Portland coffee shop’s windows smashed after advertising ‘Coffee with a Cop’ event

  1. I'm waiting to see private video footage, cameras of neighbors, city cameras, and other methods going to nab these fools. This level of foolish "mob" like behavior is anti-community. To destroy a neighbors store, just sickening.

  2. Trashing a Native American owned small business because they dared to try and facilitate better relations between police and the community by hosting an outreach event.

  3. Either extremely stupid or anarchist punks. Either way they aren't helping anyone in anyway

  4. Ironically, we need a reformed, a not corrupt and a not quiet quitting police force to effectively deal with anarchist vandals as well as to stop murdering innocent people

  5. It’s really pathetic was has happened to this city. I remember just back in 2014 this place was completely different. I had friends from all walks of life and political leanings and we all got along great. We understood that not everyone thinks alike, and that NOT ALL people from one group (ethnic, political, or career choice) are the same. That was what made Portland weird, but also so wonderful. Now I feel like I have to be a different person depending on who I’m around, just so I’m not judged. Just really sad.

  6. They whine about how they want cops to respond to crime, then when cops say hey we wanna talk, they smash windows. Then cry because the police don't care about them. I wonder, maybe... Maybe it's a people issue?

  7. Trying to foster good relations with the current batch of cops is basically trying to get a victim to like their abuser. It's neither something that they'll like nor something that'll be healthy in the long run. Once we actually get reform, it might be worth doing, but now's definitely not that time.

  8. I used to work with Loretta, the owner, back in 2005-2007. She is a great person with a huge heart, does so much for the community, and one of the hardest workers I’ve met. She really built herself and her shop from the ground up.

  9. Bison coffee sponsored the training of a local native amateur mma fighter. Gave him money to help cover his gym dues, some private lessons, supplements, etc. really great people, I hate to see this.

  10. aw shit Bison? I kinda love that place. Good coffee, nice staff - really good place to go if you just want to sit quietly and read or get some work done.

  11. I'm native American, I don't speak for any of us. Just myself. (In case anyone is from the same area- I'm mixtecan, from Puebla mx)

  12. I agree that shits grey, but I personally wouldn’t loop the people that did this into the extreme left. We don’t know their politics. I think this is likely more about people using a complex political debate as an excuse to be destructive.

  13. It’s funny, because this sounds like exactly the type of event where someone could go tell the police exactly what they think of them to their faces. Hell, shut the event down and do some civil disobedience and get arrested for your cause. But these fucking cosplaying anarchist wannabes didn’t do that, because they’re fucking cowards.

  14. Who gives a fuck that it's native owned. Is it any better if it's some white dudes livelihood. Why are we mad about the fact that they did it to a native when we should be mad that it's childish cowardly and should not be done to anyone regardless of their clique or genetics.

  15. This is really the long term problem that we’re going to have in this city. Until we stop seeing each other as the enemy and try to rebuild a working relationship with each other there will never be any progress. It won’t be easy. It’s going to take a certain amount of trust on all sides to stop the nonsense. We just have to want it enough.

  16. You can't build a working relationship with the people doing this. Their mindset is either think like us or we will put you under.

  17. Maybe if police didn't have a documented decades-long mindset of viewing citizens as "the enemy", we'd be in a different place now. I didn't start my adult life with a "fuck cops, ACAB" viewpoint, it came about after many, many interactions with the police, most where my offense was something absolutely heinous like a burned out headlight, or the absolutely criminal activity sitting on a park bench in my hometown reading a book in the middle of the day with a cup of coffee.

  18. How? How do you possibly work with people whose entire motivation is putting others down, controlling people, and "owning the libs"? Even if it means they're hurting themselves along the way?

  19. So instead of showing some guts and coming to the event to actually confront cops with their thoughts and feelings, they chose to act like cowards and rob others of the opportunity. Nice.

  20. Yeah cops are renowned for their empathy and responding thoughtfully when confronted with the public’s thoughts. Totally dude.

  21. I have plenty of criticism for the police in general and for PPB and the PPA specifically. I understand not wanting a local business to host a police talk session. Our own police have been extraordinarily resistant to public input, it's totally fair to view this as little more than a PR session. There are plenty of ways to discourage a business from hosting such an event - stop patronizing them, organize a boycott, go in and tell them why you think it's a bad idea, criticize them online, whatever. But smashing the windows and wrecking the place? That's fucking sociopathic.

  22. If you don't like a police PR event, you could always ignore it. I bet talking politics with one of these assholes would be as pointless as talking with any MAGA asshole.

  23. I cant tell if the activists want everyone to become republicans or are funded by republicans to act like activists. Either way, the activism has lost. Prepare for harsher laws everyone. Because spoiled brats arent rational and ruin everything for everyone. They are the fat kids in the Charlie factory.

  24. This is the hilarious part about these "anarchists" they're literally creating the space for harsher laws and more conservative action because they can't stop acting like grown up angry children.

  25. Will the 1% diehard ACAB absolute cop abolitionists - slash - young narcissists trying to get laid club; DEFEAT the 99% of non-idiots who understand some sort of law enforcement is necessary but we'd really like them to stop being unaccountable I'm gonna go sulk if you don't say nice things to me pieces of shit club IN MORTAL COMBAT? IS white people wearing all black BLM flags smashing windows where working class POC and fellow whites work for a barely living wage cynical appropriation or the only way FORWArD? Will the neoliberal rich-ass scion front-man cynically label a mortal swipe at the police-state superstructure a HATE CRIME to divide the bourgeois left with a mortal swipe at their ultimate weakness; saying something might NOT be racist?

