Losing candidate is "100% certain" she'll win

  1. She was addressing the "mainstream media" specifically, because they asked her some normal questions that she perceived as aggressive.

  2. Yeah. What the actual fuck kind of campaign speech is that? What is this world? And then people can't believe she lost. It's pure insanity.

  3. What kills me about this is that she is saying this to reporters, but she was a TV anchor for years. She quit so she could run. All it takes to be a popular candidate for Republicans these days is to have a memorable TV personality, unfortunately.

  4. She's not talking to the people, she's talking to the media. Her base thinks the media is corrupt and needs to be held accountable for lying to the public. So she's saying she'll be the media's worst nightmare to pander to her voters.

  5. During the count, she basically stated that if she won it was not rigged. If she lost, it was rigged. She said this right as the polls were closing. How can you claim someone is cheating, before they begin the game? She is a sore loser. She came close, but lost. Be a gracious loser. Shake the winners hand and move on humbly.

  6. I couldn't (can't) stand Mehmet Oz, but he did promote democracy by conceding to Fetterman. It was greater integrity than I expected from him.

  7. Move on humbly? What is this nonsense you speak of?! Psh. These people wouldn’t know what moving on or being humble is if it bit them in the ass. Humble?!?! Nah son. Theyre delusional, arrogant, and relentless. It’s a stunning combination.

  8. Such a bad political tactic. Don’t tell people you’re 100% sure you’ll win because then they might not bother going to vote. Tell them it’s really close so they absolutely need to go and vote for you.

  9. I can’t prove it, but I’m 99% she’s a rogue AI. Either that or her plastic surgeon specializes in uncanny valley fetishes.

  10. Yeah was about to say why tf does she look like she’s got filters on the camera. Also this made me think, has anyone seen this person in real life lmao what if she is fake

  11. If she’s 100% confident about something she was wrong about, anything else she says she’s 100% confident about can’t be trusted.

  12. This bitch spent decades fear mongering ok the news and now thinks she is qualified to run the state. I'm glad she lost and wish she would disappear

  13. Oh she must have got that weatherwoman position by something other than the merits as I very much doubt this lady has a degree in something like meteorology.

  14. If you want people to go out and vote, the last thing you should say is that it is already certain that you will win.

  15. I remember growing up watching Kari on Fox 10, the local Fox station. She gradually became more and more political and outspoken (granted I haven't watched local news in maybe 10 years) I'm not surprised she has gone down the path she did, but dang... it's odd to see someone I saw everyday on the news as a teenager into my 20s, becoming such a miserable bitch. The shit show of it all is astounding.

  16. I'm glad the common folk like independents and people on the fence on their political stance is taking a stance against these election denying, insurrectionist Trumptards. Delivering L's to Trump backed pawns in the elections.

  17. Can we just bury this loon already? It’s getting old, this whoa is me BS. You lost. Fucking suck it up. It’s over.

  18. I'm so glad this shit bag Trump supporting idiot lost. I was probably going to move from AZ if she had won. Scared the shit out of me, and still scares me that so many voted for her. The political videos were of the charts

  19. Because she uses a face filter to look younger. There are pics of here without it and she looks like a 53 year old woman.

  20. What’s even funnier is that she’s filing lawsuits claiming the “election was stolen from her”

  21. Everyone of these MAGA are the last bit of society that’s holding everyone back. They are gonna fight tooth and face filter to hang on. But anyways so long.

  22. A competition is different, because you are the only deciding factor and you need to build up confidence. In a vote it's mostly not a good strategy because if people think that you'll win anyway it's more likely that they wont go voting.

  23. Interesting. Why didn't any republicans make the same argument about Brian Kemp when he first won the governorship in Georgia?

  24. What are the confirmed election "shenanigans?" What's wrong with mail-in voting? The time frame to COUNT votes shouldn't matter as long as every vote is counted.

  25. No, the smart political calculation is to say "this is an incredibly close race, we're on the verge of losing so we need every one of you to go out and vote!" The dumb political calculation is to say "we've 100% got this in the bag, there's no way I can possibly lose this election."

  26. Okay, I'm not saying she lost, but I am saying the person running (and winning) shouldn't be in charge of the election. Seems like a minor conflict of interest.

  27. If she had won, you would not be saying anything was questionable. Stop trying to sow doubt. It's bullshit.

  28. Lol she really think she’s going to win and be a nightmare for eight years lol she’s talks trash and crap and still loses that’s embarrassing

  29. Not premature celebration—this is a tactic to discourage voters of a different persuasion to even vote. It’s quite purposeful and quite common.

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