for my children’s future. I feel like the Handmaids Tale is about to happen in real life and that’s horrifying.

  51. Seriously wonder what Republican voters will do when birth control is next? When women aren't allowed to access birth control? Democratic women aren't the only women using birth control. A staggering number of like 90 plus percent of women have at one time taken birth control. So almost all women have taken it at one point. That may be something of a wake-up call?

  52. Not just Roe but everything. We need to fight ruthlessly to drag the country towards the left rather than the continuation of suck to the right.

  53. Easy, anyone who supports anti-abortion laws have to sign up to adopt at least 3 children. They are the pro-life side after all.

  54. Notice how the voices of the pro-life protestors are mostly over-grown man children screaming buzzwords like "baby killer", and "dismemberment" as if that's all they have to go off of.

  55. If you believe that you should find a young person running for office in your area and volunteer or work for them.

  56. Young people aren't any better at this. The type of people attracted to conservative ideology is the problem. Young conservatives are just as terrible as old ones.

  57. This is the energy every single Democrat should have been bringing 14 years ago. She's right that republicans have been working on this for decades. And dems have been sitting on their hands.

  58. It’s a sad day when the evangelists religious POV becomes our laws. This country was founded on religious freedom but that doesn’t mean religion rules the country.

  59. I never thought I would be alive in a time when the United States could turn in to a Saudi Arabia type country where religion dictates the rights of all people.. religious or not. Truly a sad state right now.

  60. Plotting? They’ve been pretty open about abortion from the beginning. It’s no surprise this is what they wanted. She acts like they’ve been publicly for abortion and then plotting in the shadows to overturn.

  61. When we lived in MA, we'd go to hear her speak or she'd be at an event (like the menorah lighting in downtown Boston). Every time, I noticed she would stay afterward to speak with every person who wanted to speak to her, even after every other politician had left. I always felt like she at least gave the impression of respecting her constituency when most politicians don't.

  62. She’s definitely a real one. Shame she didn’t win the primary over Biden. She’s definitely not perfect (and who is honestly), but fuck she would be miles ahead of the half assed job Biden has been doing. I honestly don’t know why he isn’t abusing the shit out of EOs. Like no one would fault him for pushing the envelope of his authority to save . There is literally no explanation except he legit doesn’t believe in fighting for the issues. somehow that’s still miles better than the active destruction we would be seeing with Trump.

  63. Too bad many of our Democratic Senators and leadership are spinless asshats who want to play the 'high road' card. No. That shit doesn't work with Assholes like Republicans. The only way forward is to USE THE DAMN POWER YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN before it's taken away.

  64. This is the only energy that has a chance of defeating these radicalized nut jobs. Every single democrat should’ve had this energy since Jan 6th. The time for bipartisanship and compromise is over. Conservatives will create a fascist theocracy if we allow it.

  65. Nothing says freedom like a State that threatens the use of violence if you don't have a child. Every mother is made a soldier/labor incubator and every father is made a cuck of the state. If Republicans have no problem with being in your bedroom, where else might they start placing their claws?

  66. Then pass a fucking amendment that says abortion is a human right… goddamn these politicians are so fucking useless. Democrats have majority yet they cannot stand united against one issue. Neither party is on our side.

  67. The religious right has finally packed the Supreme Court with Pro-Corporate, Anti-Individual Rights Justices. What did people expect would happen when Trump stole one of Obama's justices? We need to use this anger to Reform the Supreme Court: Make 12-year term limits, expand the court to 13. Prosecute Clarence Thomas and his wife for treason for their involvement in Jan. 6 coup attempt. We need Democrats who will FIGHT the big battles. We need dynamic, outspoken leaders like this. We don't need polite or quiet at a time when our democracy is threatened.

  68. Remember how mad she was when she lied about Bernie? Accusing him of saying a women can’t be president and then refusing to drop out of the race as Obama got everybody else to drop out and endorse joe Biden. Remember that. Never forget she’s a fake progressive. Can’t be trusted.

  69. I feel like we’re just being distracted, like this is a reality tv show and they’re silently taking all the money and power in the background

  70. Looks like the plan to divide the people by our overlords continues to work flawlessly. The owners of this country are happy as pigs in shit right now.

  71. The poorest states in the US are red states. The biggest users of Welfare, Medicaid, also the highest is dropout rates, obesity, unemployment, poverty, child abuse etc are REPUBLICAN states. Google me bitch!

  72. Abortion is not a right granted within the American constitution and this is the perfect example of why states rights are a thing. This could potentially be good for pro choice states, RVW was terribly antiquated

  73. Anyone that starts with their “killing and dismembering babies” are fucking disgusting. I automatically think they want the baby to come out so they can kill, rape, dismember etc the baby.

  74. Elizabeth, do what should have been done decades ago and put it on the ballot so the people can vote. The whole point of the opinion is the court shouldn’t be making policy. That is your job. The vast majority of Americans are sick and tried of congress and senate inaction for the past 20+ years. Is it really hard to put it on the November ballot?

  75. You mean the 4 months that Obama had the Senate votes to pass legislation? You mean the 4 months when Obama was able to pass the most significant healthcare legislation in decades? (That has now been underfunded, attacked, and borderline dismantled by the health insurance lobby controlled Republicans?)

  76. It fucking baffles me that fucking old white men think they should be making laws on what women do with their body's, ffs

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