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  1. I was regularly flogged as a child. Wooden spoon, thong (Australian version), belt, electrical cord occasionally for maximum trauma - particularly heinous and a very fucked thing to do to a kid. Bare handed if there wasn’t time to improvise weaponry. My father had very little to do with me besides laying the smack down. Barely spoke a word to me really.

  2. thanks for sharing, I feel sorry for you man. AND at the the same time I don't (feel sorry) cause even with what you've been through, you managed not to repeat the process: I therefore feel huge respect for you

  3. Yup. If it gets to the point that you feel like you need to hit your kid then it means you have failed as a parent. Flog yourself instead and talk to your kid. You're the one who deserves it.

  4. Ohhhh, the wooden spoon. Never got hit with a thong, did get threatened with a fly swat once. Usually it was a belt, a wooden spoon, or a hand. Or, the not smacking form of punishment: soap in the mouth. Ooh, my mum really enjoyed employing the spoonful of hot mustard or chilli powder method, too.

  5. Same here. My dad literally made a paddle from 3/4" ply to hit my sister and I with. It was like a fraternity hazing. He'd sit us on the couch, tell us what we did wrong and smack us with this paddle. Then after we were all crying and traumatized, he'd tell us he loved us. Weird way for a 7 year old to learn about love.

  6. Te story behind this is that the kids robbed an old woman and people are praising the dad for beating them.

  7. I’ve only spanked my kid once, and usually I dont agree w it, but sometimes I think some kids need a firm smack back to reality.

  8. There are some kids that can be reasoned with words, and some that are just so stupid, the only way to get through to them is with a physical response. But there's a point, a very fine line where you go from punishment to abuse. Once or twice, sure, but the point isn't to inflict pain, it's to teach a lesson. Many people forget that.

  9. To hit a kid most be the most stupidest thing you can do. Fucking irresponsible parenting lazy ass parents.

  10. Me as a Canadian I had a choice, on the wall were all 3 choices, knife, fork and spoon and they were those big fucking wooden ones a lot of people would find in the older generations home around the earl 00’s. There was no winning all them hurt hahaha.

  11. Btw these 2 kids robbed an elderly woman 😭 it’s not just that this dad wanted to take his frustration out

  12. Nope this was for his dad. It’s for show…abusing children does nothing for these kids. Thousands of child development study’s say nothing good comes from abusing children….but if you want to help slow your child’s brain development and emotional maturity then hit away if it makes you feel big….

  13. Reddit act like softies on this topic. Bro sometimes a kid will *only* understand an ass-whooping. Every kid different, and that goes both ways, some really don't need the belt, some need the belt right away.

  14. Disclaimer: what I'm about to say here is not a general rule, there is no such thing as absolute true or false facts in matter of education.

  15. People don't realize the long-lasting impact that it has. I grew up with a different generation and I was slapped numerous times for being cheeky and speaking out of turn. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as this video, but it was still hard enough to leave a mark for a few days.

  16. Who the fuck hits children?! I have two kids, 5 and 7 and I have never even raised my hand at them... That shit is illegal here (Sweden), should be illegal everywhere tbh

  17. Comments on that video are fucked up. Its sad seeing how delusional people can be into thinking this and more importantly that hitting kids in general is fine, really weird stuff

  18. I think it's funny how we try to tell ourselves the threat of violence is wrong and has no place in society, when our entire society keeps order with the threat of much worse violence than any whooping a parent could give.

  19. Um and no one says anything….. hello? That isn’t spanking that isn’t discipline that is abuse that is going to follow those kids for the rest of their lives and most likely make them into abusers like their father. Yet not one says a damn thing….. gross.

  20. Yes this is straight abuse and it’s disgusting. He is too big to hitting those children like that, your right it’s gross

  21. If you think belting your child doesn’t cause permanent damage, you’re wrong. It turns into insecurity, self hatred, and a longing for abuse, either giving or receiving. My dad used to whoop us with a thick leather belt while my mom stood and watched, it was disgusting. No matter what we did, it wasn’t bad enough to deserve that kind of trauma. And honestly, it usually leads to worse forms of abuse, physically and emotionally, from your parents and then from other people who sense the weakness and take advantage of it. If you want your children to be strong, independent, and loving, don’t beat them, with a belt or hands.

