Cus real men don't drive electric cars! America FUCK YEAH!!

  1. Friendly reminder that trying to fight someone online is about as effective as throwing a bagel at a bulldozer. A lot of what we talk about gets people pretty emotional, but be mad at policies, not other users.

  2. I guess if your vehicle defines your masculinity, they should really be upset at all the ladies driving trucks... I'm pretty sure the bible says that is a sin.

  3. It's only a sin if one truck follows through on their impulse to ram another truck. Just pound that hot steamy grill into that smooth mound of rear bumper.

  4. You what is also a sin and probably pretty emasculating? When you cheat on your husband and bang your personal trainer and whoever else…

  5. Dude it literally says women are subservient to men in the book. Christianity is seriously stupid to its core. Republicans pride themselves on being independent and wanting freedom but they love being controlled and told what to do by stupid people like mtg, and hoebert. Literally uneducated but rose to power because they give good head.

  6. I'm pretty sure that the only thing the bible says about cars is that it's morally-justifiable to steal catalytic converters.

  7. I work at a bourbon distillery in Kentucky and I can guarantee you 95% of the lifted f-250s in our parking lot are driven to and from work without ever seeing any loads in their beds and that every one of them is driven by a guy who has micro dick syndrome

  8. These guys feel insanely threatened by electric vehicles and hybrids and think their mere existence will lead to them losing their manhood or something. This is a pretty new phenomenon that has apparently emerged in the past 20ish years and coincided with the explosion in popularity of massive lifted trucks that were once far less common.

  9. I don't know, I think that all the public weeping and whining chin music from the likes of Jordan Peterson, Tucker, Ben Shapiro, Steven chowder, etc etc etc etc, say "I'm not comfortable with myself and I need to compensate and get recognized and upheld as an example of a masculine macho man, with all the privilege and none of the responsibility" every time they get up on their little soap boxes to hate on others, who see right through their fronting, to see them for the insecure wimps they truly are. Because there's nothing masculine about incel whining, except embodying a stereotype common in all forms of toxic masculinity. So they buy in and affirm the negative stereotype, get their funding to spread toxic masculinity.

  10. It pisses me off so bad. AND they bitch about gas- bro you literally DID IT TO YOURSELF. You signed up to possibly be a victim in a corporate controlled market. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELLFFF

  11. Sometimes i think the whole rep platform is built on not wanting to appear “girly”, just a small amount of analyzation will bring you to the conclusion the they are preying on stupid peoples fragile sense of masculinity.

  12. Elon is crazy AF but the Tesla car is super powerful. If I were compensating for something it'd be with my Tesla.

  13. But EV no vroom vroom. How is anyone supposed to know how powerful it is without the vroom vroom? Must have the vrooms or people think my dick small.

  14. Yeah but they don’t have the emotive feel of an ICE car and that’s what attracts people to muscle cars.

  15. Does vaping count? Maybe they would accept an exhaust pipe connected to a smoke machine. Kinda pointless but definitely better for the environment than carbon-based fuels. (I mean… the glycol or glycerine used in smoke machines is also carbon-based but they use a lot less than what it takes to power a car.)

  16. Somebody buy that fella some Truck Nutz! How else is he going to express his virility, machismo and overall manliness unless it is through his ride.

  17. I had a neighbor whose truck had nuts. It was a six cylinder. He would fight with his wife, get in and do "peg leg burnouts" in the street. I couldn't stand that guy.

  18. Most fossil fuel actually comes from dead trees. When the first trees evolved there was nothing on Earth that could break down or digest wood so dead trees just piled on top of each other and eventually got buried and became coal and oil and such.

  19. Some nuclear power on the backbone would have been wonderful, though. People freaking out over reactors that are 70 years old that are sitting on a fault line or were administered by the USSR is such a bother.

  20. Buttigeig is heroic for going on Fox and calmly, coherently pointing out that Republicans are stupid, mendacious fucks!

