Little boy lets his sister have it when she didn’t listen to him about wearing a life jacket.

  1. I’m a recovery scuba diver. I pull dead bodies out of lakes and rivers. If you don’t know how to swim WEAR A FUCKING LIFE JACKET! I don’t care if it doesn’t look cool, I don’t care if your friends make fun of you, I really don’t care about any of it, but I don’t want to pull you up and watch your family loose it on shore when we bring you in to be identified. That kid is smarter than a lot of people.

  2. Thank you for what you do. My dad died while kayaking in a river. He was experienced and wearing a life jacket. That day he was practicing for a father's day triathlon coming up. But it had just rained so the water level was much higher and faster than usual. His entire kayak got wedged under a log jam and he drowned. The search and rescue team couldn't even find his body until three days later on father's day. He was so stuck that it took several men to get him out. Very grateful for your line of work.

  3. Am I the only one who doesn't think he said that? I'm pretty sure he just said "What did I try to tell you" again but in a louder tone.

  4. Back when I was a lifeguard at a water park, I had one guy (about 6ft, 300lbs) come up to me and ask me how deep the deep end of the pool was. I explained that it was a bowl shape and that, although it was about 3 ft at the edges, it went to about 12 feet in the middle.

  5. Kids don't wanna look dumb, and they think wearing any protective gear looks dumb, so they will refuse it or even mock others for wearing them

  6. I used to lifeguard at a summer camp that saw a lot of inner city kids. Evry year I would pull a handful of kids out of the water who would rush down to the beach on day one and jump off the dock with all of the confidence in the world only to realize they couldn't swim. Most of them were athletes if some kind (baseball, basketball, football). I think they were sure they'd be able to just make it happen. I stopped being surprised after the first summer and came to expect it.

  7. I used to take people out sailing. For people I've never met before, I interview them to see their experience level so I know how much I need to keep my eye on them. One fella was very happy to be invited out. It was a beautiful July day with some sweet wind. I got that he hadn't any prior sailing knowledge, but it struck me that it was worse than that. So, then I came up with, "but you can swim right?!" he said, 'no'. oh. uh. crap. you want to go out sailing with a stranger in pretty high winds and you can't swim? crap. of course I made him wear the life jacket, but still..

  8. Overconfidence and ignorance. Assuming that they couldn't possibly be in any real danger in a controlled place. Assuming they'll be able to touch the bottom. Believing that the inner tube is precaution enough of a device.

  9. I had a few friends go out on the lake boating this past summer. I was the sober captain, which is weird for me but it’s a good thing.

  10. You'd be shocked, coming from a former life guard. Kids are just so dumb. We once had a kid who couldn't swim jump in and get pulled out by a lifeguard, then told to stick to the shallow kids pool. Kid just hope back into the big pool and needs saving again like an hour later.

  11. If its a young kid they may want to feel less like a "baby" and believe they can go in without a life jacket like the older kids and adults. Since her sibling is watching her in the video, he probably argued with her but she refused, and being a kid he let her learn the hard way or didn't want to bother arguing anymore.

  12. Urban centres everywhere have this problem. Poorer parents can’t afford or choose not to send their kids to swimming lessons.

  13. Way worse than seat belts... you have a very real chance not to wreck. Like she can't swim. There's literally no chance she lives.

  14. Honestly shame on their parents for letting her go into a pool like that without a lifejacket. That pool is crowded and it would be very difficult for a lifeguard to see someone drowning. She clearly does not know how to swim from how she reacted when she went underwater. That is terrifying.

  15. that's me trying to convince my family to use seatbelt in the backseat. They're so dense

  16. I was in 5th grade and saw a kid in my grade get hit by a car in a parking lot. He ran out without looking. The car couldn't have been going very fast, so he was OK, but I was having a complete meltdown because I saw it happen.

  17. Why are they so close to the wave wall if they can’t swim?! I use to be a lifeguard and I’m glad I never worked at a wave pool.

  18. Also teach them the importance of life jackets, ive known of far too many people needlessly drowning

  19. Maybe it's because I'm Dutch but I just can't fathom the idea that somebody doesn't know how to swim, just like I expect everyone to be able to ride a bike.

