The human mind is a scary place to live.

  1. All fear comes with love. Fear of death is love of life. Fear of awareness is love of ignorance. I've decided not to love ignorance.

  2. True, it's scary sometimes. But other times it's fun, beautiful, and exhilarating. As Bill Hicks said, "it's just a ride" and I sometimes need to remember that. Nothing ever stays the same, so if you are in a dark spot right now just know it will soon change into something else.

  3. Another terence quote (I'm paraphrasing) is "The universe isn't stranger than you suppose, it's stranger than you can suppose."

  4. The fact that we exist at all is enough to cause speechlessness. Every attempt to explain away the fundamental fact of our consciousness is a mirage.

  5. Any quick words before we're swept up into the sea of nothingness? Could you imagine if this is the only shot at life that any creature in the universe ever gets...? Crazy stuff.

  6. Thanks for the post. It has been crazy so far. Glad to be here at the moment, but I don't always feel that way! Keep on wading, peace and love to you as well.

  7. Exactly. We’ve done this times before. Our mind is reflective. It’s ancient. It’s loving and chaotic. We bring it to life and it brings us to life in turn. The confusion is created when we attack.

  8. One of the scariest things I learned (or think I learned, at least) from psychs was about reincarnation. To many, the idea is a beautiful one, that we live on in some form after death, but I see it as horrifying. I'm not rich by any means, but living middle-class in the first world means I'm living one of the most comfortable lives in the history of life. If even this experience is so difficult for me, how could I hope to bear the burdens of those who suffered so much worse than I? Existential extinction seems like a mercy in comparison.

  9. This middle class existence in the first world comes with its own set of suffering. We’ve been taught that if we acquire enough things and manipulate our external world enough times that eventually we find contentment but that’s a lie. By the time most of us realize it’s a lie, the conditioning and culture is too thick to be completely overcome and we’re stuck being aware of the futility of our search for fulfillment while simultaneously unable to quit the search.

  10. I can relate to your post, after doing shrooms I stopped fearing death when I had some really amazing visuals and felt this profound connection to the universe. I felt reincarnation was definitely what happens after death. I never considered it horrifying though, thanks for your input.

  11. I am completely convinced you are reborn within the same family tree. I found out too much spooky shit about my ancestors after reaching out to a distant branch of the family and being presented with an oil painting of myself from 1750.

  12. Acid is the only drug I've felt so much like an ape or animal on, it's so primitive feeling like I'm hunching around with a club

  13. I don't know if 'unfair' is the word I'd use, though I'd agree it certainly feels that way any time we're shackled to our egos. That said, it also seems to me that that very pain is the catalyst to engage in the exploration you're describing and on very choice occasions I can even feel a certain gratitude for the whole complex mess that we describe as conscious experience. I'll concede that meta cognition is a blessing and a curse and that I've also found myself envying those who can narrow their field of vision to the purely hedonistic, but in all honesty that envy quickly dissolves as soon as I try to have a conversation with one of them.

  14. I created you so you could make this for me to read and experience. And the same for you to me for this comment for you. This is a comment the masses need to read, it’s ok to just “be”.

  15. I’ve been trying to reprogram mine, is that a normal thing in this sub? With every trip I try to change something small about the way I think or act. Last few trips I’ve been working on not being so sex dependent and I honestly feel like it’s working. Usually I try to be more calm and more zen which has been working very well

  16. Hey it man if it works and it’s helping then good on you. You can use a hammer to build a house, or you can use it to break all your fingers. Just depends on yourself

  17. This is such a nice thing to read. I’m a Christian - since my late 20s - and it’s so nice to know people appreciate that life is HARD! With our without Jesus, this place is no easy trip. Blessings brother.

  18. Maybe we did ask to be conscious but we asked for that memory to be taken away. Shouldn’t we act as if that were the case anyway?

  19. It’s a trip knowing your immortal form is at all times trying to figure out your mortal visceral form’s functions and how best to approach life.

  20. “It will take my whole life to understand even a fraction of my own mind.” Except the fact that you’re not your mind, and trying to understand it comes solely from the mind itself. Mind tries to understand Mind, it’s still mind.