  21. Nothing to be ashamed of with a scooter. You can get into tight places others can't. It's a short, quick, thanks for the coffee commute. You don't get jammed when the traffic backs up on you. You can park it at the school zone and nobody will wonder.

  22. Handled with class and dignity. Don't even entertain such nonsense. We need to stop treating their bullshit with any shred of respect. It is not equal to objective reality in the marketplace of ideas.

  23. I've never had someone punch it in an ICE car and have the acceleration pin me to the seat like happens in my friend's Tesla. Obviously that means the ICE car is better and safer. Checkmate librul. /s - except about what the acceleration in the Tesla does, that shit is insane.

  24. Well, it can probably blow the doors off my 95 jeep grand cherokee, especially on a hot summer day because it doesn't have AC. Unless it's snowing heavily, then i win.

  25. Is this a gay thing? Cause it kind of feels like a gay thing. “LoOk At aLL tHeM hOmOsExUaLs DrIvInG tHeM gAy ‘LeCtRiC cArS!”

  26. It's definitely part of the LGBTQIA+ agenda, right after peens in butts and stuff! We have meeting on Tuesdays to discuss amendments, and you're welcome to join! We have complimentary garlic bread

  27. I’ve seen more dudes with trucks that don’t haul shit, get angry at the sight of Tesla’s. It’s fucking weird.

  28. why are they still calling her taylor greene when mr greene has said he's done with the marriage and her multiple affairs? besides... m.t. is a much more accurate description of her.

  29. It’s like covid and the right wingers. “You’re not a man if you try to protect yourself from a potentially deadly virus that can cause erectile dysfunction.” “You’re not a man if you’re trying to prevent catastrophic global warming that will collapse every last working part of civilized society.”

  30. He knows what she meant. It was a painfully obvious homophobic dog whistle thrown in with anti-science bullshit.

  31. I actually had a big brisket faced asshole start screaming at me about how I should be ashamed of my “Piece of shit electric car” in a parking lot outside a burrito joint.

  32. 15 years ago my right wing uncle sent me some meme, Pelosi wants to make you drive this, not good old american muscle, and had a tiny little electric car. Never ends with these people.

  33. Don’t give me that Pete! I heard it from the cheating, space laser believing, teenager assaulting, shooting victim abusing, Senator stalking, sedition seeking, White National cheering, wow, why are we listening to her again?

  34. I have a Prius and the amount of dudes that say stuff to me is unreal. "I could never drive something so small. I need a truck to work". Okay Steve, you haven't hauled or carried anything in your truck for five years.

  35. Unless she's lying to the GOP as well, Margarine Traitor Space Lasers doesn't have any balls to cut off. This is possibly the dumbest shit she's EVER said.

  36. Dang...That battery is 2900 pounds. That's the same weight as about 100 pounds heavier than my Corolla.

  37. I need to kill the Environment with a gas guzzling truck to make sure everyone knows I'm a big boy manly man.

  38. Not really I have a 1973 f250 it gets like 10 mpg TERRIBLE for the environment and I really don’t care what people think I just like it

  39. The sorts of people who are capable of these comebacks don't tend to go into politics. There have been a few, though. Al Franken did it well until he got MeTooed, and AOC is doing a pretty good job of it.

  40. Keep pushing back on the static. Emasculation is not something she should even be commenting on. Maybe her soon to be ex-husband or prior fuck buddies can.

  41. Seriously who even has the mindset to fuck her? I mean I get desperate at times, but even I wouldn't fuck her, even with a borrowed dick.

  42. Completely emasculated: any man who is remotely influenced by a "news" station that gets paid by oil and gas companies to promote their toxic products by having ole Marge taunt their masculinity.

  43. Wait? I thought MTG was female: So, didn't nature already emasculate her. Does she not realize her little Clit Buster 5000 runs on electric batteries?

  44. Look, Margarine. I'm a man. He/his/him. But some of my favourite cars are hybrids or fully-electric. I don't feel less of a man though.

