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  1. "Yeah well she is a literal slave living in abject poverty and you guys have the power to pluck me out of obscurity and gave me spaceships because I'm useful to you as a weapon, while she's going to die of sand lung on a literal crime planet and you're totally OK with that. Not allowed to go save her because that's weakness so we'll just let it ride. Sure I'll go fight a war to protect a monarchy on apartheid planet. We're the good guys, right?"

  2. Yeah I never understood that whole situation. He is a former slave, a kid, never been anywhere else except for his planet and even there he only knows a small area of the planet. Some legendary warriors who people barely believe exist show up and take him away from his mother and planet and they are attacked by some red faces weirdo before they even leave.

  3. Honestly I don’t even think the Jedi order as a whole knew Anakin was a slave. Qui-Gon never mentioned it, and Ahsoka never knew until Obi-Wan told her.

  4. That's not really what happened. Yoda asked Anakin if he was afraid and he lied and said 'no'. Then they let him know that they could sense his feelings, and Anakin got defensive and challenged them about what his feelings of fear had to do with anything. That's when Yoda explained to him why training him to become a Jedi could be dangerous if he couldn't control his fear.

  5. Lucas wanted to portray so badly that Anakin had huge potential but was also a loose cannon and he had no idea how to actually make it happen in the script.

  6. I mean the whole point of not taking on kids that old is that they already have these emotions engrained in them from their previous life. that's why they were hesitant to take him on right from the get go.

  7. I always read into it like the Jedi knew it was a shit idea to try and get him into the cult so late in life.

  8. The point was to highlight the cultural dissonance of the monkish Jedi Order in contrast with the rest of society. It wasn't Anakin's fault, but the fact that this case was reviewed by the highest authority in the Jedi Order is supposed to heavily imply that the Order had to stop recruiting people from Anakin's age bracket for a damn good reason.

  9. He’s literally still in the same dirt filled slave robes he was wearing in the desert. Didn’t even get him clean clothes lol jedi scum.

  10. "I just escaped slavery by winning an amazingly dangerous and deadly podrace, leaving my mom, only to then be almost ran over by what looked like the physical embodiment of Satan. Now I'm on a massively busy planet, in a building that probably has more people in it than my entire town on Tatooine and standing in front of a bunch of alien space wizards claiming I'm the second coming of Christ. So yes, of course I am scared you meth'd out space frog"

  11. anakin skywalker had never seen a city, much less a skyscraper, before in his entire life and they just toss his ass onto coruscant with a bunch of passive aggressive virgins in robes going “Ohhh you’re scared huh? Pussy boy. Miss your mom huh? lmaoo”

  12. You forget, the foresight of Yoda, he knows the power of the young one but will the young listen and remember? I have spoken.

  13. It’s interesting actually. In Episode 2, we actually see how good Yoda is with children. It’s just Anakin they’re being cold to (throughout the trilogy, really). This scene may have been intentionally awkward.

  14. Yeah, they're fine with children. Here, the Council is trying to see if Anakin is exceptional - since he would have to be for them to make an exception to their rules about who to train.

  15. I love these kinds of memes. But I feel it's important to point out that the council literally said he is to old to be trained. Like they called him having attachment issues in that scene slyly

  16. You bring up another good point. What if they were like..nope.. and qui gon says, well my hands are tied. Does he keep him on planet and just let him loose, keep him as like an errand boy, or ship him back home and let him become a slave again

  17. To be fair, not much of a difference between the two options. Keeping him on coruscant keeps the chosen one closer though.

  18. I think the thing people are missing is Yoda's not saying Annie's a bad person. Just that training people in his sort of mental state has a history of backfiring. Which of course it did.

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