  20. I don't know how to swim but we plan on getting my son swimming lessons in a year or two here (he's 5 months right now) and I was considering taking them with him. My husband can swim but that don't do me any good if he ain't there

  21. This. Absolutely drives me nuts!!! It’s so preventable! How is a child supposed to know if you don’t teach them!

  22. Who even brings a kid who can't swim to a water park? That's kind of messed up. I was a strong swimmer and still have had borderline moments of panic when swimming in the lazy river at ours.

  23. Oh well that’s the kind of weird thing that’s going to end up sucking up the rest of my day thank you

  24. Only because she grabbed onto something right after she flipped over and started splashing. In another 5 seconds the water would be still again and she would just be moving her limbs right underneath it.

  25. In movies usually their head is above water and they're saying "Help!!! I cant swim!!!!" while splashing. In this video, the girls head is just below the surface and her arms are going mental. Thats the main difference. Drowning people dont call for help.

  26. I was a lifeguard as a teenager. I had to enter the water to make a save 3 times in my career. Same kid. We offered the family free swim lessons, they declined. After the 3rd save the kid was banned from the pool.

  27. Right! It looked like she gave it a moment to see if she could swim but could tell immediately that she didn’t know how.

  28. I have a friend who's a lifeguard during summer at pools at holiday resorts. He notices this young toddler walks away from its mom to walk over to a slide in the swimming pool. So he runs over to grab and return the todler to the mom and tells her to keep an eye on her todler, as its wandering around without those arm floatation devices. 5 minutes orso passes and he sees the mom sitting down on her phone, but the toddler is gone again.

  29. I get so much anxiety at public pools and wave pools, so many kids in them without parents keeping an eye on them, the lifeguards can't watch everyone at once especially when about half the kids look like they're barley keeping their heads above water while "swimming". Using a flotation device that's not a life vest to compensate for an inability to swim straight up puts you and the people around you in danger of drowning.

  30. What kind of parent doesn't teach the kids to swim and leaves them in the deep end of the pool?

  31. The kind of parent that will rely on the fact that there’s lifeguards. Also, keep in mind this is a wave pool and these kids are right at the rope—closest to where the waves are generated. Even if you know how to swim, it can be difficult especially for kids their size.

  32. Not every kid has school swimming in their curriculum in NL. Only some have. Most parents send their kids to swimming lessons at some local swimming pool (and have to pay for it). And it is not mandatory whatsoever.

  33. I had a couple of friends in high school that didn't know how to swim, and we live in Italy where almost everyone goes to the seaside during summer, including them of course...

  34. Nope, most schools don't have a giant swimming pool, and large parts of the country don't have nearby oceans or lakes. Swimming lessons are usually voluntarily by families who bring them to the city pool, lake, or YMCA to learn to swim.

  35. They weren’t mandatory in Russia either, my mother was scared of drowning her whole life and made me join the swim team when I was younger to make sure I was a strong swimmer.

  36. I want you to think of any skill you learned in school that is being what you would need to mop the floor at McDonald's.

  37. Lucky. Only one of my (US born and raised here) schools had access to a pool, but it was on the other side of town, so I think only our swim team went. But that was when I was in high school.

  38. I’m half Dutch, but grew up in America. Here swimming pools are really accessible to people who have money usually middle class and up. People of lower classes either do not have access to a body of water to learn or have finances to pay for classes. Also we don’t have canals everywhere so no chance of falling in the water on a drunken night. The necessity of swimming is a lower in the US.

  39. Based on recent events I’m sure that if we tried that here it would be lambasted as “an attack on our freedom to choose to drown” and some kind of “socialist plot to osmotically implant trackers in our bodies” because yes, we have become that stupid as a nation.

  40. Certainly not in any of the schools I've attended across the US until we moved to Germany. Luckily both my parents used to be lifeguards through high school and into college, and my brother contended for butterfly and breast stroke in the Barcelona Olympics. I suck at swimming, but can do it. Living on bases, we were taught at the Officer's Clubs at an early age, so I was prepared when we went to Germany.

  41. Probably has something to do with population sizes and proximity to bodies of water. People in landlocked states (or countries) are probably statistically less likely to teach their children to swim.