  45. The fact people voted for her and probably agree with the crap she says tells me the right is full of low IQ asses

  46. Everyone knows masculinity is proportional to acceleration. Unless you're driving a Bugatti, your little girly car can't come close to the acceleration of an EV.

  47. I've never understood the urge to have a giant coal roller (or a snazzy looking speedster or whatever) for that specific purpose. You know 99 percent of these fools aren't ever going to need the features of a rugged all terrain whatever. Just stuff a sock down there, it's cheaper.

  48. Imagine having such a fragile sense of masculinity that you consider and electric car a threat to it... "real men" my ass, bunch of crybabies.

  49. I wish OP had posted the video, I would have liked to have heard the entire story, including whether Sec. Buttigieg pointed out that MTG is a woman, making it difficult to emasculate her…..oh, wait….is she trying to tell us something?

  50. I don’t know what she is talking about. I refer to my truck in the feminine all the time.

  51. The automobile stereos basically only run using electricity and some individuals love a rocking stereo!

  52. How many of those Republicans actually served in Afghanistan though? Were they afraid that would make them gay too?

  53. So Marjorie is saying all women should drive electric vehicles otherwise they will be perceived as male. I got her message and will immediately buy my wife and daughter an electric vehicle.

  54. It's true. I traded in my Ford F650 for an electric vehicle and my penis disappeared immediately. I grew a fully functional vagina and now I'm a liberal who drinks chai tea and I'm pregnant.

  55. Tha's right, real murican alpha males purposely tune their engine to run like shit and make as much noise as possible so that those damn libs get triggered over all the gas they're wastin'.

  56. if the psycho, MTG, thinks that way towards Sec. Pete, then she must think something else of Elon… and Elon tends to lean more on the right. what a bunch of dumb fucks!

  57. Can confirm Marge titan green is right Joe Rogan owns a Tesla and he is a hobbit. Elon is a slug with a face. Damn shorty speaking the truth.

  58. Secretary Pete doesn’t under what she means because the words are Newspeak for the right wingers. It means something to them, and is nonsense to us. It is point 14 of Fascism:

  59. Simpsons did it "Hello, I am an electric car. I can't go very fast, or very far. And if you drive me, people will think you're gay!"

  60. I for one think Marjorie Taylor Green could benefit from some emasculation. Might have saved her marriage even. In fact, we should start a kickstarter to get her an electric car.

  61. Why are republicans this stupid? This is simple, in every generation there are those that oppose new innovations with similar rationale, the only differences is how much power they have at the time of such rebukes.

  62. I was called gay several times for driving a volt years back. I had 2 of them. I really liked them but they were too small.

  63. When I hear this I know they haven't ever driven an electric vehicle meant for speed. 0 to 100% torque is something frightening and awesome.

  64. If Margarine Taylor Ham didn't know who Pete was and saw photos of him while he was deployed in Afghanistan in the Navy Reserve, she would have thought he was the epitome of young white masculinity.

  65. Pushing against electric vehicles is a Pro Russian and anti American stance. Russia’s biggest export is oil, and America is at the forefront of creating more electrical vehicles than anywhere else in the world.

  66. I bet these are the same people who think that some gay marriage a thousand miles away from them devalues their own marriage that was already on the rocks from infidelity and alcoholism.

  67. I'm sorry but electric cars can be fucking fast. They have 100% torque and nowadays are starting to have more BHP than their ICE counterparts too. So even by a "traditional" and backwards definition of 'manliness' this is incorrect, but again I'm just using logic again.

  68. You should see the dumb shit circling around social media about crap like this. Even with hurricane Ian some guy made a post about priuses and tying it to a man’s masculinity. Such stupid thoughts

  69. It’s interesting how nobody talks about how the combustion engine creates electricity & electricity powers your vehicles systems. All cars run on electricity. Whether it’s a battery pack or an alternator charging your battery to run your systems.

  70. Living in southeastern US, can confirm. These hicks need lifted trucks, smoke stacks, and that rocky motor rumble to feel like something is hanging between their legs.

  71. My truck has big tires. So that means I have a big dick. Which also means that I have a big brain.

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