Friendship Exp & Gift Exchange Megathread

  1. 3318 1177 6100 - Daily opener here. I never send gifts. But I will make sure to open your gifts for 90 days straight, you can absolutely count on this. After we reach Best Friends, I won't delete you until you send another gift to signify that you've received your XP.

  2. 5844 6487 4246 I will open your gifts and invite you to raids, can't promise to send gifts regularly

  3. Hello! Unfortunately, since your account has low karma, your post was automatically removed. You can regain comment karma by contributing in subs without a karma filter.

  4. If you’re a daily gift SENDER, pls add me. I’ll open your gift everyday until ultra friends :) 6248 6208 4482

  5. My friend who is fairly new to the game needs new friends and gifts as I’m the only one who plays with her. Please help and add 2166 8849 6973 !!

  6. Adding from Los Angeles (sarahchu214)! I love the specific animal statue request- will do what I can, but will send other fun gifts regardless haha.

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