Draw fluffy monster with fooarc fur set

  1. just a quick tip for the clipping mask: one way to only color within a shape is to draw the shape on a new layer, then tap the layer and choose alpha lock.

  2. Alpha I use quite a bit with creating edge shadowing or for general touch-ups. It's very useful for cleaning up your edges sometimes with the smudge tool (especially if working with a cut-out object that wasn't quite as clean as you liked). It took me the longest out if these 3 to really understand it's benefits and also use it regularly. Masking is great for giving things a glossy look such as eyes. I did a eyeball tutorial and that was the first time I had ever used it. You can get the same results by using the eraser tool and lowering your opacity but is easier done with masking. I feel like there is more to learn here. Clipping mask is key for improving your art. Definitely watch and do some tutorials as it will change they way you go about creating new artwork. There are many, many ways to use it. I use it for texturing and lighting mostly but if you are creative you'll use it in new ways all the time. It just takes practice and know that it's not super easy to understand or explain for most of us and don't feel discouraged at any point. I felt like most of the tutorials that I watched didn't really convey how to really implement each one very well. But with practice it's a piece of cake and you'll be super happy once they are a regular part of your process. Good luck!

  3. Procreate really makes drawing seem very simple, but mad 90s props to the artist whom clearly has a strong understanding of how to use it efficiently

  4. I wonder if your using an screen protector or not, if so which are you using? I have a glass one and I’ve been drawing small art overtime and wanted to know the difference between drawing on Glass, Paper, or None.

  5. Not true. Just because the brush has fur on it doesn’t mean it doesn’t take lots of skill to make great art on it. Think of it not as a way to make art, but as a new TYPE of art. Just as traditional art can look realistic and has that original feel to it. Digital art has its own benefits, but also lots of cons. For example you’d find that drawing clean lines on ipad isn’t as easy as it looks. Just bc there’s a “straight line tool” doesn’t mean everyone uses it. Don’t hate on other artists, we all have the same goal and mindset.

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