Mark Lawrenson - “I was sacked because I’m 65 and white” Nothing to do with him being the worlds most miserable man and worst pundit of all time. Who is the best though? Give me your top 3 and worst 3

  1. Its absolutely no surprise to me whatsoever that TalkSport have employed him. Their entire ethos as a radio station is to gain listebers by annoying them in to ringing in for an argument, and they've been doing it successfully for decades, he fits the bill perfectly

  2. Savage can be fun when he’s watching United or Wales and getting excited - was a nice moment when he commentated on his son playing for them. But that’s mainly commentary as opposed to punditry

  3. Savage says so little when he's on co-commentary, it's like hes just there to watch the match. Pretty funny when the other commentator, wants Savages input and eventually just has to straight up ask him "what do you think of X". He must get paid the most £ per word commentating.

  4. Probably mine too. Unlike most others, they’re fun and very personable. I know footy is an immersive experience and people can treat it as seriously as they wish, but I have little time for the serious, melodramatic punditry that dominates the screen.

  5. I thought Jenas was good until he completely lost his cool claiming that Spurs were the better team when Chelsea beat them in the Cup semi a few years ago. Seemed to fall of a cliff and get more and more annoying each game.

  6. As reluctant as I am to defend Owen in any way, he does at the very least have some good analysis of strikers and their movements, particularly when he goes into detailed analysis of individual goals

  7. Sav is someone I've come to respect a little, while I'm not a massive fan of his on T, on 606, he's the perfect host. Will happily wind up callers and also call out those who are being genuinely daft. But on top of that, he also handles really well the people who call through who likely have disabilities (is a large chunk of the callers) - He doesn't call them out, he avoids phrases that could be inflammatory, he is appropriately sensitive, while also not mollycoddling or providing different treatment. Just handles the calls perfectly and I have a mad amount of respect for that, treats everyone like a human.

  8. Every time he’s commentating a game I prepare myself for weird ramblings about nothing and random bias towards whichever team he feels like that day. He’s losing it I swear

  9. Go on YouTube and find the time Lineker roasts Shearer for kicking someone in the head. Well, Shearer is giving someone stick for losing control on the pitch and Lineker bodies him with a sly comment about the time he kicked someone in the head.

  10. I've found the best pundits to be the managers. So for me Jose, Wenger and Hayes. If we are talking footballers then it would be Carragher, Keane and Joe Cole I quite like.

  11. I agree usually managers make for decent pundits. I will say though there needs to be a balance between knowledge and charisma. Mourinho and Wenger both talk sense and have some about them that makes me want to listen. With Emma Hayes she knows what she is talking about but it comes across so boring that I lose interest.

  12. Newcastle fans would disagree with you about him not doing anything unlikeable… man’s nearly as unpopular than Mike Ashley up here

  13. Any video Rio is in I do not watch. He's a classic case of a dumb fella trying to be smart. I'll never forgive him for telling the premier League to void the league 2 weeks into COVID despite Liverpool been ages ahead.

  14. He’s a bitter old idiot. It’s nothing to do with skin colour. It’s because things evolve and his punditry is shite. Great player but a tit of a man

  15. The BBC openly have "diversity" quotas, which is a euphemism for codified discrimination against whites, males and straights. It's objective fact. It may be hard to prove it was the reason this guy was fired. But it's the reason many are, and aren't hired.

  16. Whilst I don’t miss Lawrenson at all, I do wish Sky kept the old Soccer Saturday team of Le Tiss, Thommo, Charlie Nicholas. They had such good chemistry with each other

  17. Shame I had to scroll this far to see Pat Nevin cos I agree he is a the best. I guess most people on here aren't listening to the radio for games.

  18. Literally any team spurs played. "I can't see anything but a Tottenham loss". Kane wasn't getting into the team of the week when he was scoring 19 overhead kicks from 74 yards.

  19. Cundy is proper weasel like 😂 Have you seen that prank that Goldstein pulled on him with that impressionist Darren Farley pretending to be Gerrard. If Stevie G walked in the room at that moment and said suck me off weasel man I think he definitely would have.

  20. Keane actually was a decent manager for abit - Keane’s misery is funny because he gets angry because he’s passionate. Lawrensen is just moody because he’s old and bitter

  21. I find Scholes and Keane to be similar in that everything they give their opinion on is framed as “and clearly I’m much better/harder/tougher/more masculine than the player I’m talking about.”

  22. All ex players who have not managed are poor pundits. Probably only good ones I’ve seen are Wenger, Mourihno, Souness, and maybe Roy Keane.

  23. I can remember they analysed his predictions over a season and there were 3 or 4 teams he despises who were predicted a ridiculously low points total. He didn't predict to lose for Liverpool for 159 games in a row.

  24. So hard to get good analysis in football. I watch the cricket too and the depth of detail they go into, the long interviews with former players about technique and tactics, a proper understanding of the rules and, most importantly, an ability to admit when they were wrong about something makes a huge difference. I’m trying to learn to be a better coach and I’m getting far more from YouTube amateurs than I am from any football pundit.

  25. Lawro should just bow out gracefully. He did well to last this long in that industry. He's earned a few quid and its time for change.Nothing sadder than somebody bitchin and moanin about the fact that their time on the telly is over.

  26. Aw man, I loved Jimmy Armfield on Five Live. He seemed like an old-school ‘true gent’. He was insightful about the game and intelligent in how he expressed it.

