Two Portland teens released after being charged in Mt Tabor arson spree

  1. I love the dichotomy of our laws. See somebody attempting arson? Yeah you can shoot that person. Shoot ‘em dead. Totally legal.

  2. Hopefully he/they have ankle monitors on. I'd like to think they have something extra flammable in them to discourage further misbehavior. If only it worked like that.

  3. Forest fires during the hottest time of the year, no less. Apparently it's enough for the power to be shut off but not for prosecuting people who are deliberately trying to burn things down

  4. Who is surprised? I'm not. When the prosecutors don't think setting fire to a 200 acre park surrounded by homes justifies holding the arsonists so that they can't be back up there tonight then this city is in deep trouble.

  5. Yeah, though they'd have to be special kinds of morons to go out there and do it more now. You know, like the kind of moron that would light fires during the driest part of the year in a wooded area.

  6. I’m fucking speechless!!! At least hold them or put bail high enough to keep them locked up until it start to rain.

  7. This is disturbing, they are going to escalate. Hopefully their families are looking at getting them help or something.

  8. This is such a kick in the teeth to all the neighbors of Mt Tabor and those who helped patrol and investigate these arsons. I am north and it has been another huge helping of anxiety during this vulnerable season to know someone is Intentionally, Hatefully, setting our surroundings on fire.

  9. Now how does it hurt the judge to make bail so expensive they can’t put it up? Whose really going to complain otherwise? Smh lol

  10. Serial fire-starters often progress to much worse offenses. Wouldn't surprise me if these two little miscreants also kill and mutilate animals. If left to their own devices they will certainly escalate their behavior.

  11. I mean, they aren’t off the hook. Just released awaiting trial. Their guilt or innocence is yet to be established; being released pending your trial is quite common to meet the provisions of a speedy trial when you have a completely full court system; you have them waive the expectation of a trial soon in exchange for freedom in the interim. Most people opt for this as they can use the time to work on the defense. But if the evidence is strong they’ll get sentenced. And setting more fires now that they’ve been caught would be really bad for their defense.

  12. Major (MAJOR!) shout out to all the neighbors and Fire Dept folks that rallied together to put a stop to this nonsense. Tabor was my backyard growing up. I have never felt more pride than being able to charge onto a baseball field for my neighborhood with Mt Tabor stitched across my jersey as a kid. So many lifetime friendships and bonds were built on those trails and benches over dub sacks and 40oz. It's hard to fathom how someone at the age of 18 would want to destroy a place that is the absolute perfect escape to simply live it up and be 18. Tabor has always been more than just a city park adjacent to residential property, it's served as a time capsule that stays the same no matter how much PDX evolves year-after-year. Much love and respect to those that treat Tabor like the gem that it is.

  13. They will be treated as such... when they come to trial. They are released BEFORE the trial on 9 felony counts each. They will be tried as adults and be sent up for a long, long time.

  14. They aren’t being treated as juveniles? They’re going to be tried as adults. If they were 40 they’d probably have the same treatment they got here.

  15. There are 14 judicial positions that came up for election in Portland in 2020, 13 only had one candidate (the incumbant). In the sole competitive race, which the judge in this case won, the winner raised $225k or so, and the loser raised $150k.

  16. What the fuck is wrong with judges in this city? Letting out hate crimes, serial arsonists, what's next? Seems like they must hate our community to constantly undermine the police and investigators. Can someone make it make sense?

  17. That’s exactly what’s going on. It’s a concerted effort to destroy the city. This must be responded to. They should not get any peace anywhere they go.

  18. What a couple of losers. I mean, how bad of an arsonist do you have to be to not set the entire hill on fire in this weather? And with lighter fluid, even!

  19. What are we doing about this? Would someone please post a phone number for me to call. I love MT Tabor park and will go full Karen on the phone complaining these sociopaths were released.

  20. Willamette Week article clarified that the third was released with all charges dropped because of insufficient evidence to prosecute the case. The other two geniuses who are still facing charges effectively confessed to investigators.

  21. it's not often you encounter two psychopaths teaming up. they usually work alone. this is freaking insane. these little fucks need to be air tagged and kept under close supervision for ...well, for the rest of their miserable lives. I imagine animal abuse is somewhere in their repertoire. JEEZ MAN! *what I did for summer* takes an ugly turn.

  22. Mike! No. Arson is considered a serious crime because it can and does cause death, including potentially firefighters. Arson I is a Measure 11 crime with a lengthly sentence for a reason.

