Are you arguing with an member of the LGBT+ Community?

  1. Don't higher estimates of the gay populace put it at ~10% of the general population? Because seeing most quadrants being more than double that definitely confirms reddit demographics being different than the general populace. (But of course we already knew that from age demographics.)

  2. Nah, it's just teenagers who want attention - most probably haven't done anything gay in their entire lives. That's why the "bisexual" percentage is so insanely high if you look at the graph. Really easy to claim without creating the onus to do something you don't actually want to do lol.

  3. I’m surprised by how overrepresented lgbt people are in all quadrants in general, considering even in right, which has the lowest percentage, it is higher than the actually global %

  4. No idea how these results were calculated tbh. There are a lot of young people on Reddit and they're more likely to be open about and towards sexual orientation than older generations. There probably are a lot of people who don't identify as 100% straight although they mostly lean to one side, though I have no idea if this survey or whatever was that nitpicky.

  5. I’m guessing that lgbt folks were more apt to respond to the survey, because they feel under represented. This probably had the opposite effect on straights (like myself) who didn’t find it necessary to respond. I didn’t look closely too see what n was but around 50% of lefties in the survey identify as gay? Tf ?

  6. Global % includes people who can't safely identify as such or didn't think much about it. On sites like reddit most people are either from a well-developed country, a bigger city, or both. In all of those cases the percentage can reasonably be expected to be higher.

  7. 1 in 6 Gen Z identify as LGBTQ because of the barely defined "Q" including every madeup shit ever and idpol making it undesirable or even a hindrance to identify as "normal"

  8. Good findings brother monke. I respect anyone who is brave enough to say they are ... Gay? Bi? Or like pans. I prefer cast iron skillets but whatever.

  9. Do you think it's possible there's sampling bias at work here? Maybe LGBT+ people are more likely to fill out a survey about sexuality.

  10. Self selection bias, I’m sure there are centrists who have tendencies toward a certain quadrant, but identify as centrist for whatever reason- these people are probably more likely to have tendencies toward being un-straight but still identify as straight. I actually don’t know if this is self selection bias

  11. If things like demisexual are part of that whole thing, that's going to skew any numbers you get. Anyone can make up some bullshit just to be part of some exclusive, thus minority, thus oppressed, group.

  12. Oh hey good to see biphobia is still alive and well. You are bisexual regardless of your experiences. If you are attracted to both sexes thats all you need.

  13. It's insane how overrepresented this demographic is in this sub, even the quadrant with the lowest proportion is still higher than in the general population

  14. So PCM has more non-heterosexual members than general society? But I thought we were a den of intolerance

  15. Well it was an anonymous survey so maybe they felt like they could be truthful. But if they are so closeted they lie to themselves as well then no sadly they aren't included.

  16. Of course auth left has LGBT... You know what literally every auth left regime has done to gays? But of course in school you're taught to be auth left and in media you're taught to be auth left and on TV and social media and Hollywood and... Gross. Identify as what you want but don't make me use your pronouns or your socialism and we're good. Don't tread.

  17. People keep bringing up the percentage of the world or their country, who said every single American or every single person has joined? Reddit attractes gay people, deal with it.

  18. bro wtf is wrong with everybody arguing about this shit like coming from someone whos bi noone gives a fuck about your sexuality. Its like if you like chocolate or vannilla ice cream, its not a personality just a preference.

  19. Serious question for LGBT Auth right and Auth center: Why do you chose to identify with an ideology which either is explicitly homophobic or implicitly supports it?

  20. By the way the reason those percentages are so high is because of selection bias. It was a survey that people could just see on their feed and decide not to answer.

  21. Authright and Authcenter desperately trying to explain that Femboys are straight and that those pictures of Astolfo are just for research purposes.

  22. thats right motherfuckers, this proves that I am the straightest man on the planet and authcenter is gay lmao

  23. Being gay becomes you a member of LGBT+ community? Maybe it is weird my question but as far as I know LGBT+ community isn't an organized group and some gay people do not feel represented by it.

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