What do you believe in?

  1. I'm religiously confused, mom is "wiccan", dad is Buddhist, and grandparents are Catholic. I don't know what I believe anymore

  2. Atheist/ agnostic, but fascinated by Christianity in the same way that people tend to be fascinated by the Greek pantheon. I don't have anything against being religious, but I can't start believing in something that I can't prove, I'd just be lying to myself. Still, I don't think you have to trust in God or practice/ abstain from arbitrary activities in order to understand and adhere to the core of religious values. I can be kind because it's practical, or stay sober because it's healthy; not because someone or something obligates me. I don't have any solid idea of how the universe started or what the fuck it's doing right now, but I manage to come to terms with it in my own way. Honestly, having that kind of independence is important to me.

  3. Agnostic because my dumb monkey brain cannot ever hope to fully comprehend a concept as vast as a God/god/gods/dess/desses, or the flip side: the lack of one; the accident that breeds life and the chaos of the Universe. I'm just gonna sit here and do my thing.

  4. Proud Catholic Authcenter as well. For those interested in our philosophy and ideals, please read up on the

  5. Idk I've been questioning a lot of things recently and moving away from my edgy atheist phase as a teen. I guess I've been gravitating back towards the Roman catholicism I grew up with

  6. A leftist Muslim? That’s interesting to me. I guess it’s technically not mutually exclusive but I didn’t see it coming

  7. Native American spirituality. The universe is our creator and earth is our mother (I promise you this sounds less cringe spoken in my native language) Navajo

  8. I’m a member of The Temple of minding my fucking business and not insisting that my religion should be anyone else’s marching orders

  9. I grew up Mormon and I bet we woulda been friends. I’m not Mormon anymore and all my friends that left (pretty much all of them did eventually) are all pretty much atheist/agnostic.

  10. Raised non-denominational Christian, still believe deep down but to be truthful I haven’t been to Church much over the last few years. Only when my Dad’s preaching (not full time). Need to go more often. Always feel better when I do. Kinda like going to the gym, I don’t wanna go but afterwards I’m always glad I did.

  11. If you ever wanna chat about it, I'm happy to listen. I know there's a lot that can come with a parent/guardian being in the ministry.

  12. Nondenominational Protestant Christian. Though I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have been Catholic.

  13. I would very much like to be religious, but I don’t believe in free will, and that kinda takes a lot of choices out of play.

  14. What about the belief that an omniscient, all knowing deity knows the decisions you will make in the future, but allows them to be made regardless? Does that decision being known before it happens count as not having free will?

  15. I believe in a higher power, the cosmos are just too complex and incredible for there not to be something more.

  16. I believe in the alien elites putting trackers in my head to signal that they have chosen me to be their shining horseman when the day comes that the tide will rise and I will bring about the new universe with peace and justice and no blights upon our land. I can feel my masters communicating with me right now. The day will come soon. Judgement is upon us...

  17. Hellenic pagan, which is kinda funny cause everyone in my family believes in a different religion. mom - Buddhist, dad - agnostic, brother - catholic

  18. Secular Jew, I identify strongly with my Jewish family and people, and I do strongly believe in a lot of Judaic tenets, but growing up in the USSR I didn't get the privilege of being picky-choosy about keeping Kosher, so I don't adhere to it. I do celebrate that high holidays though.

  19. Harba. A new age cult I found while surfing the dark web. Specifically a part of the Garha branch. Long story short, three gods, three branches, Garhi (the plural of what we call ourselves) believe in Gurhu, the god of Strength, and his laws of Strength (Emotional, Mental, and Physical), Loyalty (to family, community, and state), and Honor (of household, and state)

  20. Roman Catholic, but I am Agnostic. My belief on the existence of God is unfalsifiable, He cannot be proven to exist or not exist. You can bring up arguments on the nature of God with the Problem of Evil, the Problem of Hell, how inconsistent He is throughout the Bible, all of those things and more will most certainly question the validity and goodness of God, but not necessary His existence. I will not agrue to defend my faith, I don't even know if it is the correct one, I just hope it is.

  21. Atheism-leaning agnostic. I grew up in a communist country and grew up as atheist. I like religions, like their lores, background stories etc but I still don't believe in religion myself. Maybe there's a god maybe not idk and I don't really care.

  22. I'm an Atheist. Don't care enough about religion to know exactly what branch. But if there's a branch where I want there to be a "God" to believe in, but I don't believe in one right now because I don't think there's a "God", that's my branch.

  23. FYI, the solution is to just point out that you don't have a solution to Cartesian skepticism so you might not know anything at all, but you're about as confident that God doesn't exist as you are in X, where X is some less controversial thing that you find just as obvious.

  24. My own style of Christianity based on science. Seems kind of weird but was a combination of the rational and irrational that seemed to work together in my mind.

  25. Honestly the fact that Antiochian Christianity has survived so many different political and violent situations in that region makes me admire you- coming from a follower of the man who sits on Peter’s throne in Rome.

  26. Christian but I don’t belong to any church really. I find more Holy Spirit just being by myself than around judgmental church folks, who once told me I was going to hell for going to a Van Halen concert.

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