  27. Best in the UK are Neville and Carragher. By million miles. They actually engage their brains and analyse instead of spouting cliche after cliche.

  28. I guess you’re new to football. Neville knows nothing about football and carragher struggles with anything more complicated than socks. Their value is comedy entertainment of Utd v Liverpool, that’s barely relevant today

  29. It is about skin colour in the sense that sky were probably looking to diversify (as they should) and that meant places had to be made. What lawro fails to realize is the biggest reason he got binned was because he was an incomptent bore who only got the job because he kicked a ball 30 years ago. If the other old white dudes around you aren't getting binned, maybe the primary issue isn't being old and white

  30. Alex Scott was by far (by faaaaaaaarrrr) the worst pundit to ever take to the air on U.K. television - she was atrocious

  31. Worst 3 are Micah Richards, Redknapp and Carragher. They get so butthurt and their emotions constantly make them sounds like a woman scorned.

  32. Linekar, Shearer and Wrighty not bad at all Bad Joe Cole Ashley Cole Owen Hargreaves Listening to Joe for the England Vs Italy game should of known we would lose The latter two I'm glad they aren't on TV much

  33. He is rubbish. It’s like an aging player that isn’t contributing to the team anymore saying “it’s all politics that’s why I’m not getting my contract renewed!!” 😭

  34. Not a pundit but Martin Tyler is woeful and it feels like the passion and energy he had for the game is gone. He barely commentates, sometimes doesn't even talk during or after a big chance. and he brings down Neville and cara to his level of mehness and boredom. Great back in the day but it's just not fun anymore.

  35. Personal favourites. Not necessarily because they have the best analysis or are always right but they are a good watch A confrontational Simon Jordan An angry/annoyed Roy Keane A frustrated Gary Neville

  36. John Giles when he was on RTE, Roy Keane, and Ally McCoist for favourites with an honourable mentions to Alan Hansen and Ian Wright. Always good analysis and some great characters. Worst three would be Rio Ferdinand, Gabby Agbonlahor, and Paul Merson with Lawrenson as an honourable mention. The ones I have as the worst are all thick as pig shit.

  37. Some pundits are good, and others are bad, but Lawrenson is the only one where I would immediately groan when seeing him on TV.

  38. G Nev is the best. As a Liverpool fan I hated him when he was a player, but have a tonne of respect for him now as a pundit and influential voice for the game.

  39. Darren Bent for both. He’s knowledgeable but not opposed to dissenting for the sake of dissension. It makes me hate him; it makes me like him.

  40. Cant be bothered writing 6 people but Souness is the absolute worst. Blatant Liverpool bias, old fashioned view of the game and lets blind hatred of players/clubs cloud his judgement. Its telling the amount of times you see the other pundits disagree with him.

  41. I am a fan of theirry Henry. Also despite their flaws and obvious blindspots, Neville and carra are generally solid. I think Darren bent has the potential to be good, but still has a way to go. Ian wright and Micah are solid not great but are so damn likeable.

  42. Top 3 are Neville, Simon Jordan and surprisingly Darren Bent. When you watch a player play, you get an image of what they’re like… never realised that Bent could be as articulate and of as sounder judgment then he is.

  43. My idea of hell, is to have to listen to the twaddle on Talksport. It’s just awful. Likewise I’ve grown to hate almost all ex professionals talking about football, with a few exceptions. They talk in fluent cliche, claim it would be better if an ex pro was there who ‘understood’ the game, nonsense; and a great many of them aren’t that interesting. You can also tell when sone of their adversarial nonsense is contrived. I’d rather listen to journalists on the game.

  44. Hard to carve out "best" as the good ones offer different things but if you're asking my favourite 3, I'd go Ian Wright, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards.

  45. Surprised more people aren't saying Danny Murphy. Absolutely dreadful pundit. Every time he speaks you know it's going to be bullshit.

  46. Disagree, think he’s class on talkSPORT, one of the few that don’t get walked all over by Simon Jordan. He was a horrible player but as a pundit I find he’s really insightful and balanced.

  47. Assume you're on about TalkSport? I can't listen to that, my opinion is based solely off his co comms so I'll take your word on his presenting

  48. I will get downvoted but i dont think he's entirely wrong here. The BBC literally have a quota of employees who have to be certain genders/ethnicity/have a disability etc.

  49. Best: All the guys that do the champions league live scorecard on BT, such a good show with amazing insight. Proper journalists with extensive knowledge. I like Shearer, Richards, McCoist and Wright too.

  50. Lawrenson predicted City to win 2-0 almost every match. It became a joke to look out for it.

  51. The worst? Easy. Simon Jordan...scenerio, landscape, mechanism and model. Uses these words endlessly to make out he's smart.

  52. Top 3: Keane - for the one liners, Carra - complete tactical breakdown, Eamon Dunphy RTÉ - greatest man to ever have graced football punditry!

  53. Ashley Cole has got to be one of the dimmest pundits up there, alongside Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves.

  54. Kammie and Jeff's chemistry on Soocer Saturday will never be seen again, Michelle Owen deserves to be up there too.....but the worst have to be Michael Dawson, never letting anyone get a word in, Courtney Sweetman-Kirk, infuriating to listen too and Paul "beans on toast" Merson, should of left when Sky rung the changes

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