This show has truly been peak Star Wars.

  1. Yes! I thought she faked her death since she knew she was being watched! I guess not. All in all, she’s just a brick in a stormtroopers face…

  2. Me too. We never saw her actually die so I thought she was alive. And I don’t care what people say, I really like this show. Even more that Kenobi.

  3. I'm so glad they spent like a fifth of the runtime of this show on a character whose only purpose seems to have been as a diabolus ex machina to save the ISB lady from getting drawn and quartered.

  4. See the moment they threw the bomb and knowing that this isn’t supposed by a Starwars story that isn’t afraid to make bad things happen to good people I went “O god the empires going to kill everyone.” And then war crimes proceeded to happen and most of the people they killed were unarmed. And I get the eerie feeling it’s implied the empire did not stop massacring people after Andor got out of town and the camera panned away only allowing the viewer to hear the violence still continuing in the background. And despite how absolutely awful that sounds I sat back and went, fuck this show is good.

  5. So much this. I think Skarsgard portrayed it really well...he saw people rising up against the Empire out of their own free will, without him pushing the buttons. Must've been quite powerful for him to see.

  6. Yeah his whole speech about being a coward. He is the one who sends others to do things, not himself. He plans but cannot be the one to risk their own life. That's why he could only stand and watch.

  7. No, it wasn't. It was good TV but very offbeat Star Wars. I never connected with the storyline and zoned away at times du to disengagement.

  8. As great as it was, take into consideration how most likely the rebellion failed and the empire is gonna kill all of them

  9. I swear than Andor is better than all of those. Think Better Call Saul tier television. It's a slow burn drama that takes it's time to add depth to nearly every character and give them fleshed out personalities, goals and psychology.

  10. A bit disappointed; why do they feel the need to give us some pseudo climax with all characters reunited but with no point ? It was good but not as good as the rest of the season

  11. I agree but I still enjoyed the show. Ending wasn’t exactly amazing but overall the show was 8.5/10 for me

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