Head shaved, face blackened - a young girl is paraded through the streets in India for rejecting a boy. The girl was later sexually assaulted & tortured by the relatives of the boy she rejected.

  1. I read about this. She was happily married to a guy and this teenager wanted her to break the marriage so he can marry her, she rejected and the kid went home, hanged himself. His relatives kidnapped this girl and did this and sexually assaulted the girl.

  2. So the mob felt it was reasonable for a married woman to divorce and marry any newcomer that asks? WTF? And the fact women are doing this?

  3. Even worse, her sister called the local police for help. They brought her to the station, took her in a back room, raped her, and then released her back to the people who were abusing her.

  4. Where the f is the husband? If that happened to my wife, I would paint those people's houses red with their own blood

  5. Where is her family? Where is her husband? (Im not blaming anyone but the family that tortured her -and onlookers doing nothing- I just want to know.)

  6. The back ground is this 21 year old very poor woman was propositioned by a 14 year old who lived in her neighbourhood. She rejected his advances. The cultural aspect is in India women rarely interact with other males outside their family much less semi criminal road side romeos.

  7. This is disgusting she rejected a literal child who was clearly mentally unstable enough to let that affect him so much that he committed suicide. What part of that was her fault? None of it. These people need help.

  8. She was already married and has a three year old child. These “people” need life sentences.

  9. I like how Sikhs have come forward to administer revenge because they know the govt is not there to protect them. They know the story of Cynthia Kepley Mahmood - herself a victim of gang rape in India for simply asking about what was happening in Punjab. There is a disturbing, sinister ideology propelling the Congress and the BJP. This is a struggle against brahmanvaad, an ideology denounced by Sikh Gurus.

  10. what i just cannot get is how other women condem other women to such a fate they would never want to befall them... Instructing the men how to Rape and assult another ! HOW and WHY and WHAT creates such a horrendous mindset that makes this okay

  11. He did not commit suicide because of this. His family decided he committed suicide because of this so that they could blame someone but themselves. Nobody commits suicide because one woman rejected his sexual advances.

  12. Just read CNN article and THIS GARBAGE MOB TRIED TO TAKE HER SON, A TODDLER, but aunt held onto him and refused to let go. She saved his life. At least this poor woman has the peace her son was not taken too!

  13. Thank you, I read the article. They also tried to take her 2 year old boy and Thank God the sister managed to hold on to him. Who knows what those monsters would have done to that poor boy. This is ABSOLUTELY horrible!!!!

  14. Roadside Romeo reminds me of Romeo Dialing, an Indian phenomenon where a dude dials a random number and tries to romance whomever picks up regardless of age or marital status

  15. Much like men are the first to punish other men for crying and showing vulnerability, women are the first to teach you how much you should hate yourself for making choices for yourself.

  16. culture is a beast and this happens in different scale. A girl raped for refusing a girl, Narcos torturing and bombing, Mafia keeping the citizens silence, powerful countries sending armies to poor countries. Culture is a beast.

  17. Been asking that since birth mate! Just when it seems like India is finally on a good path, people do shit like this and just make you question your own humanity. All those people in the video are just brainwashed barely educated idiots.

  18. To me it always feels weird the use of the word culture to define certain abhorrent behaviour. Perhaps while fighting racism and inequality, we are giving shelter to a bigger evil.

  19. 11 arrested after woman allegedly gang raped, tortured and paraded through streets in India - CBS News, January 28, 2022

  20. This is fucking disgusting! The relatives should be given life sentences and the state government should take responsibility for allowing this and care for the victim. Which state did this happen?

  21. Its a mix of both arranged marriage but also the guys family may of been higher status, the blackened face is to reduce her status as the darker the skin the more you are viewed as being a peasant, thats why Bollywood actors until recently had lighter skin tones.

  22. Everyone in this video needs to be killed. I don’t see any way these people will learn from this is wrong, it’s like their brains are 2,000 years behind. I don’t give a shit if that sounds racist, not all Indians are like this. These specific Indians are fucking barbarians and have no chance of being a member of a civilized society

  23. It's getting even worse by the day. Imma head out to a another country to add genuine value, and take care of my family and kids (when I have kids) there only.

  24. Wow that’s a very horribly fragile family if they are this triggered over a girl not wanting to be with their son!! Utterly disgusting!!

  25. Leaving out some important info such as the fact that she was gang raped (not just sexually assualted) by the whole of the boys family, she was a Sikh which is why they cut off her hair to target her religion (Sikhs are being targeted by extremists nationalists in India rn), the boys family was not alone in beating her since the general public also got involved in beating the poor Sikh girl, and lastly this was in the national capital of Delhi! The boys family is well connected and the fact that the girl was from a Sikh family (and a poor one at that) means there is a risk that the family gets away with this especially under the current government. The only way that she can get justice is if this case gets international attention and people across India demand justice in mass.

