I don’t like the Diplomacy Update

  1. I actually disagree. I am also a casual player who only plays against the AI. Before the update, the AI was so stupid that if I survived 5-10 turns I would win without any effort. The AI would spam mindbenders against my knights and lose very fast. That got really repetitive and boring. Now, the AI is so much smarter and the new alliance feature gives more opportunities for unique and different games. Give it a bit more time and you will love it.

  2. Totally agree. I was getting bored too. Just got to chivalry and spammed myself to victory with knights before the update. I play by myself also, and yesterday it required effort to win.

  3. I also play primarily single player. I don't like all the shields that the ai now generates since it really slows down progress on land. The naval AI has vastly improved, also slowing down conquest, but I think that's working as intended.

  4. Give it a bit more time. Making the game a little bit more complex in favour of more unique ways to play is a good thing in my opinion. It is not like you are now forced to play the game differently, you can still play your old playstyle, but now you have the option to chose a different way, make allies, use spies and rebellions. You can just ignore the new features for now, you will learn them eventually. Also you can go to the wiki or ask people here on reddit if you wan't an explanation for the new features.

  5. I also play with AI since I didn't purchase any tribes. It's not that confusing trust me, but there are some factors of which I dislike it a little.

  6. I’ve found the AI often accepts my peace treaties. Generally, if we are a fair distance away from one another or have a common foe.

  7. The best way to get a treaty accepted is have an initial good relationship and then build an embassy in their capitol before sending a peace treaty. Has worked for me

  8. A big factor is how your relations are to other tribes. If you and the bot both are at war with a third tribe, the AI will be much more likely to want to ally itself with you. That's why you see some comments here saying the AI immediately accepted their proposal. They were already fighting the same opponent.

  9. Other than the game is now a steaming pile of shit? It isn't "increased complexity", it's a badly conceived and poorly executed clusterfuck.

  10. I think I noticed that attempting peace improved my relations so on second try I got peace with crazy bot.

  11. I wouldn't say it's that much more complicated. The AI could already ally with you if you had the same enemies, even if you were previously at war. Now the bots' decisions make significantly more sense because before they'd sometimes declare war on you or try to become your ally for seemingly no reason, in the latter case sometimes when you're in the middle of fighting.

  12. Yeah I'm with you. I also only play offline against AI. I just wish the changes had been communicated a bit more clearly, more explanation on function/changes. I like that the game evolves and changes, but yeah it'd be sweet if there was a way to make this update optional.

  13. Also, Windmills give 2 pop per farm and Forges (now Mints) give 1 pop per mine. No longer true, this was tested and removed in beta and Windmills and Forges are the same.

  14. I'd guess it is probably a good update for 'normal' users as it increases variety etc, but I was finally closing in on 100K and this has killed that.

  15. i’ve been waiting for this update for months, and its definitely worth the wait. you just have to learn the new features. also, BUY SOME TRIBES!!!!

  16. I hate the diplomacy thing. But what really bugs me is this: Why do I have to click “ok” during AI turn for every city that has a cloak. I don’t know which city is which and I want to do other stuff during AI turn, not push ok a million times!

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