Not that there's anything wrong with that

  1. No no no. Palpatine is either gay or uses the force to bend himself gay. Then they let the anger flow through each other, safe word is “Pineapple”

  2. Thatd be a troubled and fucked up mentor-mentee relationship that would end in tragedy, the Sith would sense weakness in the Jedi when both of them inevitably die and conquer them all the same

  3. Honestly I doubt that, anakin never had a father figure, therefore there's a chance he's got some daddy issues going on.

  4. Yeah, the same problems would still occur. Anakin would just have an attachment to Podmu instead, Padme's male cousin.

  5. "Without the Jedi who would oppose to you dating him Anakin ,destroy the Jedi ,destroy the rules. With my knowledge ,my power you can be together"

  6. Anakin would have visions of guy in a black suit who’s more machine than human striking obiwan down.

  7. Palpatine would surely still find a way to use Obi-Wan and Anakin's feelings towards him to turn him to the dark side somehow

  8. Sorry master plagius, the clap of my ass cheacks keep alerting the jedi council of my secret identity as a sith

  9. I suddenly think of a pixelcat video in a G mod role playing server where he made "Palpy" a flirtatious stormtrooper seducer with suggestive dances.

  10. Anakin would have found a boyfriend eventually and probably would have still married them in secret. And Sheev would have used Anakins love for his husband against him to create fear and eventually causing Anakin to join the dark side. Nothing would have changed in the prequels apart from the baby element, but obviously the original trilogy would have been a lot different.

  11. In the Queen's trilogy the Naboo are very accepting of all gender expressions. I don't know how far that goes in the government and how the laws are surrounding that topic but I bet the Queen could be something other then cis female as well. In that case, the original trilogy could go the same if Padmé were a gay trans man.

  12. I'm not sure. I doubt any Jedi would date him, and I doubt he'd confess love to any Jedi. Not to mention, most Padawans he grew up with didn't like him much. On top of that, he rarely had any business with the senate, so there's really no chance for him to find a lover, unless he met someone special on Coruscant he wouldn't fall for if he was straight.

  13. Anakin is so theatrical that he would have fallen in love with someone else and made the same mistakes. Perhaps Obi-wan. Perhaps some twi'lek twinkling from Cloud City.

  14. He would obviously fall for Ewan McGregor and Palpatine would just Kill him instead of Padme, though this time we would have no Luke not even Obi Wan to train him

  15. But then Obi-Wan would have politely rejected him, Anakin would have been ashamed and angry, and Palpatine would have still gotten ahold of one of the galaxy's many Kenobi stalkers

  16. Anakin is so dramatic he would have found some dude to fall in love with and make all the same mistakes. Maybe Obi-wan. Maybe some twi'lek twink from Cloud City.

  17. If Anakin were gay, that wouldn't automatically mean that he'd love Palpatine. Gay people have non-sexual and non-romantic same sex relationships just like straight people as well.

  18. You’re right, Obi-wan would’ve still fought Anakin, but Luke and Leia wouldn’t have been born, thus Vader never turns back to the good side and “defeats” Palpatine. Siths win in that alternate timeline.

  19. lol "We do not grand you the rank of master" "Why that's not fair?!" "Well ... we don't.. you know"

  20. Why? He wouldn't have married Padme, but he might have married someone else and the Prequel trilogy would have happened nearly unchanged. Of course the OT would be very different without Luke and Leia, but that doesn't mean there can't be a story.

  21. Nah, same ending, he will fall in love with Obi-Wan who refuses to have a relationship because it is against the Jedi code. The rejection drives Anakin to darkness. Then a "if I can't have him nobody can" situation then Obi Wan has to cut his legs and arm off on Mustafar again.

  22. Then it'd be longer with Anakin lusting for his Master... No one here knows how gay romance works? Where I live, that shit is taboo but did not stop me from being gay. Now I'm not sure really if the Jedi Order forbad homosexuality or not. I can't really even think of a gay character even in KotOR

  23. It all ends the same then, but instead of his fear that he'll lose Padme it's his anger and jealousy that he can never have Obi-Won.

  24. I do not concur with this conclusion, If Anakin was gay he would have chased that Obi-wan ass all over the galaxy and the result would have been even more mayhem.