  22. My dad was just as brutal, I saw my dad hit my middle brother closed fist, this is not discipline this is child abuse make no mistake about it, the reason why nobody did anything is because this type of abuse is largely accepted as a disciplinary action, they did it to me so I'll do it to them type of deal, worst yet they think they are doing something good, the reality is that they are causing their kids great trauma and teaching their kids to do anything to avoid pain, those kids aren't going not make mistakes or not be normal kids who get in trouble, they are going to lie and hide their mistake as to avoid punishment

  23. Reading these comments and its crazy that we still can't agree as a people. There is an alternative video out there were these two kids are just trashing a CVS and there is no discipline. The comments on that video ask where the father is at, blah blah blah. Then there is a video with a child throwing shit all around a store while leashed to his mother (who is asking the ppl, what can I do but ask him not to do it) The comments here are spare the rod and spoil the child. Now we have a video of a father who is there and he is addressing the children's wrongful behavior on the spot and we are literally critiquing him and calling him names. We literally talk out of both sides of our mouths continuously. I believe there is a time and a place for all forms of communication as well as discipline.

  24. Lol. That isn’t the case at all. If the two options were the extremes then sure but those aren’t the only options. I swear Reddit makes people entirely blind to the inbetween options and only has y’all paying attention to extremes. We want people to be there and discipline their kids without abusing them. It really isn’t that hard.

  25. Swinging your child around by 1 arm while beating them isn't the same as a straight up spanking. There's discipline and then there's abuse. This crosses that line. And believe me, I'm 100% for spanking. I was spanked growing up. I was not abused growing up. There's very much a difference.

  26. Your absolutely correct. My daddy and his belt are probably the only things that kept me out of prison or the graveyard. I thank the good Lord that I was blessed to have a daddy who loved his kids enough to not spare the rod when it was needed. All you’ve got to do is turn on the news and see the examples of kids who didn’t have a daddy to make them do right.

  27. Another thread said they stole from an older lady. You can hear the guy with the belt saying don’t steal.

  28. That’s not abuse my father did the same to me and my five brothers we didn’t turn out abusive but we did learn that actions have consequences, it also did not give us an resentment or anger towards our father

  29. There is a very very fine line with spanking. My parents did it correctly with love and care and was never doing it to use pain as control. Simply did it to teach actions and consequences. If your discipline growing up actually looked like this I hate to tell you but that is abuse plain and simple. Not only is it abuse proved by psychological science and medicine but also in the eyes of the law. So go ahead and keep defending the abuse of children. Psstt… you are currently being the continuation of the cycle. You don’t have to beat your own kids to be a part of the cycle. You can also just defend the actions themselves. That is also being a part of the cycle that your parents continued with you.

  30. So idk, I think this guy was a bit excessive. But I got my ass beat with an open hand. Nothing crazy but it did sting to sit down for a few minutes. Our generation (millennials) thinks it's illegal or abusive to spank your kid at all. My coworkers dad is a cop and would carry around the state law book because parents would call cops for abuse when it was just a regular spanking and had to show them, it's perfectly legal to spank your kid with the flat side of the belt or an open hand. I see so many kids being raised by millennials now that the kids are acting up, don't listen to their parents, talk back. None of that would fly for me because it would lead to a spanking and I knew that was the consequences of my actions and tried to actively avoid it. Once I got older and realized " eh, it's a little spanking, it's not too bad. " They switched to taking things like my TV away or I wasn't allowed to go out and play for a week or something like that. At the time I thought my dad was being a dick. But as I grew into an adult, seeing kids act the way they do now, I thanked him for disciplining me so I wasn't an entitled little shit.

