Talk to her? Nope, he’d rather allow lantern flies to spread and use code words in hopes the police would arrest her.

  1. Friendly reminder that trying to fight someone online is about as effective as throwing a bagel at a bulldozer. A lot of what we talk about gets people pretty emotional, but be mad at policies, not other users.

  2. It figures that a Republican is "scared" of a 9 year girl. He ever go a ask of what she was doing? No - he was too "scared" of her.

  3. This guy is a piece of shit and deserves whatever comes his way but, to clarify, he did not call 911 about this. He called a non-emergency number. When asked for a description of this heinous criminal, the hilarious part is that he said, "She's a real small woman." Yeah, I'll bet she was since she's, you know, nine!

  4. I grew up in a very white town, when I was very young I was scared of black people because I litterly rarely ever saw one and my parents are deep redneck southerners.

  5. That quote is wrong. ‘There’s a little black woman walking, spraying stuff on the sidewalks and trees. I don’t know what the hell she is doing, it scares me though,’

  6. They call our children women and men so they don't feel connected to them as children. My son was in kindergarten and someone thought he was in 5th grade. When he looked stunned, I told him he was only 5, he said he looked 10. They think our kids are older than they are and are threatened by them. It's easier to kill them if you're threatened by them.

  7. I think it was Trevor Noah who said that black children are looked at as just small criminals, rather than children.

  8. A weirdo... For doing what we have all been asked to do by the local government to eradicate lantern flies? What a whiny little bitch

  9. Gotta say I really did not expect this to be a broad daylight video. From the description I expected it to at least be dark out making details hard to see. Nope. Clearly a fucking child. Ridiculous.

  10. One of the worst parts is, as a person who was the victim of racism at an early age, that’s girls innocence is gone now if it wasn’t already. She now knows she’s an “other” and she will have to spend the rest of her life thinking about that incident and whether or not people are treating her a certain way because she’s an “other”. Fucking sucks man

  11. Nice how doing the thing recommended by NJ dept of ag (and NY’s and probably all states) is “weird” to this dick. Seems really in touch with what’s happening in his neighborhood.

  12. Same people saying "I won't live in fear" as an excuse to not wear masks or get vaccinated. Yet need to carry guns everywhere and are scared of a 9 year old girl because she's black

  13. When people day they don't understand what a dog whistle is. This is a perfect example. He sees a girl he knows is 9 doing something he isnt comfortable with. Calls 911. Says she's a woman and he's scared.

  14. And he knew the child his whole life. They were neighbours. And he didn't think about anything more appropriate to describe a 9 year old he knows as "a small black woman in a hoodie".

  15. I personally know some of these neighbors. They all hate him, have always hated him and he's apparently a bag of shit. He's got political scandals and seems to have pull with the local PD. Fuck this asshat.

  16. I'm sure he could have, but that wasn't the goal. He's purposefully trying to present the situation as more ambiguous/fearful than it is to get a response from police for something they would normally have no reason to respond to and he probably did it for the simple reason he didn't like what they were doing while black.

  17. People want to act like he called out of fear, he wasn't afraid at all. By calling her out as a small black woman in a hoodie, when he knew damn while it was a child, tells me he was hoping for a situation that the cops would remove them as being his neighbors. One way or another.

  18. He was very clearly trying to get her killed by the police. He knew exactly what he was doing describing her the way he did.

  19. It never fails to amaze me how insanely weak and fragile all these "strong masculine conservatives" are.

  20. His name is Gordan Lawshe. And he really doesn’t want people calling him racist. Got that? Gordan Lawshe says he is not a racist. Some people have been saying that Gordan Lawshe is racist, probably because he called the cops on a 9 year old Black girl, but Gordan Lawshe insists that he is not racist.

  21. Let's be fair. Maybe he's not a racist. Maybe he was alarmed by a small "woman" dangerously close to his home. Maybe he's just a pedophile.

  22. So if you have any proof that Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990, stop gossiping and go right to the police with it.

  23. " There's a small, nasty looking black woman spraying something. I think she's spraying the gay or the BLM I'm scared "

  24. Conservatives are some of the biggest snowflakes out there. Imagine being so terrified of every little thing that looks different than you

  25. It's a girl, so if a conservative isn't raping them to assert dominance, they're terrified they might have their own opinion on things.

  26. Yep. That's why they love guns and what not. They are trying to front. They are really just very insecure people who want to make people believe they are tough

  27. Except she doesn't "look different" to him. They have allegedly been neighbors since she was born.

  28. Thankfully his racism was able to help save ~checks notes~ an invasive, tree-destroying bug infesting eastern cities right now! Phew!

  29. I love that! This kid clearly loves nature and to be able to identify an invasive species of bug by just looking at it is super impressive! At 9 years old! I hate that she was treated that way by a terrible old racist but this is such a nice thing to happen.

  30. Yup. If he’s calling the cops because of a 9 year old girl doing a community and environmental service, he’s no longer capable of judgment required to live on his own.