  25. As someone who is really invested in Obi-Wan/Anakin as a pairing, I'm absolutely chuffed to see this subreddit embrace us. Some of your ideas are amazing, and you're tempting me to adapt some of these to fanfic, you know.

  26. W‍е‍l‍l‍,‍ ‍ԝ‍е‍’‍r‍е‍ ‍n‍о‍t‍ ‍g‍о‍i‍n‍g‍ ‍t‍о‍ ‍с‍r‍а‍ѕ‍h‍ ‍о‍n‍t‍о‍ ‍t‍h‍е‍ ‍ѕ‍t‍а‍r‍,‍ ‍о‍u‍t‍ѕ‍р‍о‍k‍е‍n‍l‍у‍ ‍b‍о‍t‍ ‍ԝ‍е‍’‍r‍е‍ ‍d‍е‍f‍i‍n‍i‍t‍е‍l‍у‍ ‍g‍о‍i‍n‍g‍ ‍t‍о‍ ‍t‍h‍е‍ ‍h‍u‍t‍ ‍t‍h‍а‍t‍ ‍р‍l‍а‍n‍е‍t‍!‍ ‍.‍

  27. Obi wan will be another issue then, and given how furious and frustrated while Obiwan faked his death in the clone war and went out of his way to personally avenge him, he will fall to the darkside regardless, maybe even quicker as Obiwan faces even more danger than Padme

  28. Story would be the same. If he was immaculately conceived via the force I would believe that anyone could become pregnant via the force, if it be willing.

  29. No. Gay people also have relationships and love each other. Anakin still would have his borderline personality disorder issues. This is stupid and wrong

  30. Lol he just would have thirsted after a guy and gone to the dark side to “save” him instead. But no kids means no original trilogy? So I guess the meme works?

  31. You underestimate his power... Frankly, I can think of plenty of plotlines based on the prophesied hero of a mostly male religious order being gay.

  32. It is pretty ridiculous this entire series revolves around a single family tree. Like fuck, THATS WHY people loved the mandalorian. He was just a nobody who made his own fortune without any sort of super powers. Now Disney going off and making a million spinoff series and it’s ridiculous

  33. The more I think about it, the more I realise the prequels were just another one of those movies like Joker or Falling Down where a white dude just loses his shit over time.

  34. W‍е‍l‍l‍,‍ ‍ԝ‍е‍’‍r‍е‍ ‍n‍о‍t‍ ‍g‍о‍i‍n‍g‍ ‍t‍о‍ ‍с‍r‍а‍ѕ‍h‍ ‍i‍n‍t‍о‍ ‍t‍h‍i‍ѕ‍ ‍t‍а‍r‍,‍ ‍f‍а‍n‍с‍i‍l‍у‍ ‍b‍u‍t‍ ‍ԝ‍е‍’‍r‍е‍ ‍d‍е‍f‍i‍n‍i‍t‍е‍l‍у‍ ‍g‍о‍i‍n‍g‍ ‍t‍о‍ ‍h‍i‍t‍ ‍t‍h‍а‍t‍ ‍р‍l‍а‍n‍е‍t‍!‍ ‍.‍

  35. Or Anakin falls in love with Rex during the clone wars and Palpatine convinces Anakin that to save the Clones he must kill the Jedi. And BOOM order 66

  36. Theory: Anakin was Gay, his wife covered for him, and Obi-Wan-Kenobi was his lover. Obi-Wan dumped him and Anakin started a relationship with Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine. Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan, not in a hatred for the Jedi Force, but in revenge of obi-wan breaking up with him. Little does Darth Vader know, Emperor Palpatine and Obi-Wan were themselves lovers and had a child, who was adopted, by the name of Anakin. Only just before they break up does Obi-Wan learn of this. When Darth Vader learns of this from the Emperor he tries to kill the emperor and only succeeds after his son, Luke is injured by him. If you thought Star Wars had incest before, you haven’t seen nothing yet!

  37. T‍о‍ ‍d‍е‍f‍е‍а‍t‍ ‍у‍о‍u‍r‍ ‍е‍n‍е‍m‍у‍ ‍у‍о‍u‍ ‍u‍t‍t‍е‍r‍l‍у‍ ‍h‍а‍v‍е‍ ‍t‍о‍ ‍u‍n‍d‍е‍r‍ѕ‍t‍а‍n‍d‍ ‍t‍h‍е‍m‍.‍

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