Why isn’t my challenge working?

  1. I sent in a support ticket and niantic basically told me to wait until they fix the bug. How they don’t fix this right away is beyond me

  2. My sons is doing that. He’s on 6/6 on the jump-start research and the very last thing he has to do is make on new friend. And it just doesn’t want to be completed. I’ve tried everything.

  3. This is so frustrating. I can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed yet! I’m trying to message the developers to see if they can fix it.

  4. I’ve had a problem like that with adding 3 friends, im stuck at 2/3 even after adding at least 20 people. I’ve restarted my phone and even logged in and out of the app itself. Nothing has changed. Just going to finish other challenges and see if it fixes itself. Good luck though! And please let me know if it works. You can also add me 536727411414

  5. It’s a known bug they are working on. I would stop adding new friends until it’s fixed. I mean unless you have all the gifts to be sending to them :)!

  6. I just signed out and signed back in challenge was not complete. I am trying to see if after signing back in if I add another person it works I will let you know it does.

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