1. I’m always hydrated. I’ve heard it’s a magnesium deficiency because LSD does the same thing to me but I had blood work done and specifically asked to check for any deficiencies.

  2. I'm having a similar issue in my legs. I've tried a tens unit, muscle relaxer, massager, stretching, and hydrating with no luck. Next trip I'm gonna give weed lotion a try or maybe try an edible with the shrooms to numb me out.

  3. Might be your body letting you know you should stretch and exercise those muscles??? The shrooms are showing you which areas of your body that need work?? Just an idea.. I find stretching, exercising and all that jazz very important while tripping (not while peaking maybe, but definitely near the end of the trip)

  4. Yea honestly I have the same problem with muscle spasms in my legs/feet when I’m trying to come down from a 3-4 gram trip. I’d recommend taking some sort of benzo and just go to sleep. But that’s counterproductive.

  5. You may need electrolytes, in addition to the water you drink. Eat a banana, peanut butter, you could drink something with added nutrients like Gatorade or propel if you don’t mind the plastic bottles.

  6. You are slightly poisoning yourself when you eat shrooms. Might be how your body reacts, could be strain specific.

  7. If we were talking alcohol I would agree with the word 'poisoning'. Psilocybin isn't poison at all and I've never heard it referred to that way until you. We don't understand a lot of the properties of psilocybin and how it affects us, but it's nothing like poison.

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