  42. My nephew was real young when I was maybe 10. We were at a local small beach and my sister asked I keep an eye on him for a few minutes while we were in the water so she can get us food. I didn't. I swam way out and when I turned around I saw the lifeguard dive in after my nephew who was trying to follow me not knowing any better. I was too young to understand at the time but I often think now how grateful I am for that teenage lifeguard and that one was even on duty.

  43. I worked at a wave pool and the amount of , not racist this is just the case, black parents who just let their kids float with no life jacket and also no ability to swim would blow your mind. We had to jump in the pool multiple times a day. Super stressful job with very little pay. Im amazed there arent more drownings at wave pools.

  44. Dude i know. As a kiwi I'm pretty sure it's in the school curriculum to learn to swim from a young age. I'm in indonesia and apparently no one can fucking swim. it's crazy, beautiful beaches and growing up around rivers they never learn basic water skills. An adult telling me they can't swim is like them telling me they can't ride a bike

  45. You think thats crazy? 75% of water-locked Jamaicans can't swim, even though a lot of them still play in the sea on weekends. There are also many Jamaicans who are scared to death of water. On weekends, the public beaches are lined with hundreds of locals, but you'll only ever see a few people actually swimming.

  46. reminds me of my dad lol. for context i was a stupid kid who'd always do the dangerous stuff simply because i was told not too. i also can't swin.

  47. Kid is going to make a excellent dad. He has it down already. The head flail and aaahhhhhhhh made it for me.

  48. I love that youtube channel, it gave me a newfound respect for lifeguards and how difficult and stressful their job must be.

  49. How do people confidently go to a pool. A wave pool at that that gets pretty deep and not know how to swim then openly refuse to wear a life jacket.

  50. Had a cousin that wouldn't ever wear a life jacket, even though he couldn't swim. Tragically he drowned on a camping trip when is canoe flipped. Please wear a life jacket if you're not a strong swimmer! And always wear one in a boat (doesn't matter how good of a swimmer you are if you get knocked out).

  51. I legit got emotional watching this with my eyes tearing up a bit after hearing the whistle and then the life guard jumping in... damnit

  52. I mean let's be honest. Everyone who is mad at the boy does not realise that he (probably) can't even swim himself and most definetly not prevent someone from drowning.

  53. As parents we need to make sure your a few simple pool rules are followed, with the most important being, if your ass can’t swim you’re wearing a fucking life jacket!!!

  54. I used to be a lifeguard and had to save kids all the time that would jump in the 12ft diving pool without even knowing how to swim. As my dad used to say there are no lifeguards in the gene pool

  55. My 4th grade elementary school class made swimming mandatory and even had a test where we had to be able to tread water. Not being able to swim is a huge disability in a world mainly consisting of water.

  56. Thank goodness for lifeguards. I mean did you dee how quick they were in the water? There was a series of tests online where you had to pick the drowning kid and I tell you, I bombed almost every single one of the tests.

  57. Please explain to me why people need a life jacket in a swimming pool. I have never seen this or seen somebody drown at a pool.

  58. honestly, who gets in a pool like this without knowing how to swim? The parents were like, "Yeah, this is fine" ????

  59. Why can’t kids swim?? In Australia swim lessons are standard parenting practice under 5 and are also taught in public schools. It saves lives .

  60. Many kids don’t even have the opportunity to learn how to swim. If you don’t live near a body of water and your parents can’t afford to take you to a community pool, how are you expected to learn?

  61. Sure, I'm going to bring my kids to a water park and they can't swim and just hope the life jacket does his job or if they continue to wear it.

  62. I just came here to say I’m super fricken impressed at how fast that life guard jumped in! Most of them don’t even pay attention.

  63. I’ve almost drowned in these wave pools twice, got stuck under the layer of inner tubes and the second time I got kicked square in the chest

  64. If this kid wasn’t yelling, I would have thought this was a demonstration due to how quick the lifeguard reacted. I’d feel pretty confident about my kids swimming with that lifeguard on duty.

  65. That sounds like a good brother though. He's mad because he tried telling her to wear a life jacket because he cares about her. I would love to have a kid like him one day

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