Anybody else feel sorry for Ben Foster?

  1. Yeah i feel sorry for him but in reality he’s doing just fine with his Youtube channel and seems like he’s always having fun. And if decides to stay and play for Watford next year he can vlog again. I think he’s at the point where’s he’s just trying to have a fun end to his career.

  2. Don’t think there’s much to feel sorry for, he’s had a great career so far, clubs of every size, playing for England. but don’t think he’s quite first choice in prem quality any more.

  3. im gonna miss fozzy next season...the guy is class and so down-to-earth....he always treats the youtubers/internet celebrities with the same level of respect as he does with his peers.....ik this got nuthin to do with him as a gk but still....

  4. He has been a professional footballer for 20 years. He has played for England. He's healthy, rich, well liked, has a beautiful family, and a promising future as a pundit. I think he'll be ok.

  5. I don’t think he even wants to play for a premier league club because of the pressure etc. it’s probably a bit of a blow to get relegated but i don’t think being a consistent PL player is anything interesting to him anymore

  6. Not really, he’s been shit this season. Not a Watford fan but i’d be fuming if my team was getting hammered week in week out and my GK appeared to spend more time on his youtube channel than goalkeeping

  7. I know ur a wolves fan and I've heard him say about the stories of abuse from wolves fans but really you can't dislike Ben foster mate...

  8. You’re not allowed to dislike players/clubs on football reddit. The Americans demand that you must praise and cuddle everyone and everything around you so we can live in a soulless, happy soccer world 🥰🥰🥰

  9. I don’t feel especially sorry for him. He’s a solid keeper but nothing more. There will definitely be more talented players than him getting relegated this season…

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