  26. Some sort of law enforcement is necessary, sure. But not police. Not as they exist. Abolitionists don’t say eliminate the law or rule of law, we want the “police” as currently constituted gone and something new with public safety in mind built from the ground up. There are lots of models that would work a lot better than police, which grow out of fugitive slave hunters and private property protection gangs - and that legacy shows.

  27. White people hiding their faces and letting a minority-owned business know they're not welcome by means of threats and intimidation. Where have we seen this before?

  28. Argh. This makes me so sad. This coffee shop is just down the street from me. And it’s one of the only cafes in the area — an area that already struggles to keep business open. And it’s been attacked because someone wanted to host a free échange of ideas. Something tells me that if you want to prevent the exchange of Ideas by inflicting damage and terror, you might be a little fascist. And dumb as fuck. I swear to god, if this shit keeps happening I’m gonna transform from an ultra progressive to a moderate. Or worse — a ‘90s Republican. 😬

  29. I am so beyond sick of this bullshit. How much you wanna bet these masked ghouls are the spoiled-rotten offspring of some rich parents? I’m guessing it’s more than likely because working class folks don’t have the time or interest to be doing shit like this. Projection is a confession.

  30. Anarchism is a political ideology for losers. People who have done nothing with their life who want to blame society or something external for their own short-comings.

  31. How are we going to heal these relationships and work towards collaboration if we are against a sit down? The Natives are our teachers. They move past their resentment because they no it’s poison to them.

  32. Eh, natives have their own historical problems too. Generational enslavement was a common practice here back in the day. We gotta move beyond fetishizing the past.

  33. That is shitty, the Starbucks I go to in Milwaukie does this and it's actually pretty great since it's a good way to get to know the officers and for them to better connect with the community.

  34. Why is the City not helping these small businesses harden their windows? There’s been well over 2 million in smashed windows in PDX & insurance companies have stopped covering window breaking. Small businesses won’t be able to keep replacing them.

  35. Insurance companies absolutely cover this. My friend has a small business and has had his windows replaced 3x in the past two years (1 total accident and 2 smashings it seems). No insurance issue at all but he says it’s annoying and a hassle.

  36. The nerve of some people here saying “well it was probably the cops” or “well that business is supporting fascists”. First of all, where is your proof that they are cops?? I’ve had my fair share of poking fun at the Q anon conspiracy theorists of the far right but wow look where we are now.

  37. Whats understanding and open minded about a blatantly black and white militant "philosophy"? I mean do we actually elevate this idiocy to a philosophy? Sorry Socrates I wasn't making a comparison I simply am struggling for a bin to toss this one in.

  38. I can't believe people didn't like this idea. This is as bad as the time that my seafood shop tried to organize a "Krab with a Klansman" day, but I managed to get it delayed. I mean, why would people want to shut down a Konversation like that?

  39. So maddening. Hope they catch them. This, to me, is definitely more baldly fascistic (like straight out of freikorps playbook) than the idea of the police existing or whatever.

  40. Its cool that the event went on as planned and only increased the ATTENTION that it needed. The setting must have underlined the whole purpose of the event in the first place. It really emphasizes how things HAVE TO change. I bet the tensions must have been running high.

  41. Neither are self-righteous assholes who wreck people's shit in the middle of the night. I don't want a sociopathic 19-year-old to be the judge of whether my shit gets wrecked any more than I want a cop deciding whether I forfeit my body by protesting.

  42. I wish there were police outreach events that I could go to. I recently got pulled over because there was something wrong with my car, but I found myself shaking and sweating with nervousness, thinking of all the horrible things that the police have done around the country. Even though logically I knew the likihood of encountering a bad cop is pretty small, I couldn't reason myself out of that state of mind.

  43. I’m guessing I can’t change your mind so I won’t try, but I will say if a Native-owned business can get over very real historical atrocities enough to be even slightly open-minded, perhaps it is worth considering why they are willing to do that.

  44. I do not condone this at all when I say this but cops do not serve and protect. Per the Supreme Court they have no duty to protect you. If you post a sign sympathizing cops in a highly charged anti-cop community what do you think is going to happen? Sadly people think vandalism is a form of protesting and it’s not right at all.

  45. If you’re a woman and you wear revealing clothing and walk at night what do you think is gonna happen?????

  46. Bison Coffeehouse. I'm going to go to this coffee shop and support them and smile at them as much as I can. Good job window smashing idiots! You loose :)

  47. I hate this. I used to go to that coffee shop all the time, she was always so nice and DAMN was her coffee strong.

  48. Slide inn is another small business who’s windows was smashed by Antifa/anarchists/homeless not sure but they call them bootlicker.

  49. Fuck the police. Sucks the windows were smashed but hey, can’t say I feel that much pity here for businesses that fraternize with fascists.

  50. The fascists are the ones who tried to prevent people from talking to each other. Fortunately the event went on anyway.

  51. "Guzman said police officials had asked her to host a two-hour event for community members interested in talking to officers. "

  52. Why not? It's a nice local spot from regulars to come in and have a cup while having a face to face with police.

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