We were robbed...

  1. Would be cool if they were the "Isle of armor" alternate/variant forms. (For tundra they'd probably be more furry, thicker and on all 4s)

  2. This is so funny but I honestly wouldn’t even be mad if this happened 😂 you might be on to something with all starters having the same second typing 👀

  3. Actually love those middle evos damn fuck you for making them so good. Please do an actual final evo stage in that style

  4. "Doesn't being a dual fighting type make them even weaker to flying/psychic" you fucking think so and you'd be wrong homeboy

  5. I wish they would make all the final stages part fighting just to screw with people complaining about the fire/fighting problem

  6. I think it would actually be pretty cool if there was a gen where all the starters shared a secondary typing

  7. A long time ago when I first saw this meme it actually got me thinking about how neat it would be if all three starters had the same secondary typing. You could even do something like ghost or dragon so they’re super effective against each other.

  8. I’m just saying.. it would actually be interesting if they added a Pokémon with a redundant double typing as a gimmick. Like a double fighting type would be quad weak to fairy, but then they either allow it to dish out double STAB moves and/or quad effective moves on super effective attacks

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