  21. The Vote Count was on 555 when I stumbled across this post. Angel number. My own inner standing is that despite how it feels at times this is fair and we did indeed ask for this. We signed a soul contract to come here and experience life as a human during this particular timeline as the trials and tribulations we experience collectively and individually are not only manifestations of our lower self/mind it offers us great opportunities to grow and evolve into higher dimensions. We are going through a massive shift and have the chance to pick the most favourable timeline and it all starts with looking the demon in the eyes, our own demons. Remembering one thing that Demon is not separate from us, it is us. Our greatest gift, teacher disguised are our worst enemy. The one great spirit experiencing itself subjectively from all angles interconnected and interwoven through the physical, emotional, mental and astral planes.

  22. Some of these substances can make us more confused, because our perspective of reality is based on what we know from other people. But the actual nature of reality is inside all of us. In order to understand true nature of things in the material world you must learn to enter all these different states. My most useful tool for health has been LSD since if I consume any substance or food on L I can understand how it affects my body and mind.

  23. Every time I trip I get a glimpse into psychosis. I see how a traumatizing event can leave someone's life completely gray and desolate. I see how miserable it could be, and how absolutely fucking lucky I am that my brain chemistry works right and my childhood was filled with love. Scares the bjeezus outta me.

  24. It's a double edged sword. While we have the potential to experience bliss and the most beautiful things presented to us, since we're able to actually perceive and enjoy beauty and such, it's also a pretty damn dark and scary place, the human mind. IMO mostly for the ''fear of the unknown'' we are inside, other that anything else.

  25. Life is the ultimate strangeness. Honestly, I find life very hard, and I torture myself habitually by chewing over the fundamental problems of life.

  26. Yes, but consciosuness is a true gift............despite all the "confusion" it can create, it gives us the ability of leading a deep life.....

  27. It's comforting to know other people out there feel the same way as everything can sometimes feel a bit much especially when your around people that are not aware of consciousness and other intelligent life just feel people are trying to keep themselves so busy now a days avoiding the fact that somehow we're here talking on this Reddit sub having these beautiful conversations only wanting love and peace however alot of people want the opposite because many reasons like religion, ego and personal traumatic experiences they've maybe encountered.

  28. Sometimes after tripping while I'm going through problems in life I'm left with more questions than answers , life is a beautiful struggle and the mind is a labyrinth

  29. nobody asked to be conscious... are you sure? i wonder about that a lot. is life trying to be more than i can handle? or is this exactly what i wanted and asked for? maybe i wanted to be tested, pushed to some limit.

  30. “My dear friend Wayne Muller, author of "A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough", speaks of the courage to see what’s whole beneath what’s broken. The French novelist and Nobel Laureate André Gide also says, “If you go deeply enough into the personal, you reach the Universal.” These insights imply that what’s broken and what’s whole are not forks in the road, but that one waits beneath the other; namely, a Universal Wholeness waits beneath our brokenness the way a torn seedpod lets all its seeds drop through its tear to germinate the Earth. A good deal of our suffering comes from not going deeply enough into the personal to make it through and so we get stuck between the surface and the deep. Often, the pain of being stuck makes us afraid to go deeper, which is exactly what we need to do in order to restore our inner health. So when stuck, we need to ask ourselves: Am I leaning through my brokenness enough to be touched and restored by the Wholeness of life?”

  31. IMO we have complicated things way too much. If we could go back to having simpler life I feel it would be better. But for some reason we see value in accumulating things we don't need.

  32. Just take it how it is. juat accept it and keep going. You dont need to understood how iphone works to use it.

  33. The scariest part is all the possible identities you have created for yourself. So many in fact, that you can't keep track of them and forget how deep you are in them (identities within identities).

  34. Unfair? How is it unfair? We are all going through our own shit, ofc some has it better than others. Sry if I come across as an asshole, but its not unfair. We are all born into the same world, definitely some get a better starting point, but we all end up about the sameway in the end.

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