Crema, now is the time.

  1. The main reason I stopped playing this game is the breeding system. And everything is expensive as hell. People have lives. I can't spend all day on this game.

  2. Crema wants to create mmo economy, so they can't have great/perfect sv tems breeding endlessly, otherwise everything will be perfect sv, making them ultimately worthless. They could definitely make it a little easier, but without extensive testing, it's easier just to keep the balance that's working.

  3. Temtem on switch had worse performance issues than what I’m seeing abt Pokémon. My game would crash all the fucking time

  4. Welp I’d love to switch over to Temtem over Pokémon but the lack of post launch support and needlessy grindy endgame completely turns me away from it while Pokémon is guaranteed to get DLC and it’s been less grindy than ever to get competitive Pokémon up and running.

  5. Am I the only one that - altough I liked the story - am happy I reached endgame? Breeding tems. Competetive matches. Its fun. Sure the endgame islans can use some work. The battlepass can use some refining. Win 10 ranked games is not a fun objective. For example. But in larger lines the game just works.

  6. There's quite a few people who do however they all tend to stay away from the Reddit because for whatever reason this is where all of the people who dislike the game choose to hang out.

  7. I think the issue is so many people just burn through content and blame the developer for more. Like if you payed $40 for a game and got at least 60 hours out of it thats amazing. I beat the story and have been tv training my tems for PvP. But i dont burn my self out just 30 mins here and another 30 every couple of days.

  8. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you see the game, but you have to keep in mind that your way of looking at it is a very niche mentality. Breeding tems takes a whole lot of time, getting into competitive takes a whole lot as well, and TV training takes an eternity too; if you mix all of that time investment whenever you want to try a new team(specially for new players that don't have feathers to skip the garbage tv training and are basically forming their first teams) you end up with a game that unless you are a 12-year-old with no real responsibilities or an adult that enjoys monotonous repetitive activities, you will not like, and unfortunately for crema, that is more than 90% of the players that have tried the game.

  9. Honestly you're not the only one. I have a few issues on the game but I kinda like the pace the endgame has. Also for those weekly quests on the battle pass I just skipped all the comp related ones and finished it fairly easily. I'd just suggest that they add in some kind of catch up feature so if someone started late they can still comfortably do it.

  10. The end game content and the story are vastly different types of content. So most people will like one or the other a lot more. And since this game copies a ton from Pokemon and has a story mode similar to the gameplay loop of Pokemon. People were likely expecting something different from endgame.

  11. What you guys don't understand is that, no matter how shitty a pokemon game is, it won't matter. Why is Pokemon cool ? It gives anyone and everyone what they want !

  12. Pokemon and all monster catching genres are basically RPGs of old, except instead of 10 party members you have 200, and they are all nicely designed with different stats.

  13. And the vgc format is also continually shooken up every so often by different rule formats/included Pokémon/the dlc and whatnot so it has a lot more long term support and interest

  14. That's kind of funny because Pokemon only gives you the first of those things. The community had to create the other two.

  15. Simply put temtem is more fun to play than Pokemon to alot of people. You wouldnt have a succesful game by offering what pokemon does or the way it does. You have to create an alternative.

  16. The game is already basically dead in the water. It honestly does not matter how good the new Pokemon game is as a ton of people were going to leave and likely not return as that is how MMOs tend to work. And once they are not done, they are not likely to flock to Temtem for three main reasons.

  17. They dropping player count is to be expected after the launch of a MMO, during a content lull, and especially around this season which has so many highly anticipated games coming out such as pokémon, God of War, etc. They are also an incredibly small studio which makes large scale content releases take a bit longer to make. I say all of this is fairly expected and not something that shows the game is doing poorly in any capacity.

  18. Hard agree, especially the Switch part. I bought it on the switch day 1 and haven’t beaten it yet. I slowly began losing interest after weeks of the game crashing 4-5 times daily or needing to reset my switch because of a visual bug or character freezes. It truly felt like the switch port was never QA’d.

  19. Sounds sad tbh. A fan of temtem but was a fan of Pokémon at first planned on buying the game if reviews were good

  20. What are you talking about? Scarlet and violet are amazing games. The people who are are calling them a bad game are getting mad for the sake of getting mad and are still huffing copium from the sword and shield controversy’s. Cut gamefreak some slack. They genuinely trying there best with what resources they have especially after how angry fans got with sword and shield.

  21. By the time they'd release something like new islands (if they ever do) there's going to be at least two new pokemon games that come out while they work on it because they put a lot of polish in the game.

  22. No, the time was during all of the super long EA with mountains of feedback on various issues from balance to their anti-player systems they quadruple down on constantly. Now is not the time to ever bottle that lightning the game could have had.

  23. The last chance has happened a lot of times, but if a new gen of pokemon flopping isn't the proverbial shot that announces the start of a race, then I dont know what is.

  24. I'm curious where you heard this, because 1.1/1.2 is due on the 5th Dec bringing new features and Showdown mode. There is also a separate nuzlocke mode and 3rd mythical + lair coming in the future.

  25. My boyfriend and I were talking about this over dinner. We have both been disappointed in lazy changes gamefreak is making more and more of as they put out more games. We haven't enjoyed one since sword and shield and we've both been playing since red and blue. And now they've really shit the bed.

  26. TemTem just came out of beta and into full release. It's gonna take some time before we see new worlds and new tem releashed but id say it will happen. A lot of things they have promished they have done and are still working on new features that apper with every patch. Id say give em a bit of time to cover all this before releashing new tem. Personally for me? I want to get through the main game and pvp the hell out of tournaments

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