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  1. Anyone who thinks Elon is doing anything other than trolling here is literally regarded. He isnt going to base the decision, one way or the other, on a twitter poll. He's just being elon and having some fun. If I didn't have such a low opinion of humanity I wouldn't even believe people would be stupid enough to take this seriously lol.

  2. yeah like that funny meme where he got thousands of protestors to try to kill politicians and address them like theyre children instead of dangerous threats.

  3. Donald Trump is that trashy uncle everyone hates, but watching him take the mic for a wedding toast is always a good time.

  4. Gotta say watching Elon run Twitter is top tier comedy...it'll be super funny seeing how people react if he goes through with it

  5. "Today America is one step closer to fascism. Donald Trump was allowed back on Twitter. Not only was this virtuous site infected by Elon Muskkk but now Orange Hitler has returned. It is a dark day for history."

  6. Alex just posted a really interesting message to Elon about it. Basically “let’s see if you can improve Twitter first with all the shit being thrown your way, then worry about me and Trump. We’ve got our own thing right now.”

  7. While I agree with you, if they can sue Jones for $1B, the sandy hook lawyers will sue Musk for trillions for giving him a voice.

  8. They hate him because he’s burning their propaganda outlet they spent years building into the ground.

  9. Hes entertainment. What's gonna really be funny is this disaster tanks tesla, then everyone who has one cant drive it six months later because of how shit the software is on those things

  10. Fundamentally it's not a good look to have a former president banned regardless of what people think of him. If you ban Trump, why not Kissinger? Or Obama? Or Bush? You have a pretty massive list of politicians associated with horrendous shit that you could use to justify banning.

  11. The Ayatollah of Iran is still on twitter, as well as ISIS extremists. That alone tells you all you need to know.

  12. You want Donald Trump reinstated on twitter because you want to own the libs. I want Donald Trump reinstated so he tanks his campaign. We are not the same

  13. You are repeating libleft's mistakes from 2015. People seeing him behave like an idiot only tanks his campaign if his followers acknowledge that his stupidity is stupid. If his followers like stupidity, it actually helps him.

  14. I don't care about Trump but I do care about the shitstorm of tears that is going to form, so YES pls bring him back, bring back Andrew Tate and Alex Jones too.

  15. Alex jones is entertaining when he isn’t enabling mass harassment of victims. Frogs are gay, UFOs, guy used to be entertaining and funny as all heck.

  16. Andrew Tate in my opinion should be a solid no, not because his rhetoric is downright awful (though a broken clock is right twice a day), but because he's an arguably destabilizing figure which will not only divide people further, but ultimately shift more moderates to the left (if he gets any sort of power). These days, I'd rather like to see less of them (as well as some in the right) radicalizing as well.

  17. I still don’t get how auth or center rights pretend to be accelerationists. You are in the perfect countries for your views but you’re all like “yes fuck the country that is perfectly aligned with my shitty neolib views in every election, destabilize my paradise so i can see the media cry”

  18. Absolutely comical that the narrative is that leftists are going to freak out and meanwhile not a soul I know gives a flying fuck lol

  19. I have to say the Babylon Bee being banned for a joke was kind of lame. I agree with Bill Maher. Like Kathy Griffin getting shit for whatever her shock comedy is ok in my book. People deserve another chance though f the cancel culture.

  20. Every news channel if he gets let back on: “This is worse than 9/11 and the largest threat to America in its history” Also where libleft soyjack

  21. I am so ready for all the heads exploding on prime time news lamenting the purported equivalent of Hitler’s resurrection and assumption of the chancellery.

  22. Yes, want him to get some traction and be the first 3rd party candidate in a while to get a good chunk of the vote after he loses the primary.

  23. Tbh a twitter poll won't say much, it's safe to say elon has a right leaning audience besides the hate following leftists, so the results end up skewed, will it actually happen in 2024? Who knows

  24. We need more president memes trump was a new meme every week all we have here is dark Brandon and it’s not even that good although it’s alright it isn’t on the level trump memes were.

  25. I don't give a shit about anything trump says, but when he starts spewing climate change denial in such a crucial time- yeah that isn't kosher.

  26. Is this guy like a moron or something and is just doing this shit for clout and realised Twitter fucked so might aswell stir up some shit ? What’s gonna happen is the poll will succeed and musk won’t do shit because he knows advertiser will get Antsy with trump.

  27. Trump was ruining himself on Twitter I don't know why stop that. Likewise Elon is ruining twitter and if you really want advertisers to flee again reinstate Trump.

  28. One… I’d rather not read what that stupid fucking piece of shit has to say. Secondly, he said he’s not coming back to twitter anyway.

  29. He wouldn't come back to Dorsey Twitter, but I think he'll definitely come back to Musk Twitter if allowed...if nothing else to plug his Truth Social bullshit.

  30. Does he think he can trick MAGAts to bail him out of this financial blunder? I don't think they have the cash to bail him out of this one, although the banks that backed him seem to think it's worth them controlling Twitter now even if he loses his and their money 🤷

  31. Post-Elon Twitter reinstating Trump to that cesspool of a platform is positively dystopian and diabolical and I can't fucking wait for him to do it.

  32. I’m libleft no matter how you define it but putting trump back in would be so hilarious that I legit hope he gets back in.

  33. This is exactly the issue with direct democracy. A majority of people can take away a person's or a group's basic rights even if those rights have been declared by a constitution of people who had the liberty of their descendants in mind

  34. Do you think all the news outlets secretly vote yes? After all trump was a money machine for them

  35. i think Americans should exhume the remains of Theodore Roosevelt and revive him in a dark necromantic ritual to destroy big business

  36. Elon realized he needed more traffic in Twitter to not let it go down the drain and he's doing this instead of actually fixing the mess he created.

  37. If I were on Twitter, I'd vote Yes, just for the entertainment value. Also it seems pretty hypocritical to have Trump banned when the literal Taliban still have their accounts.

  38. the fact that its even a poll is ridiculous. If elon musk wants twitter to truly be a platform of free speech then trump should of been allowed from day one of elons takeover

  39. This will be a perfect example of why pure democracy is awful, especially if the vote ends very divided, as in 51-49, and musk unbans Trump.

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