1 star reviews: easy ai is too hard. Easy ai:

  1. What? There are people who complain about the easy bots? The first time I played this game, I crushed the easy bots as I was still figuring the game out. About a week later I was beating crazy bots. Weird thing to complain about.

  2. I complained. Not because you can't beat the easy bots or anything like that, that's easy enough, but because they changed the easy setting from 1 out of 10 easy to 3 out of 10 easy.

  3. The funny thing is that crazy AI would behave exactly the same way. Different levels of difficulty don't differ in how clever or aggressive they are (or not) but only in the initial number of stars the capital provides.

  4. Aren't the crazy ai actually more aggressive and less friendly? I think that's the major difference, as their worse attitude towards other players makes them harder.

  5. No, it's been well-established that higher AI difficulties do make tribes more likely to attack you, especially if you're weaker than them. I'm not sure why you've been upvoted so much. Reddit often likes to upvote incorrect statements, it seems.

  6. This is entirely incorrect. Crazy bots are absolutely more aggressive. If you did the same thing with a crazy bot, that city would have been taken by the 10th turn.

  7. Really? I know the actual intelligence doesn’t differ, but I swear I heard somewhere that crazy ai is more aggressive, and less likely to make peace

  8. Meanwhile, my Normal-Hard bots: Napoleon level strategy and waiting for the perfect moment to break treaty and take 3 of my protected cities in 1 turn after we defeat the other 2 bots.

  9. No, the crazy AI do not behave in the same way, they are in fact much more stupid and used to catapult spam and mind bender spam.

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