  23. At a certain point you have to wonder if Portland city officials actually want the further destruction and imploding of this city. Can’t think of any other reason for their decisions

  24. Time and time again I have tried to understand the thought process behind the portland criminal justice system and why they do the things they do but I am always left dumbfounded and speechless... is there any real logical explanation for releasing repeat offenders of dangerous crimes back into society?? And why isn't there any pushback from the community??

  25. Golly! I certainly hope random strangers don’t go punching them in the throat as hard as they can or anything like that.

  26. How about we at least wait and see what happens when this goes to trial. I don’t foresee these idiots escaping consequences for their crimes.

  27. Schmidt needs to I go but not for this. It's the politicians that enacted a law that forces release from my understanding.

  28. Mostly peaceful fires. Pdx is fine. Keep voting the same way. It’ll eventually be a progressive utopia.

  29. I wanna state, for the record, that when I first heard people talking about this conspiracy to light mt tabor on fire, I was very skeptical.

  30. I'm sure that releasing someone who has already set 36 fires won't bite us in the ass. But we gotta keep the stats down, clearly that's the priority (unless you are brought in for self defense, then we will try to throw the book at you)

  31. This is something worth considering protesting and is an obvious VIOLENT crime against a whole community and city. 1 act of arson each is ridiculous, this is more like terrorism

  32. Um, I think you're wrong. Those reforms according to your linked article relate to non-violent crimes. The prosecutors by calling 36 acts of arson in wildfire season in a populated neighborhood park as non violent resulted in the kids walking without bail. Had the prosecutor pushed that the acts were violent, *I think, they would have been held.

  33. Yet another insane policy that Tina Kotek really needs to answer for, as well. She is the legislative architect of so many of these policies that are enabling criminals to victimize the rest of society. Does Oregon really need more of this shit with her as Governor? I'd give that a hearty "No."

  34. Yeah but Mike Schmidt and the rest of the Portland moron-industrial complex lobbied strongly for exactly this policy. So you absolutely should blame them as well. It’s not like they’re different from Kate Brown’s political machine, they’re part of it.

  35. Keep your eyes out for these cretins folks. If you find them up to no good, you know what to do.

  36. my freinds r planning on jumping them there instagram @ are @wayyver982 @perkins_pdx and @malik_coolio I'm 17 so it's more legal I think idk I grew up on Mt tabor so this is like attacking my home I want there faces to be pulp.

  37. Why isn’t Portland folks protesting over shit like this that’s happening in their own city? Instead always just protesting over shit that’s happening in cities thousands of miles away.

  38. The community literally came out and patrolled the area while bringing attention to the authorities and media to catch these people. Sure though civic engagement is terrible 🙄

  39. Probably because these two will eventually face the consequences of their actions, unlike cops like Erik Kammerer who can beat whoever he wants without having to worry about consequences.

  40. Pre-trial detention isn’t about punishment or consequences, it’s about risk (of not appearing, of reoffending, etc). Punishment comes after a trial.

  41. You must be kidding, they were escalating their behaviors, sticking around to watch the fires and chatting with investigators. That doesn’t sound casual. There’s also a possibility they were setting fires in other areas. They are a risk to the community.

  42. So you're saying cause they are young white boys, then its just boys will boys. I'm glad there are uniform rules that say what type of crimes can allow releases cause otherwise therr would clearly be tremendous biases. Though I really do wish the politicians did a better job deciding which crimes and situations warranted what bails.

  43. Police don't let anyone out of jail. The District Attorney does - or Multnomah County employees at the jail (usually sergeants who make release decisions due to overcrowding).

  44. Unfortunately that article is stuck behind a paywall but I’d be very interested in reading how the hell they weren’t charged with anything? Released without any bail required? Wtf 🤬

  45. Not when you represent a significant threat to society. These adults were running around lighting fires for shits and giggles, during a fire ban when there were great concerns about out of control forest fires. They admitted to the activity.

  46. That's what I'm saying! Not sure why your comment got downvoted when that's literally been the historical pattern (and major fucking issue). White boys need to be treated like they attempted arson 36 times and endangered lives, not released pending trial. Instead, they were probably seen as 'fine young men with a troubled past just trying to figure it out, we can't rUiN tHeIr FuTuReS.'

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  49. Have they released any info about the car they were driving? There were two or three teenagers breaking tons of windows at Bridger Elementary (near Tabor) all summer long, and I caught a glimpse of them/their car a couple of times.

  50. Bail isn't punishment people. It's to guarantee they'll show up for trial. The judge reasonably figured because of their lack of prior records, age and fact that they live with their families, they have a low risk of fleeing. Get it together people. Sheesh.

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