  31. That's an interesting way to start reframing these assholes' opinions: as the mumblings of the dementia addled elderly.

  32. Name is Former Caldwell, New Jersey councilman and local Republican Party leader named Gordon Lawshe

  33. Lol…of course a grown ass white man Republican thinks a 9 year old is a “woman”. Getting tiny PP rapey vibes.

  34. Saying “black woman” knowing damn well it was a child was him hoping the police would assault or murder her. Fuck this garbage piece of shit.

  35. All the language he used were attempts to pre-escalate and get that girl shot. It's sad and pathetic, to be sure, but also hateful as well.

  36. Oh, bless your innocent heart. He wasn't scared. It was a code word for cops to come and shoot her. Also he couldn't say she's just a kid, that's why he used a word "small woman". He did that on purpose, and all that's not funny no sad, it's pure evil.

  37. You don't understand the incredible self-control this man exhibited. He could have just dropped her with his AR-15, but instead he called the police.

  38. Calling the cops on a black person, especially when they aren’t doing anything is a 50/50 chance of that black person being shot/ hurt or arrested for nothing. This man deserves to be in jail. Not to mention he’s intentionally lying or omitting information.

  39. $100 says this asshole foofs his hair up on top like that every morning and the sprays it so it'll stay that way all day for the "blown by unseen winds" look as he rants about his "masculinity" being taken away by liberals.

  40. Using dial-a-fascist to try and get a child killed... And he's not even remarkably evil for a conservative.

  41. He wanted her killed. He hoped the police would overreact as they often do. Absolutely pathetic a grown man is characterizing a 9 year old as a woman.

  42. Just goes to show he knows how police are towards minorities and purposely used language that he was hoping would get that little girl hurt or killed.

  43. It’s funny how all these shitheads idolize these bastions of manhood like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood but are literally terrified of children

  44. Semi-unrelated but added info. Lanternflies are incredibly invasive and everyone should do their ecological duty to kill them on sight. No joke.

  45. Unless you're a 9 year old black girl. Because doing so is scary to old republican white men, and they tend to have guns.

  46. So obviously Gorgon Lawshe is a racist piece of shit, but what gets under my skin even more is what his lawyer said:

  47. Oh are you talking about Republican Gordon Lawshe? The racist, who called 911 on a Black child? Republican Gordon Lawshe, the racist Republican who’s afraid of little Black girls collecting firefly’s?

  48. I live in a different yet similar New Jersey town. First, why do these 50-year old conservative council members all look exactly the same? Squinty, eyes too close together, salt and pepper hair… is there a cookie cutter for them? Second, we have three of these in our local town. Affairs by the boatload, thrice divorced, fixture at the local bar, own a small business, can’t figure out why everyone hates them. They don’t just look alike, they have the same behavioral profile.

  49. What is this? Like the 40,867 example of a Republican coward? Can we please just get the voters to see how utterly pathetic they are? Good god they are such snowflake pussies. You vote for Republicans you should have to spend the next few years apologizing to everyone you meet. " Hi I'm John, I voted republican, I'm sorry, can I get a big Mac and fries please".

  50. My original theory was the guy had some level of dementia. He's a Republican politician, so my theory isn't ruled out!

  51. These people who do things like this in society need to be marked in society as mentally impaired and watch how they stop doing this shit.

  52. In other words: "Come beat and/or shoot this black person for daring to bother me, please." What a piece of shit. I'm sure he makes a great Republican politician tho.

  53. Sounds like he's got using local law enforcement to harass black citizens down to a science. It's like he's done it so much he knows exactly the phrasing to use in order to get the cops out right away. All the way down to mis identifying her as an adult.

  54. The black women scientists of Yale teamed up the give the girl a special tour and foster her love of science this fucking coward tried to snuff out.

  55. My brother is a pretty huge activist and has worked within the inner city public school system for the last almost 15 years as a substitute, a teacher, a coach and now curriculum administrator for the district. He had a pretty spot on take of this asshole and the very careful way he chooses his words,

  56. this is why I stay my black ass in the house, go outside and they will try find something to try and get you in trouble

  57. I don't care who you are or what you do everybody who does this must be arrested and thrown in prison all powers taken away and no money whatsoever continues to go into their account! We seriously need to start labeling these groups as terrorists and every time somebody does something like this, they must be treated as a terrorist! The terrorists who belong to the Trump cult need to realize that a terrorist doesn't just describe somebody who flies an airplane into a building or walks around with a bomb strapped to them!

  58. He’s scared of a little girl? Yeah. I’m not buying it unlike you, mr elected official, she’s trying to be a good citizen, trying to help her community. You should take a lesson

  59. When they called the police on Tamir Rice they said he was an adult and the police reacted as if they were dealing with an armed adult instead of a kid playing. This isn't just a slip of the tongue or mistake, these people really view black children as dangerous adults.

  60. Lmao he’s receive threats to person and property and is defamed. Hmmmm is there another person in those story who may feel similarly attacked?

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