  31. Everyone in the comments on that post is commemorating the dad, fuck all those people. It doesn’t matter what the kid did, that’s just showing the kid that extreme abuse like that is okay. The dad is a pos

  32. No, you didn’t. My brother and I got whooped bad, my brother way worse. “Move your hands!!” We use to put on multiple pairs of underwear after church. He didn’t deserve it no matter how bad he was, neither did you.

  33. "I deserved the beatings I got as a kid" is such a weird argument. So your parents raised you shitty and then beat you for it?

  34. As I do believe in young people learning cause and effect. We are definitely past the age of needing "whoopings" anymore.

  35. Does “getting the belt” make better or worse adults? I don’t know… What I do know is that those kids won’t do whatever they did again.

  36. Eh, wasn't that bad. Better than letting the kids roam the streets, getting involved with the wrong crowd and doing whatever the fuck they want.

  37. I woulda beat the shit out of a bitch right than and there. No questions asked I’m beating his ass. I get slapping your child’s hand for attention, or giving them a little spank to emphasize a point or something, but I stop at injuring your child. If you are that much of a pussy that you need to assault your child because you don’t want to take the time or effort to be an actually decent parent than fuck you, you’re gonna have to deal with me and my family who hate people who abuse kids.

  38. A belt hit over your clothes will not injure you for gods sake and is even less damaging than a slap to your face. Shows you were never hit as a kid.

  39. I got spanked with a belt or a switch (thin twig/branch) from what I can remember probably 8-10 times. Never like that though, one swipe is enough to put you back on the straight and narrow. Im 30 and don’t have kids so I’m not exactly sure how I will discipline mine when I do have some. I have a great relationship with my parents though, and have never been in trouble, even through school. I think if you don’t take it too far it can work as a disciplinary action but there are for sure other ways to deal with a child misbehaving.

  40. White people will say it’s child abuse while letting their kids burn down the house n watch 💀. See how the father only smacked their ass not their faces that’s the difference between discipline and abuse. Downvote if this is you 😂

  41. Everyone is an armchair quarterback when it comes to disciplining kids. My kids tell me that they wished I had disciplined them more. Even childcare experts have kids that turn into assholes as adults…look at Tom Hanks for crying out loud…

  42. Ok bruh, discipline your kids but be careful collateral damage, geesh! If he had hit me w/that belt, I'd hit him w/ a chair at him.

  43. Comment section saying this is negative for this and that… these kids robbed a lady. If they robbed you this is what you should wish upon them, nothing more, nothing less.

  44. I can't believe that there are people that are against a dad disciplining their child that just STOLE from someone. Jesus fucking Christ, the world had indeed turned upside down and I'd being overtaken by a bunch of soft pussies. Studies this, studies that...get the fuck out of here!

  45. I love how everyone is like all this is child abuse he said don't steal so they obviously got caught stealing something and they got their ass beat I would have got my ass beat to if I got caught stealing something or caught doing something I wasn't supposed to and I bet you they'll never do it again

  46. They likely get spanked pretty often and another spanking is nothing to them. They will forget this "lesson" within the week. Dad is lazy. Proactive parenting, better supervision and good role modeling are what makes good kids.

  47. I personally didn’t get the belt but my sister did often. (I just got hit the old fashion way, hands and awful words) The sound of each lashing brought back memories of me being 7 years old crying in my bedroom thinking my parents were going to kill my sister. I’m 38 and I can remember it clear as day. These types of experiences stay with you forever, it’s awful

  48. I mean, maybe one smack, maybe not a belt. It's more the embarrassment from parental punishment in a public setting that's a deterant. Pain and abuse is just not good.

  49. I read a lot of comments about having to talk to a little boy to make him understand that what he did was wrong.

  50. Imagine if you had the video of the kids robbing the old lady. The comments would all be: “Where the parents at?” Well, here he is.

  51. Being hit like this taught me not to get caught the next time and to fear telling my parents anything. I chose to parent my children (22 and 9) differently and they are so much better for it. They aren't scared to come to me when they need help or have questions.

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