  26. Love to my Sikh brothers and sisters. Stay strong 💪 you guys have shared your strength with me already so I know.

  27. What a horribly fucked up culture that would ever make something like this acceptable. Imagine turning down the creepy advances of a child and then getring tortured, raped, and paraded around town to be embarassed and beaten by your fellow neighbors. What absolute pieces of shit.

  28. Incredible!! How are the women ever going to be safe from sexual assault when other women do this ??? A prime example of why many pedophiles were abuses as children... its a learned behaviour! The women doing this submitted to males so of course the next generation must as well. Like racism in America.... a learned behaviour and so very wrong!

  29. India ! What a shit place to be a woman , that country is soooooo fucked up it's unbelievable. This behavior wouldn't happen in Iran yet India are ally's of the west. I'd love to know where this girl's family are why they not protecting her from this abuse.

  30. It’s heartbreaking that not one person in the crowd said “hang on, this is wrong”. I know in my own heart that I couldn’t stand there and allow that to happen. Wtf is wrong with these people that they could do such a thing?

  31. I'm sure there are people in the crowd who think that. There are too many for me to believe they're all hopelessly deluded to believe this is okay.

  32. She had gone to her sisters home with her small child to give some rice . The boys relatives barged in and started beating her. Then they dragged her out and attempted to snatch her child but her sister managed to hang on to the child. Then they bundled her in a vehicle and took her to her home. Her sister followed her home in a hired Tuk Tuk accompanied with the boys relatives. They took her to her house and beat her and sexually assaulted/raped her inside Then they took her outside and continued beating for another hour to the cheers of hundreds of people. They also blackened her face and shaved her head to further humiliate her and show that she has been defiled sexually.

  33. I do not care what you say but India is one of the worst countries on this planet. One of their holy sites is a diseased river everyone takes a bath in. That caste system has had long lasting societal consequences that show up even today. Over population with income inequality out of wack is exacerbating the problem. Too many internet and phone scams coming from them.

  34. For real tho, coming from an actual minority in India. Some of these people have 0 empathy and compassion. There are good people also tho...

  35. That just doesn’t even make sense wtf “hey guys she rejected me so you guys should sexually assault my crush” like what kind of thinking is that india is fucked

  36. So a married mother turns down a teenager boy who is obsessed with her and his family gang rapes and beats her up and everyone in this community does the same. If she cheated on her husband the same damn thing would have happened. So people from India what scenario would have kept her from this torture? Her fate was sealed just being a woman.

  37. This is absolutely fucking appalling. Misogyny is in every society but this takes it to a completely different level. That woman was raped, beaten, tortured, shamed and humiliated and for what??? Because the family was looking for someone to blame and the whole community just got on board with it.

  38. They were engaging in vigilante justice. That’s why it’s illegal. It’s often uglier than legal systems are ineffective. It’s level of justice depends entirely on the vigilante.

  39. Indias culture has always been disgusting. I've looked into it plenty of times. It gets worse the more you learn about it.

  40. Look, I’m all about understanding the cultural differences throughout the world and have been to more than a dozen countries outside the US but I find India’s treatment of women to be truly disgusting and morally wrong, just like the Taliban. (Yes I understand I’m speaking of my morals and mine alone but still)

  41. Not generalizing. But, it's not just a north problem. I've traveled to many parts of India, and loved my visits and the people. However, I'm a male. Even I was able to be see that Indian scoeity does not make it easy for females.

  42. Don’t judge an entire country, just the entire north of a country. You got a rape problem in the North, then it’s time for the South to deal with it or you’re complacent.

  43. How fucked up are these people in their beliefs in the way that they treat this poor girl for rejecting a boy from another family .Rather than protect her they resort to this ,Honestly I think it's fucking putrid behaviour ...

  44. "She says in patriarchal societies women are taught that they're ultimately to blame for any wrongdoing -- and last month, those deep beliefs played out on the streets of Delhi, when women allegedly ganged up on one of their own"

  45. I look forward to the next video of the perpetrators being shamed in front of a camera by the police. Perhaps with a few slaps thrown in.

  46. Honest question here. Where is her family in all this? I mean if this happened to my sister I would want to get revenge myself. I'm asking because I haven't seen anything about her family. Granted, I haven't read the article. Just curiosity nothing else.

  47. She is a married women with a son they tried to grab as well. Her sister was able to grab her son and keep him safe and then followed them in a rickshaw to their house which is near their father's house. She took her nephew into her father's house and locked the doors. She then watched as this happened to her sister without being able to do anything.

  48. How can humans treat each other like this? Absolutely disgusting. They say nature is cruel. No, humans are the cruelest animals on the planet.

  49. And this is why some places should just burn and wash away. Sure these people are human but to what degree? Let the whole place burn and start over. Aside from fertilizer these types of people serve no purpose.

  50. I was in India in 2008. Utter Pradesh region and there was a 5th grade boy who was murdered for writing a poem to a girl outside his social class.

  51. I’m not super stoked on america, but how can people say America is the worst country in the world when places like this exist?

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