If you're writing an article about how anyone can buy an AR-15, you probably don't want to forget about your domestic violence conviction.

  1. I remember my uncle telling me he didn't want to ban guns but that we need to fix the system. So I texted him the exact process I have to go through to purchase a firearm, only phrased it to seem like it was my suggestion. Then I asked him if that was acceptable. He said yes. Then I informed him that was the exact process on the books and he said "that's not bad then."

  2. Then he can just get one from a private seller. The same thing happened in Missouri with that kid who shot up a school in St Louis. He couldn't pass a background check to buy a rifle from a vendor, so he simply bought one from an individual. Two people are dead because of the loophole

  3. As if it wasn't bad enough that this guy doesn't have a high enough IQ to fill a “nightclub-clearing 30 bullets” magazine, he writes like a complete fucking soy-sipping loser.

  4. Dealers have to run background checks regardless. Sounds like this was some guy selling his own gun with an "I know what I got" price attached. Never seen that episode though, but overpriced stuff is typical at gun shows.

  5. “A few hours later, Maxon sent the newspaper a lengthy statement, the key part being: “it was uncovered that Mr. Steinberg has an admitted history of alcohol abuse, and a charge for domestic battery involving his wife.”

  6. TBQH I'd deny the sale to any reporter anyway, and call all the other gun shops in the area to refuse the sale too. FFL's can deny a purchase/transfer for any reason they feel fit after all.

  7. Like, even the most cursory internet search would have revealed where he could buy a gun peer-to-peer, like at the multitude of different gun shows in the country.

  8. Nobody owns 100 guns because they're afraid. Most preppers own like 10 MAX guns for the purpose of prepping/defense/whatever. People who have 100 guns have that many because it's a hobby.

  9. That sounds like she's never actually talked to him about why he owns that many guns and is making up her own reason.

  10. I would love to hang out with her brother-in-law. Shoot some skeet bust out the grill enjoy a nice day outside hell I’ll even buy the ammo

  11. I'd love an assault rifle. Pretty rare to see them for under $12,000 or so these days. Like if I had a spare $50,000 an StG 44 would be an awesome collector's piece.

  12. Nah just typical Chicago news reporting. He’s writing for people in Naperville and schaumburg giving them something to share on Facebook and look politically active. This is also old as dirt like damn 2016 feels like eons ago.

  13. They didn't want to sell a gun to someone with a history of alcoholism that also has had domestic abuse charges brought against them

  14. The absolute balls to be rejected for the exact reasons a leftist would want to reject applicants and then to blame the system and to claim the reasons are actually different ones.

  15. In DC, being a victim of domestic violence is enough to keep you from getting a CCW. DC is rightly being sued over it.

  16. wasn’t that because it was shortly after the gay nightclub shooting that they quickly stopped using as a push because the offender wasn’t the right color?

  17. My favorite part, is this guy must not have known Maxon's is the range working their asses off to make Coom County a more gun friendly area. If anyone is going to stick to law as hard as possible it's going to be Maxon.

  18. I can't believe he doesn't even try to deny it. He just immediately switches gears to "So why can everyone else get one but not me? Surely, everyone else's evenings also involve getting hammered, then getting the hammer out."

  19. Well someone who beats women probably thinks very little of them so he probably genuinely sees it as as stupid of a reason as say you broke a window in the past so now no gun for you. Ofc I vehemently disagree with this logic.

  20. Love the end of the article. About how, "no they didn't refuse my buying a gun because there are domestic abuse charges that I clearly lied about. They are denying me because I am a reporter who will expose them. If they didn't know that stuff about me they would have sold me a gun despite the charges..." Like... Bro whether you think that about other stores it worked here. So either try and find a store that will sell you a gun despite those charges or admit the system sort of works.

  21. We need to have a conversation about the epidemic of woke, "feminist," liberal dudes who turn out to be domestic abusers and/or serial harassers.

  22. The whole article has the same feel as the episode of Always Sunny where Dee and Dennis try to buy guns from a store, get denied due to multiple felonies and the lose their shit over it

  23. After Ulvade my mom would tell people “my 18 year old son can buy a AR-15” however every Time she would say, I’d have say no mom, legally due to my history of suicidal ideation and hospitalizations I cannot legally own a firearm. (At the time I had thought I couldn’t own a firearm due to signing a statement saying I can’t legally own one when I was hospitalized in California. I looked into a month ago and I have a lifetime firearm ban in California due to being hospitalized twice for mental health (ie, 5150) any where else I can buy a fire arm (I think) anyway, point of the story is, we have a lot of restrictions in place for firearms and we don’t need more restrictions or bans. We need to fix the system we already have instead of adding more quick fix solutions.

  24. Getting your rights permanently taken away from mental health without trial is so dumb. It just makes people less likely to seek help, in the end.

  25. Do people on here actually think that a person with a domestic violence charge should be banned from buying a rifle?

  26. Pretty sure the 4473 specifies a conviction for domestic violence. I assume the background came back with the charge and the gun store chose to deny the sale. They also mentioned his history of alcohol abuse, though nothing to make you think he's a current boozer.

  27. If you are too dangerous to own a gun you are too dangerous to be in society, so anyone not currently serving time or on death row (we need to put a LOT more of our criminals there) should be able to legally own guns.

  28. "Driving to Maxon Shooter’s Supplies in Des Plaines on Wednesday to purchase my first assault rifle, I admit, I was nervous. I’d never owned a gun before. And with the horror of Sunday’s Orlando massacre still echoing, even the pleasant summer day — the lush green trees, fluffy white clouds, blue sky — took on a grim aspect, the sweetness of fragile life flashing by as I headed into the Valley of Death."

  29. You should inform yourself of the constitutional rights stripped from someone based on testimony without evidence thanks to the VAWA before supporting this nonsense. Murderers have more rights in the eyes of the law than someone whose ex claims they screamed at them or otherwise made them fearful in effort to gain a legal advantage in custody proceedings for example.

  30. Yet the pro gun people are constantly trying to say we shouldn't have background checks and the ones we do have are unconstitutional. Shouldn't you be on his side instead of once again changing your tune as soon as you feel like you can use a new opinion to make something you perceive as "libleft" look bad?

  31. Either the person filled out the 4473 background check form checking "Yes" on domestic violence conviction, or he lied which is a felony

  32. Gabby Giffords, another anti-gun whackadoodle, had her husband try to buy an AR in Arizona to show how easy it was. He was denied due to something in his record as well.

  33. It's almost as if........ All of the gun restrictions already in place don't actually stop criminals from sitting and using guns illegally. Hmm..........

  34. Did you just fully make up an entirely imaginary scenario with made-up people behaving in a way that just so happens to support your political position?

  35. They do, this typical journalist just writes in a confusing way. The purchase weighed so heavily on them that they practically had it aimed at someone's head the moment they thought about buying a gun. In reality, you just have to put the money up front so that they know they're not wasting their time doing the check. Once it clears, you get a phone call to go pick it up.

  36. That's mostly not a thing anymore. Most gun shows today will make you do a background check before you leave with a firearms.

  37. Can also buy a cap and ball gun, as legally they're not firearms. Pretty sure at least one person did that then killed his estranged girlfriend.

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